Gorgeous Gorogoa Uses Art to Break Your Brain

Gorgeous Gorogoa Uses Art to Break Your Brain

There's something hypnotic about Gorogoa's hand-painted puzzles.

IndieCade 2012 finalist Gorogoa has a demo for you to break your brain over, but first take a few seconds out of your day and gaze upon the hand-painted wonder. This puzzler is something special, not just for its hypnotic gameplay but also for its surreal use of art.

To solve the conundrum, you need to move tiles on a grid so that they match up and create an image. Sounds simple, right? Hoo, boy ... "Each tile is also a window into a different part of the game world," says the game's creator Jason Roberts, "or perhaps into a different world - and each window plays like its own little game."

Making connections between tiles is how the game progresses, which means you need to look for visual cues that suggest a particular frame is a good match for the next window. Will that rooftop door fit over that closet? Then perhaps the boy in the closet will walk out onto the roof ...

Roberts asks you to bear in mind that this is a work in progress, and offers up his demo here. So far it's Windows only, but Roberts hopes that will change.

Source: Eurogamer


It sounds like something I would enjoy very much. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Well, this certainly is an intriguing idea.

Can't wait to get home and try it out for myself, but as much as I love puzzlers, it won't be hard to like.

Neat. Downloading the demo now to give it a go.

edit: Finished and it was pretty great. Nice art, good music and when the pictures go together the puzzles make a lot of sense. Towards the end though it was a lot of clicking and dragging and trying different things though because I couldn't figure it out :S

Finished the demo in a couple of minutes, but they were an amazing few minutes. Will definitely watch for a full release of this.

The game has an amazing way of interacting with each panel, though sometimes the next 'part' is really vague, and just moving tiles or clicking to get a result, but it only happened to me I think twice. Otherwise there's a slew of visual ques that, when you notice it, will make sense to put together.

This is a fantastic concept. I need to play this demo right now. Why can't I be at home at my own computer right now? Cruel fate, I curse thee!

That games got a purdy mouth. Makes me wanna play it!

It looks beautiful. I'll try it out.

DLing the demo right now, this looks quite promising.
EDIT: woah, I'd actually like to continue where it cut off due to not being finished XD

that is.. just wow.

gonna give it a try

I hope this doesn't fall into the same trap as TRAUMA, which sometimes left you clicking at random, as it didn't give you a lot of direction (you could know what you were trying to do, just not how to do it). Other than that, this looks lovely.

P.S. TRAUMA was still a lovely way to spend a couple of hours, and didn't outstay its welcome.

important is that it's written in java apparently, which means it actually is crossplatform already. (at least that's what I think, hell if I know what they actually used in that one)

Also I liked the part where the dragon/demon/god of colors popped up up close

This looks like it'll be pretty tasty. I'll have to keep my eye on it...

Demo is currently down due to bandwidth issues.....

I come from a family of gamers. I think this would appeal greatly to my mother.


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