Xbox Music Debuts This Month as Free Streaming Service

Xbox Music Debuts This Month as Free Streaming Service


Free access to 30 million songs and cloud storage, as long as you can sit through advertisements.

Microsoft's Zune branding is being shuffled out of the spotlight, although the company is still selling subscriptions to the Zune Music Marketplace, giving access to 11 million songs for $9.99 a month. The company's next foray into the music streaming arena is in the form of Xbox Music, which was announced at E3 2012. Now it looks like the service is going to launch as soon as October 26th.

Xbox Music will offer 30 million tracks via a subscription-based model, but it'll also have a free version that is supported by ads, much like Spotify. The launch will coincide with the release of Windows 8, and the new service will also be made available on the upcoming operating system, as well as Windows Phone. Xbox 360 users can expect a Dashboard update coming soon to support Xbox Music on their console.

Microsoft will also integrate the streaming service with SkyDrive, its cloud-based storage offering. Users will be able to store tracks and playlists in the cloud and sync the information to compatible devices. There are plans to make Xbox Music available on other platforms such as iOS and Android, although it doesn't look like the official apps will be available on launch day.

By the way, if you happen to be one of the handful of Zune subscribers still out there in the wild, Microsoft will be shifting you over to the new service when it's ready. Getting access to more than twice as many songs overnight? Neat.

Source: The Verge via ToneDeaf


Well, how about that?

It's not likely to replace my love for Pandora any time soon, but it'll be nice to stream music from my Xbox.

Personally I would never use my XBox to stream music since it's not in a place where I'm likely to want it just playing music. I'm sure this will be useful for somebody though, and new features are always good. I'll probably just stick to Spotify for now though.

That things got more tracks than a Panzergruppe.

Mortis Nuncius:
Well, how about that?

It's not likely to replace my love for Pandora any time soon, but it'll be nice to stream music from my Xbox.

Sadly Pandora STILL isn't available in the UK(and is a perfect example of how copyright law has devolved into pointless anti-consumer corporate cock-waving), but even then I doubt I'll be utilizing this service, unless Microsoft disable my ability to stream content over my network from my PC, in which case I'll simply get rid of the Xbox and build a media-PC.

I have Last.FM to find new music that's similar to stuff I already like, friends to expose me to new music that's outside my own tastes, YouTube to "try before I buy", and I have enough basic technical knowledge to set up a functional home network with media streaming unlike the syphilitic cro-magnon idiots corporations seem to think they cater for these days; so why the fuck would I sit through adverts to get what I already have for free?

Ad-supported music streaming is the smart play for Microsoft's Zune, er - Xbox Music service.

But where did this "30 million songs" come from? Not complaining, just wondering where these tracks were before.

The next best move... LET ME STREAM DURING PLAY! That or let my Xbox recognize my Windows Phone that has all my Zune Pass music. Letting a Microsoft product recognize a Microsoft product? By golly, it just might make sense!

Can anybody else hear that?

It's the salivations of expensive lawyers preparing for the antitrust suits.

Because you can bet MS will bundle it in with the OS, and consequently run into the same dodgy legal territory they entered with IE.

Sounds good if you have the xbox hooked up to your "audio center" or whatever you want to call it.

I'm sticking with spotify though, since my 'puter is hooked up to my speakers and my xbox is just hooked up to the tv. Plus, I can carry it on my phone.

Spotify still is kind of bullshit in their pricing though, 9,99 dollars is not 99 kr. It's a swedish company so the difference in pricing can't be blamed on anything but dickishness. It's hardly more than a big mac a month but stil, it's the principle.

wow its like Microsoft forgets my ipod or another mp3 player even exist. i never found out why pandora and its many rip offs are so popular

I've noticed that if you change the song on Spotify at the lassstt second, it never goes into commercial


(yes I am cheap stop looking at me that way)

Any idea when this damn update is due? I have a rather slow download speed, and it'd be a lot easier to set it on download at a time when I have no great urge to play if I know when it's coming.

My feeling about this really depend on the ad length. Some Youtube videos have really epic ads that run for longer than the video.

Wonder if someone will ever get a service like this to use while you play games.

Hmmm... wonder if it'll rip off the musicians and artists in the same way that Spotify does?

If you're basing a service based on the work and creations of musicians, it's only fair that those musicians are recompensed fairly. Sadly, I get the impression this is just going to be another example of a large company profiting off the backs of musicians, while giving them only table scraps by way of royalties.


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