Microsoft Develops Accurate Wrist-Mounted Motion Controller

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Yeah, this will catch on. Some guy will scratch his nose and end up formatting C:
The calls support will get will be brilliant:

Support: "How can I help you today?"
Customer: "Yeah, whenever I watch Internet videos my monitor keeps flickering bright and dim, bright and dim and the volume keeps going loud and quiet, loud and quiet, really fast. It's really off-putting"
Support: "Are the videos you're watching....of an adult nature sir?"
Customer: *pauses*..."Why?"
Support: "Moving the motion controller to your other wrist should solve the problem, Sir."

Also, doesn't look too comfortable.

Hell yeah! I can totally see a peripheral that requires constant flailing around and arcane unintuitive gestures replacing a tried and tested setup with tactile feedback and minimal movement! Just like how the Kinect has made the gamepad obsolete!

Keyboard shortcuts? Pffft. Get on with the times.


I think this will make the mouse and keyboard obsolete first...

holy shitballs!
that is going to be a good input method in places where hygiene is key...

i am going to develop a fruit ninja clone with this theme
and damn, i am going to be the filthiest rich man in the world

Or I could just use a mouse and keyboard...because honestly those are easier.


Marshall Honorof:

Unless there's a breakout hit for the Kinect soon, Microsoft's motion controller for the Xbox 360 will most likely be remembered as a stepping stone for novel tech projects and more immersive controllers in the future.

Erm, Kinect Adventures? It's sold over 18 million copies. It's the single best-selling title on the 360.

And it came bundled with the device, whilst the device itself has seemingly flatlined.

OT: Meh. Gaming application will be minimal. I should be less aware of my hands, not waving them in front of my fucking face. Might be decent for menus in the OS.

I can't wait to see what the modders do with it XD


I think this will make the mouse and keyboard obsolete first...

Well not really, yes it's a neat party trick as is Kinect / Move / Wii flail, but the basic motion control problems stay:
- it is slow
- no physical feedback
- waving your arms in midair (after an hour of that it will feel like you are carrying two bears around, now imagine using it for several hours each day...)
- next to a mouse also highly imprecise

No doubt these things will find their place, but there is no equivalent to keyboard and mouse yet.

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