PlayStation Plus Members Get The Unfinished Swan Early

PlayStation Plus Members Get The Unfinished Swan Early


The Unfinished Swan is making its way to the PSN later this month.

Tossing around balls of paint to make your mark on an environmental canvas isn't a typical gameplay scenario, but that's exactly what The Unfinished Swan is all about. Sony has just announced that the wait is almost over for the unusual game, which is developed by Giant Sparrow. The Unfinished Swan is coming to the PlayStation Network on October 23, but PlayStation Plus subscribers can get it a week early on October 16.

The announcement post didn't mention a price point, so that remains a mystery. Susan Arendt described The Unfinished Swan as a game with "minimalist mechanics" that "place the emphasis on exploration and discovery" in her E3 2012 preview.

The Unfinished Swan wasn't really on my radar before E3, but I was definitely intrigued by what I saw at the show. It's been in development for over four years, and now only a few weeks remain until we get to see the end result of Giant Sparrow's work.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Seems interesting, though I doubt players will flock to it.

Anyone have an idea how much it's going to be?
I want to wait to see the review, but the game sounds like it will be neat enough to be worth a buy.

For the love of god, please be 10 bucks so I have enough money to buy this and "Papo & Yo".

More on-topic: It looks like the kind of game I would enjoy. I will definitely check it out.


Oh wait, they updated the blog to show it's gonna be 15 bucks.

fuck. :(


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