Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Priced at $15

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... I just can't see myself buying it. The ending almost completely destroyed my interest of the game. Maybe when it will be a lot cheaper... but to be honest, I haven't touched ME3 after I've completed it.


For some reason I still suspect that the gameplay length will be short despite file size as you stated, but we'll see when it comes out.

Remember, the Extended Cut was a third of the size of Skyrim. BioWare just suck at compression.

Well then it might be safe to predict that this 15 dollar content will last all of 3 hours? :P

Pff, I'll watch it on Youtube. EA can take their DLC milking and shove it.

$15 does seem a bit extreme, but if its longer than Shadow Broker and Leviathan, then I guess it sort of makes up for it? Some people are already thinking that this female Turian is a new squadmate. While I wouldn't object the idea (and it might give the life support room on the Normandy some actual use), I wonder if that would actually be true. Maybe getting a new character would justify the price, since that's how much Javik would cost (I think? Someone feel free to correct me). Can't exactly remember how expensive Kasumi was, or the cost of Zaeed if you didn't have the Cerberus network though.

I'll probably end up getting this. Love the series too damn much. And more than likely, Garrus and James would have some interesting banter if brought along to Omega, so there's that at least. Now I just have to make room on my hard drive...

Instabuy, just for the female Turians. Shit, if they make a female Turian class that might actually convince me to start playing the multiplayer.

God, they so fucked hard the series to shit. Now they are trying to keep the dead body alive with artificial DLC.

I'm still miffed that we got a fucking Drell, Yag & Vorcha in ME2, instead of what everybody else wanted - Female Turians.


tpphht ahahahahahah ahahahahahaahahahahaahah *inhale* aaaaahahahahahaha.

Oh wait, you were serious? let me laugh harder.

Seriously though, i'd care except, y'know. THAT ENDING.

^^ This ^^

All I'll need to do is watch it on youtube and read what else happens on a wiki, just like the Leviathan DLC. Which is depressing, because I love Aria and as I had been playing the game I was desperately hoping for more of her.

I've kept my Mass Effect 3 game on my HDD waiting for this DLC so I will buy it to check it out.

It better be longer than Shadowbroker as they say in the article else I will be disappointed.

No. Leviathan was overpriced, but this is just ridiculous. I only accepted From Ashes because it was basically free at launch.

Well previously I think the longest DLC was LotSB, but I can't recall exactly how long that was. Still this DLC better be at least over 10 hours or really good to justify an increased price point.


And on a side note: I hope the female turians look better than the one from the comic series.

Something about removing the fringe just makes then look less like awesome badass reptile-bird soldiers and more like something the Grey Wardens would fight.

I'd forgotten how bad the art in the ME comics looked. The DA comics look fine, and its the same publisher isn't it?


That's honestly about all I can come up with about ME3's DLC. Maybe if they change the ending to something less contrived, I'll go back and take a look at this stuff.

fifteen dollars is pretty damn steep, I'll check out reviews before I buy it but at the very least it should have a new crew member as well. And I wish they'd stop trying to shoehorn in all the comics and shit into the game, I hated it in ME 3 where I was running into all sorts of characters I'd never had any relation with yet seemed really important, I feel like I'm missing out on a bunch of shit storywise because I didn't read one of the nine bazillion comics that were released.

I'll buy it. I'm not even that upset at the price increase since it will be bigger. It's 1/4 the price of a regular game, and if it's 3 hours long, that would be a 12 hour game. Really, when you think about it, is it that much worse than other games? (I'm looking at you, Uncharted)

Stomach removal cocktail: $14

ME3 DLC: $15

Still managing to throw up after playing the DLC despite not having a stomach: Priceless

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else; there's mastercard!

While Mass Effect 3 did what most people would argue is a good or satisfactory job of resolving its numerous sideplots and character dilemmas

Please tell me this is sarcasm. Please tell me this is sarcasm.

According to BioWare developer Mike Gamble, the DLC is "double the size" of any other Mass Effect 3 single-player DLC released to date.

The Extended Cut had roughly 10-20 minutes of additional cutscenes/slides (with most of the filesize relegated to full-motion video clips instead of in-game scenes - wasn't worth the download), From Ashes was half an hour, and Leviathan could be done in sub-2 hours at normal pace. I still wouldn't pay $15 for it - at least Dawnguard was a wholly original story that didn't have story data on-disc, and let you get a boatload of new weapons and items, a follower and a ton of sidequests. I doubt this will have that luxury.

The DLC will follow on from the story of the Mass Effect: Invasion prequel comics, with General Petrovsky himself apparently making an appearance on the Omega station.

Maybe while Bioware is at it, they could also answer why they gave Harbinger more lines in the Retaliation multiplayer trailer than he had in the actual game.

We've already known the gist of the Omega story for months now (Shepard and team go down to planet, possible confrontation with enforcer, Aria thanking you at the end). They seriously need to up their game, because everything that's come from them in the last couple months has made me scratch my head. I'll give this DLC credit - at least it doesn't have blatantly-finished character models still sitting on-disc.

Multiplayer content based on jokes from the games that utterly break the lore? A comic book series revolving around an Easter egg in the second and third games? Anime with Slab McLargeHuge? More DLC that doesn't change anything about the ending (and if it did, it would be relegated to a slide of Blue Suns bombers taking out a Reaper)?

I'll pass.

Looking forwards to this dlc. More Mass effect 3 baby! :D

check it out on YouTube first before you decide to buy it.

OH Wait you are being serious!?


Oh fuck off EA no one cares about Mass Reject 3 anymore.

Y'know, people like you are always so quick, and so zealous, when it comes to commenting about something that supposedly "nobody cares" about...

I'm just sayin'.

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