World of Warcraft Hackers Kill Thousands in Minutes

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People whining about people whining about wasted time, I'm sorry we're not all as hardcore as you.

Oh yeah! Griefing is against the WoW ToS too. That's two pretty major rules broken, hundreds/thousands of paying customers inconvenienced. How could you justify NOT banning these people?

Four hours to fix it?

Giant "meh". It could've been a lot worse, really. Four hours is nothing.

I've been hearing about it all over the General Discussion forums and to get some more light shed on it for me is good. I was wondering what the huge furor was over in the first place. I never saw any of it due to work.

This could be the end of tje world...

... of Warcraft.

This is the best horror movie I've seen all year, & the music is so appropriate.


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