Fox Greenlights Battlefield: Bad Company TV Show

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This could be awesome, but either A) keep the original voice actors and have it be an animated show, or B) find people who look and sound similar to the original characters, because they are what made that game fantastic.
I'd also like to see at least parts of the original story used, the Three Kings-esk themes of gold hunting were awesome.
But, this being Fox, even if the show works out it has a lot of troubles ahead of it. Here's hoping they have little to do with it and online advertising keeps the show alive. Of course, if it sucks, it'll be shitcanned either way.

Heh neat. I don't see this going past the first season though and meeeeeeh Fox. Why not AMC* or something I know they're more drama but they could try their hand at comedy/drama type stuff.

zdog jr:
So this will either suck and stay on the air for way to long.

Suck and get canned after two episodes.

Be amazing and get canceled after the first season.

Dammit, ninja'd. Although I must disagree pre-emptively with the possibility that it'll kick ass.

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