Comikaze Expo Cosplay Contest Shows Off Geek Style

Comikaze Expo Cosplay Contest Shows Off Geek Style

As cosplay becomes more mainstream, it's a way for those who don costumes to feel "really powerful."

Though the best cosplayers may look like they've effortlessly stepped into the skin of the characters they're impersonating, it takes a lot of effort to dress, style, and talk like your favorite fictional characters. This video from The Stylish, the premium Youtube channel of Project Runway and Top Chef producer Magical Elves, shows how "geek fashion and geekwear have been exploding in recent years" with a look at some of the cosplay from the recent Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles.

"We have major brands producing things" for cosplayers as the subculture becomes more mainstream, according to veteran cosplayer and host of the Expo's Cosplay Costume Contest Kit Quinn. Of course, as she notes, "us nerds, on our level, we've always been producing nerdwear." Quinn co-hosted the cosplay competition with Tallest Silver, and they presented this year's line-up of cosplayers wearing Wonder Woman and Power Girl costumes, respectively.

Other participants were also enthusiastic about cosplay, calling it "really another sort of art form" that makes them feel "really powerful... really badass." Though there were some impressive outfits on display at the Expo, first place at the Cosplay Costume Contest went to a Halo Spartan, who used EVA foam to construct his get-up.

As a longtime nerd, it's great to see cosplay becoming more mainstream and accepted. "We aren't stigmatized anymore for being nerds," Quinn stated. "We're the cool kids... the cool kids who will eat lunch with you."

Source: The Stylish


Although id love to do this I don't think my beer gut would lend its self to such things.

Still top work and good luck to those that do.

I was bemused the first time I heard about cosplay and recently I've become kind of interested in trying it.
I do think it was funny towards the end of the video when the woman off youtube came on, the person being interviews was just like, I don't know who she is but I think she does something to do with japanese on youtube

I have cosplayed many times before (looking for a Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance cosplay (not sure If I want to be Riku or Sora)

YouTube celebrity? Seriously?

As much as I love Hannah Minx and her ... "talents" that was hilariously awkward.
Also, Power Girl. Damn.

Steampunk girl at the very end with the red eyes was the only one that stood out for me


I would be pretty annoyed as a cosplayer if my award would be given by the worst cosplayer ever.
Fact is i'm not a cosplayer and I just can't stand people who are acting all Japanese (even thought they clearly aren't) and wear those incredibly silly cat ears, so you can call me biased.

Hannah Minx... wow, I mean if this was a soft porn expo then she would be the right choice but you kinda need someone from the right community, and it was just hilarious how dead silent the room suddenly got, no one had a clue who she is.

Kind of odd cosplaying would go "mainstream" when the claim to fame for all these people is making the costume yourself.

YouTube celebrity? Seriously?

YouTube celebrity?

*checks her rack*

Seems legit ;)

Those Spartans ones were pretty damn impressive, I think armour ones have the benefit of the cosplayer not needing to actually look like a character though.

If I were the kind of person to have crushes, then I would totally have one on the woman who dressed up as Lady Mechanika. I have never heard of the character before, but she looked gorgeous.

Yeah.... Youtube celebrity...

Erm.... I'll return in 5 minutes

That female chewbacca will haunt me to my grave.

Also those costumes were all really awesome, major kudos to the people that make them.

A lot of beautiful people there. If you're into that sort of thing. Very good costumes though.

Kit looked like she's trying really hard to say something nice about her.

Although id love to do this I don't think my beer gut would lend its self to such things.

Still top work and good luck to those that do.

I think you would do fine. I have seen some very interesting Sailor Moon cos-play. So if they can do that, then you can where any costume you want.

Yeah we're gonna be the cool kids who will eat lunch with you!

Twas a neat video.

captcha: Good work

I agree.

I can't be the only one here who finds Hannah Minx extremely irritating?


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