Analyst Predicts Doom & Gloom for Holiday Retail Sales

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I know why games don't sell so well recently - it's because most of them are crap and people wont spend that much money any more on crappy games.....well except for the usual crap (CoD, GoW, BF, FIFA and all those other well known shitty gaming franchises)....

But seriously Let's talk about all the games that have been released in 2012. Can anyone name even one game he or she is going to remember for a long time in a positive way? I can't name one. 2012 has been the year of major and I mean MAJOR disappointments (Mass Effect 3 anyone?).

So far from what I can see the big names are more concerned with investing huge amounts of money into marketing instead of actual development and as long as they won't realize that they need fresh and interesting ideas in games instead of advertising and hype game sales will keep going down....

I already got Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2, so I'm pretty much done for this year.

Everything else I have planned is kickstarter stuff, and skins in League of Legends.

Also, no mention of PC or digital sales? Does anyone expect Steam to double profits again for the fourth straight year in a row? Just saying, can't all be gloom & doom.

The dude is referring to retail sales so I'm guessing digital distribution wasn't considered. I do think that's a good point you've raised. Are more people, not just for the PC, but PS3 and 360, buying/ playing via DD?

I don't know if I believe what he is saying. Analysts are a funny group, they tend to be more inept at prediction than random guessers. More often than not they predict things less accurately than the random guesses. I don't see Pachter being any different. Any gamer can tell that the holiday lineup of titles is rather unextraordinary, even on the WiiU. The important shortfall of what he is saying is that it's clearly stemming from the idea that a technological leap is necessary for game to progress... which is not true at all. With better tech they will only take the current type of games and try to make them bigger, which isn't an answer for gamers being burned out.

But, I could be wrong, so it's cool. HAHA.

It's from Michael Pachter, trust me you have every reason not to believe the kind of idiotic dribble he tends to spout. It's either so frakkin obvious that even a toddler could of told us it, or so off-base and well... idiotic that any sane man would know it's not going to happen. And when it doesn't happen, he sometimes throws a temper tantrum at the company involved in his prediction for not making it true.

edit: see the youtube video on around the last post on the first page to see what I mean.


No one wants Call of Duty or Battlefield because they are not interesting.

[Citation Needed]

Do you think that every new iteration of Call of Duty breaks numerous sales records because people are somehow tricked into buying something that they hate for being bland year after year?

Did you not just explain my point with the definition of Marketing?

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