Nintendo Aims to Sell One Million Wii Us Per Month

Nintendo Aims to Sell One Million Wii Us Per Month


By April, Nintendo wants 5.5 million Wii U sales and four game sales per console.

Say what you will about Nintendo, but in a bad economic climate, it's good to maintain an optimistic attitude. The Big N's latest console, the Wii U, is set to launch in November, and the company expects great things from it. Nintendo's financial year ends in April, and it hopes to sell 5.5 million Wii Us and 24 million Wii U games during that time - a figure of roughly 1.1 million consoles per month and over four games per console.

Nintendo had already revealed its intention to sell a combined total of 10.5 million Wiis and Wii Us by the end of April, but remained quiet about how the console breakdown would work. Interestingly, by Nintendo's reckoning, it expects just over half of its Wii sales to be attributable to its hot new console. Instead, it seems to expect its $20 price drop to do a lot of the legwork in moving systems, especially around the holidays. As for game sales, four titles per console sounds almost unattainable, unless Nintendo chooses to count pack-in, bundle, and downloadable titles. These conditions make the number ambitious, but still within reason.

Nintendo's financials have been hurting a bit lately as 3DS sales, which surged for a while following its price cut, have begun to slow down. It may be too early to predict doom and gloom for the Japanese giant, though; no one expected very much of the Wii before it shattered sales records, either.

Source: Eurogamer


I will get one, when I move out and get a tv. Unless I can use a computer with the WiiU

Not exactly unreasonable, but I hope they intend to release more than four games for it.

Not exactly unreasonable, but I hope they intend to release more than four games for it.

That's gonna be the problem. If they don't release more games when the console is released they will suffer another 3DS launch fiasco. Or it'll be like the PS3 launch where there really weren't any games until the next year. It's not unreasonable, the Wii proved that, but in this economy and with the current line up I think it'll be difficult for them to meet this goal. Wouldn't mind one really, but only when they get a few more games I'd like.

They'll likely do that in December, maybe even enough to pick up the slack for a month. Perhaps January. Maybe November if they're lucky. But I doubt that the other months will be as successful.

And as for the 4 games thing... well there's a decent launch, but I still doubt it. They have to many killer apps coming out late in the launch window for that.

I'm looking forward to the WiiU. Plan to get it in December. And I think it'll sell well. But Nintendo seems a little too optimistic.

No, I don't see a problem with this at all. I also have sky-high dreams. By April, I expect to have started and published a best selling novel. Now get your head out of the clouds Nintendo and get back to stocking these cans, we'll have a lot of shoppers coming in today.

"Oh alright... but you'll see Mr. Garland, one day, I'll make it big."


Well, there are a lot of people in the world. And even more in China. Maybe they'll be able to pull it off. I mean, that's only around .1% of the world's estimated population. Sure, I think this is reachable and will stop ragging on Nintendo.

Still, this seems like another Molyneuxism. Seriously, leave these flamboyant promises to the professional Grandiose Claims-Makers.

Rayman legends is so far the only title they have that I'd be interested in. Other then that I see no point in getting a WiiU. My Wii alone has gotten very little use outside of a few exclusives.

Well... considering that I doubt they even have 4 Wii U games announced coming out by then that AREN'T just ports?

Good luck with that Nintendo. You are definitely going to need it.

Have they also considered how many people will sell it back to the stores after?

Sorry, I'm still annoyed with them.

I predict they will sell quite a good share of copies but I don't know about that million copies they wanna get rid of. Sure, it will sell because it's new and the Wii did really well during launch and Japan and stuff. And sure, they got some decent titles (I'll admit I really liked Rayman Legends. It's not that different from Rayman Origins, though). But's the WiiU!

Just enjoy your head start, silly Nintendo. Because when the big boys decide to join the party, oh boy. That's gonna be fun.

Sounds possible.
That alone won't make it a success, long term, but that mile stone seems reasonable.

Thankfully, this sounds pretty reasonable, have a solid line-up of games (Which they have, Rayman Legends, Super Mario-U, Assassins Creed 3, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2 etc) This will probably do well.

The 3DS failed it's launch because its launch titles were bad, now, with a larger library of popular franchises on it (Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy etc) They are selling like hotcakes.

I plan to get one, but not until Christmas (Have to focus on College at the moment)

Also, I suppose this is more reasonable than Capcom saying "Dragons Dogma will DEFINITELY sell 10 million" Which it didn't come close to (still sold well)

Well... considering that I doubt they even have 4 Wii U games announced coming out by then that AREN'T just ports?

Good luck with that Nintendo. You are definitely going to need it.

Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Which is not the same as Monster Hunter Tri), Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2. 5 Games not at launch that are exclusive to the WiiU and that AREN'T Just ports and are actually worth buying.

And for games that are exclusive that aren't ports at launch: Tank! Tank! Tank!, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, ZombiU.

OT: I believe Nintendo can do it. They seriously need to market it though. They need to disassociate it with the Wii, and they need to show it as a Hardcore gamers machine. But I have faith in them.

Well, I've already pre-ordered mine so that's one down. Need to get around to pre-ordering NSMBU and LEGO City.

I will be a waiting a few months (maybe even a year) before i even invest in another Nintendo console. for the first two years the Wii had nothing enticing other then 4-5 games so eventually just gathered dust until i sold it. so far only Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 are on my wish list.

If they can do it, good for them. However I don't see it happening. The casual crowd is what really sold the Wii, and I don't see anywhere as near a large a crowd going for the WiiU as they did the Wii.

Im not really sure the Wii-U can capture that 'gadget' market like the Wii did. The Wii was a fully blown sensation with people (who promptly stopped playing it after Christmas morning but whatever) and im not sure the Wii-U can re-capture that out-of-nowhere success.

As a gaming console/media hub it looks... underwhelming. I'm not sure it can fight on that front so it NEEDS the more mainstream market.

Marshall Honorof:
It may be too early to predict doom and gloom for the Japanese giant, though; no one expected very much of the Wii before it shattered sales records, either.

Difference is that the Wii U had massive hype and was the cheapest console on the market at the time. Both aren't true about the Wii U now.

Wouldn't say it's impossible and of course it's good to have high standards, I mean it sais something about the company and what they think about their product if they aren't expecting it to do well?

First time in my life I've ever wished for a console system to fail. It's like if xbox did ONLY Kinect games.

I like how they are acting all modest, as if there isn't going to be a huge shortage of these things for an entire year, like with the wii. There will be, at least with the black consoles.

It's like if xbox did ONLY Kinect games.

Except for the fact that playing a Kinect isn't like playing a game at all, it's more like dancing. A better analogy would have been "It's like if xbox did ONLY iPad games", which, while more accurate, is still not really a good comparison. You can play many of these games via normal controller methods, and still get a completely regular video game experience, perhaps with just an extra menu screen. The only difference is taste in games, and some people like the selection of Marios and Zeldas more then the Halos and Gears.

Well, I really don't want Nintendo out of the market, but I really don't think the Wii U is going to sell as well as they think. Most people will probably assume it's aimed at the casual market because of the Wii, and the double-screen gimmick won't help that at all. That is, unless it is aimed at the casual market. I think I heard somewhere they're trying to get back into the hardcore market. Not sure.
But yeah, it'll be great if it does end up successful (unless it is just a Wii with another screen) but I really doubt it will. And Nintendo will take a pretty big hit if it flops.

Well Nintendo, you can take-away off 1 of your 1 million because I ain't getting one.

Nintendo are going to face precisely the same problem PC gamers have been dealing with for years now. Because all developers now create homogenised, cross platform games, there is NOT going to be a single 3rd party game for it that makes use of its latest hardware.

At best, it will get lazy ports of current/last gen games, possibly a small number for its unique controller and other than that, it will be the usual Nintendo reiteration of the same Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda games they made 30+ years ago.

Until MS and Sony join us in this decade we're going to carry on getting games that were current in 2005.


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