Dark Knight Rises Cinematographer Bashes The Avengers

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Sounds to me that he is a bit of a snob. Haven't seen TDKR yet, so it'll be interesting to see what he finds to be good cinematography. But, judging from the previous two Batman films, it's probably going to be en par with The Avengers.

TDKR had a better story and setting.
The Avengers had better action and setpieces.

Both are really good for different reasons.

TDKR ends a juggernaut trilogy excellently.
The Avengers realized a 20 year long wet dream perfectly.






Do you know how to do spoiler tags?

Of course I do, it's easy, I just didn't have enough time because... because... OKAY I don't know how to do that. I DO wanna know how though.

Select "Quote" on this post and look at the text:

To be fair, he did say The Avengers was an appalling film. He didn't just comment on the cinematography. But still, consider the source. Most of the people in this thread aren't even talking about cinematography. And I think the cinematography in Dark Knight Rises was on a higher plane of existence than The Avengers. I really don't think the cinematography in the former was that good, or the latter was worse than average, but still.

Also, to those downplaying the importance of cinematography, especially as compared to money spent, take a gander:





There's a lot more to cinematography than just camera angle. But yes, camera angle is pretty friggin' important. Enjoy your bazillion dollar sets that no one will notice or care about. Cinematography is more important. The craziest thing is, most of the sets in The Avengers weren't very good even for that type of movie.

hmm sound like someone isn't happy their movie didn't do as well as they hoped or he may have something i don't know i like the avengers and wouldn't touch the new batman series with a 10 foot pole

Grey Carter:
-lot of whining and bitching because the movie he worked on wasnt nearly as successful as The Avengers.

But in all seriousness, I havent seen TDKR, so IDK, but...

Thats all the cinematography I need to love this movie.

I don't want to defend The Avengers (mainly because it doesn't need defending), but if you want a great BAD example of a shot that completely throws you out of the movie, here it is:

And if we were to compare the story:

It's small things like these that make me dislike a movie that takes itself too seriously. The Avengers has a lot of problems of its own. But it's an action comedy with superheroes, so what could you ask from it? In contrast, Batman had a WEAAAAAAK story, I mean weak, weak, weak,

and pure bad editing. I'm a huge Batman fan (I don't give a damn about Marvel), I loved the first two movies, but a bad movie is a bad movie. Makes us appreciate the good ones even more.

So? He sounds like an ass. Yeah I know "it's like, you know, his opinion, man" and all that, but I'm sick of this idea that if I like X I'm not allowed to like Y as well. I like both movies for different reasons, what are you gonna do about it? The Dark Knight Rises has intense acting, a gripping plot and Anne Hathaway in a skintight outfit. The Avengers has kick-ass battles, interesting characters and Scarlett Johansson in a skintight outfit. Stop trying to make me pick sides in some imaginary dick-measuring contest.

I can relate. Not on this particular issue, mind you - I thought both movies were amazing.
But I'm well aware of what it's like to watch a movie with professional knowledge in a particular area and see things that completely ruin immersion for you that most people don't even notice at all.

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