Senate Candidate Attacked Over World of Warcraft

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Just wait. In thirty years all major politicians will be required by the nature of society to have gamertags, just like all politicians today have to make a pretense of going to church.

I don't get it. Is there a special clause in the republican party doctrine that requires their members to look as foolish and out of touch as possible? I mean, they must have some good policies or something, they are an electable force afterall. But all I seem to hear about is baffling ridiculousness (though, as a British person who doesn't really follow American politics, I'm not gonna see the serious political articles). They really don't help the whole 'Americans are dumb' stereotype. I just don't understand how a serious political body can come off as so comical.

I can almost imagine Lord Baffledton:

"Gasp! A woman that is a politician! and she plays videogames in her spare time! And even more, she uses coarse language while playing said game! Surely she can never be allowed to be in charge of anything."

If this is the worst dirt they found on her, she`s pretty much a saint.

Dickpunching, you say?
I can relate to this.
She has my axe.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It reeks of desperation, tho.

I have to ask this, why do people do stupid things like this?


(lol but seriously, no)

I would vote for her and on my ballet next to her name I would write FOR THE HORDE! Good thing she doesn't play Alliance. she would have lost my vote; that alone would be proof that she is horrible at making good decisions.

She should of done the republican favorite past time of strippers bondage and some blind gay sex, not that nerd shit!

looking at the things she's said... do you think i could move do maine and push the paperwork through fast enough to vote for her? she seems mild reasonable sane sociable and not an egotistical fuckhead (which raises questions as to why shes going into politics), but otherwise i want to vote for this lady.

The central question of WoWgate is who thinks DPS atnds for Deaths Per Second? If that's actually part of a quote by Colleen Lachowicz, then she's clearly unfit for office. If that's something the people attacking her added, they just solidified the view of most people that they're totally clueless.

Mr. Chalk, you must get to the bottom of this for us.

The latter. Colleen's World has a bunch of her posts as originally posted, and its version of that didn't have the bracketed part. Which, if anything, only serves to suggest that they actually are this clueless and aren't just trying to get one over on old people and technophobes.

You have two politicians; a stuffy rich businessman who can't express emotions or sympathize with the poor, & a grown woman who knows how to have fun in the digital world. Do you vote for the robot or the human?

Republican party actually thinks that exposing how normal & down to earth the opponent is will make them NOT vote for her? It's like asking elementary school kids to chose between one substitute teacher that hates candy & another that brings a bag of it.

So she played WoW, so what?

This is why I hate politics, it's stupid arbitrary shit like this that just makes me want to bother all of them up and shoot them into the sun.

I think it's that the Republican party sees video gaming as shameful, don't realize how common & normal it is, & fail to see how making Colleen look fun & down to earth will only backfire in their faces, because it takes a stab at absolutely anyone who plays RPGs & shooters.

Looked at her profile I don't think she plays that much as she is still level 85 and her item is woefully low (345), plus her activity log has been updated in almost a month. She is probably pretty causal which means on one needs to worry about her putting work over gaming. All in all this website does nothing to prove that she is unfit for office. Maybe she should watch what she puts on the Internet from now on but that is advice everyone should follow.

One way get support for opponents, but it be well known that gamers don't actually VOTE.


(lol but seriously, no)

oh comon if you go Orc Rogue (which is a decent pick assuming they haven't changed the racials much) female is much cooler choice if only because of Garona Halforcen and the fact you'll look much sleeker and stealthier in armor.

now if she was a female Dwarf Rogue then ye it would obviously have been made up...


Gearhead mk2:
The second is that press release from the Republican Party of Texas saying they want to take america back to the 50's in terms of gay and non-white rights, that science is just a theory and creationsim is the truth, that it shouldbe illegal for coporations to face any kind of ecological or economical regulations, etc etc. The first is that such a stupid and backwards party is one of the big two in the USA, where anywhere else it would be barely even counted as a party.

We're going to do this? Really? Okay then, here's the simple version:
Obviously the Republican party has support. A LOT of support. Otherwise it wouldn't be one of the big two, as you noted.

If you've been through the country, you'll acknowledge that wherever you go, people are pretty much people: Mostly normal, sane people you wouldn't mind spending an afternoon with. Keeping that in mind, remember that a large percentage of people in certain areas support the Republican party.

You have chosen to instantly dismiss every single person in the Republican party as a idiotic barely functioning simpleton. This means that you are taking the stance that automatically Republican=Stupid. You are instantly dismissing an entire, millions strong (Not hyperbole: See election results) party as ignorant rednecks.

This is undoubtedly a fun result, but I'd like to believe you are aware that most Republicans try to ignore the ones you are talking about. Why yes, those morons DO believe they speak for all of us Republicans. Would you like to wager I can't find a bunch of morons who claim to be Democrats that would make you swear not to know them?

Arguing with the unreasonable people gets you nowhere, and helps neither party. Instead of pointing and mocking the Republicans that even Republicans hate, you're helping perpetuate the endless stereotype war that leads to debates where each side is firmly entrenched in the belief that the other seeks to eat babies and destroy America.

Feel free to respond to this with another specific moron, but at least be aware that doing so is not helpful. Not to your party, not to mine.

CAPTCHA: Worship Nothing

On that note: I am a Republican, and I am an atheist, and I support gay rights. Aren't stereotypes counterproductive?

Best. Post. In. Thread.

OT: Is everyone starting too see that the Internet is not your secrete friend that you can tell random BS too? Is everyone starting too wonder if Facebooking your-drunken-night out 20 years ago might come up as a scandal in the 2032 election for the Space Presidency? "Do you want this person greeting the Martian Ambassador (your pic vomiting into the toilet)?"

Many of Y'all still have this antiquated notion that the Internet is not the real-world. That what you say and do will stay here. This story is not the best example, she is playing a game, of-course Rouge like too stab thing, we all need a good Mr. Pointy now-an-then.

But when we start too talk about the threats, racial/homophobic slurs, idolizing violence, rape jokes, ect. and then you are surprised that Law Enforcement took the threats seriously and come knocking down your door in full riot-gear. That is the near future people, the Internet will have no more Anonymity then the local coffee house, and that is a good thing. Especially in America where we are free to say what we believe and practice any religion we want.

I welcome, and pray, for that day when people will start too learn some manners again and grow-up on the Internets. We do not need too agree, most of the time, I engage in healthy debate so that I can better understand my own views and believes.

This whole thing makes me wonder, why having so much time and resources spent on trying to tail-out the private life of a senator? on a video game no less. Keeping in mind that WoW is very addictive, this Senator seems to be doing well on her profesional live on the charge that she is able to indulge herself into WoW is something very comendable.

Not just that, the Republicans seems to be working more in her favor, lets put it like this: If they need to go back to a history of 4 years old videogames message boards in order to dig out something that may be "bad" for this Senator, again speaks volumes of how good she might be on the position she is entitled to, also knowing the Republican party's practices of they cant find nothing else, professionally speaking, then they are just waisting their time and voters time as well, by pulling out this kind of propaganda.

Disclaimer: Im not from the USA, know of the Republican practices due US legal voters personal experiences and media, used to play WoW from 2006-2011 and I got a Masters degree on Political and Law practices.

Lunar Templar:

i find it more troubling she likes WoW then that she enjoys gaming, so many better MMOs out there ....

On the plus side, she's using the internet. That put her ahead of 80% of politicians.


Hahaha no republican party you need to go do some research.

Zachary Amaranth:

Lunar Templar:

i find it more troubling she likes WoW then that she enjoys gaming, so many better MMOs out there ....

On the plus side, she's using the internet. That put her ahead of 80% of politicians.

and she's a gamer, one with poor taste imo, but still, a politician gamer is rare, but a good thing imo cause i think there like, only one other i recall hearing about i while back ....

This is what we're doing now? Questioning whether or not somebody is fit to be a State Senator because they enjoy video games? I really have no words.

Wow, "DPS[deaths per second]" Some one is trying too hard.

Gearhead mk2:


The reason why there are intelligent people who support the Republican party is usually because of a belief in the economic plans and ideals of the Republican party, not really the social aspect. Plus the other issue with two parties is that once a party takes a position, the other party automatically becomes the place for supporters of the opposite position. So even if we'd like to shift focus to economics, the retards who are still 'lulgayzsuck' will attach to the Republican party because the Democratic party supported gay rights first.

Honestly, I'd like to see gay marriage legalized. That's the only way the issue can resolve anyways. But I'd like much more for us to get something resembling a coherent economic plan going, and if that means having to also draw support from people who oppose gay marriage, then that's what I'm going to have to do. (Feel free to criticize my priorities here. As I am not gay, gay rights obviously rank lower on my personal priority list than they could)

That's really the center of the problem with a two party system obviously: I'm stuck in a position where I have to pick a party even though both of them say a number of things I really really don't agree with. The political system is definitely broken, but that doesn't mean all the people are stupid. It just means we're at a point where there's no easy fix to the increasingly terrible quagmire that is American politics.

Well, there is. Just stop voting in idiots. Keep Obama in for another term or two, he's at least trying to sort stuff out. As far as I can tell, the only reason he hasn't fixed everything allready is because of all the bloody companies and right-wing military types getting in his way.

No offense to you or anything you support but he had 2 years of a democratic senate and a democratic house. There is no reason he could not pass what he wanted to besides the fact that even democrats disagreed with what he was about to do. Especially the "stimulus" plan that actually worsened the economy than what was projected without it. I mean, it's great he killed Osama with what he called "Cheney's private assassination squad" (according to a chain e-mail, that's about all I can find on it). He's done a lot, but a lot of good, that's for the people to decide and I personally disagree with his economic plan. I just don't agree with tripling the deficit withing the first year of your presidency with a stimulus bill that didn't work.

I am a fiscal conservative but yet I'm a social liberal, I believe that gays should have a right to marry like everyone else but I also believe that there is such a thing as the "deserving poor".

Are the Republicans THAT desperate for an issue that they need to pick this? This is bullshit.

really that's all they got? that is just pathetic
"Deaths per second"... so instead of doing one minute search on google they made up there own acronym. that is just lazy and stupid

for the people who are saying they will vote for her just because she plays video games; you are almost at the same level of intelligence as the person who came up with "death per second"

I should have known better than to look at the escapist for unbiased political discussion.

Demo-"cratic" candidate. You don't call a Republican candidate a Republic.

Are politics in America that petty?

Yeah so what? How many other American politicians play games for fun?
"The Republicans: It's still 1950"

Yeah, it's sad that this may very well lose her a few votes.

But... she may have also gained a few gamer votes. Who can say?

If i were living in the district i would be more likely to vote for her, cause she would be someone who actually understands the internet, gaming culture, and the modern world. Not like those people who were going to vote on SOPA, and had no godamn clue about anything related to it.

This will backfire horribly. The kind of people who would actually CARE about a politician being a Gamer are either already going to vote republican, or they are GAMERS. Not to mention the people who would actually care and believe that being a gamer is a negative aren't the kind of people who frequent this little thing we call the INTERNET.

Honestly Republicans... you have a few good ideas. Why not just push those and try to get the public to focus that and ignore your flaws. We are just mindless sheep for the most part after all. IT WOULD NOT BE HARD TO PULL OFF!!! Just. Do. Something. Halfway. Intelligent. and. Earn. Some. Respect. From. Me.

*Insert mindless ranting here*

*Insert mindless ranting here*

*Insert mindless ranting here*

On a side note, a lot of gamers tend to lean Democrat anyway so... yeah. There is a good chance that there won't be any change from this in terms of voting.

Can we please get a Third option though, we have two crap parties in this country and they are the only real option. Perhaps we could dissolve the existing ones and wait for new ones to fill their place and wait for it to turn into two big ones and start this whole thing over again.

So... they try to say that playing an online game makes you unfit for politics.

And then put such news on a website. With WoW tags. Where anyone who does play the game can find it. And the target audience of people who don't play it would not think to even look.


Well done guys.

Dammit, they didn't even get DPS right.
Fuckin' hell this is tragic.

Lol, popped into the comments to make sure other people noticed. I mean seriously, if you're gonna rip someone's campaign apart by showing the public their skill and discussion on a game filled with development decisions and statistics, at least learn what the acronyms really stand for. XD


And this is why politics suck, people.

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