Gogogic CEO Says Single-Player is a "Gimmick"

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Single-Player and Multi-Player. Both are equally valid experiences.

But what really irks me, is when developers/publishers fanatically push Multi-Player (I'm looking at you, EA) and then DON'T support split-screen on any level whatsoever. It seems deliberate, to force Multi-Player and thennot support it.

That makes almost no sense.
I mean at the most basic, he doesn't know what a gimmick is.

wow, does he have a few screws loose? Single player a gimmick? I hate playing multiplayer for the most part as most multiplayer games I have have had the MP tacked on and it has detracted from the single player game, this guy needs to get off his high horse and come back to reality

Ignoring the whole "Unknown Social Game Company CEO Criticizes Traditional Game Design" aspect of this story, there is one thing I would like to say;

Mr. Antonsson, you might want to be aware that within the next few weeks, a Bethesda employee WILL punch you in the face.

In my opinion sometimes multiplayer is just a gimmick. There are a few games that are really built for multiplayer, but most games out there multiplayer is just an add on to extend gameplay time

Playing Solitaire alone is all just a gimmick. My dad should be playing Texas Hold 'Em or Go Fish with all the other cool dads who aren't suckered in by Solitaire's single-player trappings!

And the Yo-Yo? Why if you're wasting your time walking the dog by yourself instead of with your classmates? Well, my friend, you've been suckered in by a gimmick.

...even if you look at games as just... just that, as games, as toys - and not what they've evolved into, which is another facet of media and entertainment - his argument is falsified. I'm sure he loved Tic Tac Toe and Twister and Connect 4, but there were kids playing by themselves back before videogames were invented, yeah? Games that pre-date videogaming were invented that are intended to be played on oneself. He does know that, right?

Like, he understands the crucial flaw in his argument? ...wait no, yeah, I guess he doesn't.


listen jerk, you don't get to dictate how I play games..end of story


Andy Chalk:
Reykjavik-based Gogogic specializes in casual and social gaming

Wow, it's almost like this guy has an incredibly heavy bias and no qualifications to talk on how video games are "meant" to be played!

Actually, in this case, that's called an "opinion". And there's nothing wrong with having one. Did it even occur to you that maybe, just MAYBE, he specializes in "social gaming" BECAUSE he thinks that's the way games were meant to be played, not the other way around?

Christ, people on this thread are so..defensive. The man is entitled to his opinion. It happens to be one that I (among many others, apparently) strongly disagree with, but he didn't say anything that was provably untrue so...What exactly is wrong with just agreeing to disagree?


Shut up.

Stop saying stupid shit.

Ignore the introvert market, ignore 30-40% of humanity. Way to go!

being an introverts got nothing do to with it

its notly only abour wanting to avoid dickheads but mabye (just mabye) a good single player experice gives somthing that multiplayer can't

I mean for fucks sake since when did things become interchangable?

"Cue arguments about Yahtzee, Silent Hill 2, Amnesia, Just Cause 2 and just about every damn fine and fun single-player experience since gaming began."

That, Mr. Antonsson, is a recipe for a shitstorm on this forums. Hello? Yahtzee lives here. You're welcome, Mr. Antonsson.

Yet another sterling example of why we need to pull the plug from gaming.


Welp, he's delusional. Or just plain stupid, hard to tell sometimes.

Better go off and tell the folks at Bethesda and BioWare[1] that their games are only gimmicky fads.

*cough* TOR *cough* Dragon Age Facebook game *cough* Mass Effect social games integration for war readiness *cough* Elder Scrolls Online *cough*

S-shut up, you're making me look stupid! *tries to hid underneath sheets*

[1] Yes, I'm aware ME3 has multiplayer, but hush you.


Single player and multiplayer games are pretty much seperate experiences. To say that one is inherently the proper game and the other is just a stick-on is not true in most cases. Sometimes multiplayer is a stick-on, if anything, but single player is where the game is almost always more immersive and amply better at thematic exploration and storytelling, amongst a bag of other things.

I see a lot of gimmicky tacked-on multiplayer modes in games these days...though that's more due to publishers forcing companies to divert resources to make a MP mode even when it's not in the game's best interesting :[ more local co-op would be good though

This must be why everyone totally agrees that everything pre-2005 is terrible.

Makes you wonder what's in his drink...

Who's this guy again? What company is this again? Not exactly a household name there, is it? I suppose he's entitled to his opinion, but if single player is a gimmick, it's a gimmick that has lasted decades now. So, just a bit more substantial than a fad by this point, I think.

This is a guy who is a non-entity working from the old idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Problem is, he's wrong, there really is such a thing, and saying stupid stuff like this is a great way to get it.

Company unknown, CEO unknown, make outrageous statement publicly....get media attention.

Lather balls, rinse, and repeat.

I hate all these leeches that have latched on to the "gaming" industry.

That's a good point. Why are we paying attention to this guy? Who is he, relatively speaking? Nobody. And why do we care why he thinks?

However I don't know how he can say that the first games were designed as multiplayer experiences when, except for maybe Pong, no they weren't. I mean Space Invaders wasn't multiplayer, Pac-man wasn't mutliplayer, Asteroids wasn't multiplayer...

6th And Silver:

Christ, people on this thread are so..defensive. The man is entitled to his opinion. It happens to be one that I (among many others, apparently) strongly disagree with, but he didn't say anything that was provably untrue so...What exactly is wrong with just agreeing to disagree?

he is entitled to his opinion

and we are entitled to point out how stupid it is

Everyone has already expressed my view for me, but I'll reiterate anyway; Who are you and why are you so stupid?

Social game developer CEO says that single player games are a gimmick. Shocking.

This thread seems to be full of people making snide comments and generally pointing and laughing and I don't approve of threads of that, even if I disagree with the stated opinions. So instead, I'm leaving. This guy made a controversial statement and he should have known it was only going to make people dislike him so he should have keep it to himself for professional reasons. Now, good day.

Wow. What a fuckin' idiot this guy is. Did he just forget about all the single player only games that people play?

Adam Jensen:
Wow. What a fuckin' idiot this guy is. Did he just forget about all the single player only games that people play?

of coarse YOU would say that Adam Jensen...

you and your silly little "Deus Ex: human revolution" (with no multiplayer to speak of) are no better than the gimmicy-est of the shovelware crap you find on the Wii!


One of these was my reaction. Can you guess which one?

Yeah... you're obviously trying to die faster than Zynga... you ARE trying to do that right?

What is this singleplayer he talks of? I thought only casual games existed? Back to farmville amiright?

Sounds as pretentious as Jonathon Blow...

Moronic as people thinking CoD is the be-all and end-all of video games...

Because everyone played the Spec Ops and Dead Space multiplayer, didn't they? Oh and imagine how much more poignant Shadow Of The Colossus would have become if you'd been running about the place with a mate.

This guy is wrong. Just very wrong.

What? Just no. Would Mass Effect's story be improved by adding other -people- to your experience? Would Bioshock's? How about Silent Hill's? Nope, doesn't seem like it. Amnesia? Bastion? Nope. Are they just 'gimmicks'? Didn't think so. So why are single player experiences being thought of as such? It just doesn't make sense.

Sounds as pretentious as Jonathon Blow...

Here's the thing - Braid was actually pretty freaking awesome, whereas, as has been demonstrated many times before, nobody knows who this guy is.

And here i was thinking that multiplayer was a gimmick, often badly implemented i might add.

Whilst the idea that single-player gaming is a gimmick is clearly taking the point too far, I think there probably is some merit in what he says. I mean, I've been playing Company of Heroes for 6-7 years now, and I certainly wouldn't have done that if the only antagonist available was the AI (because the AI is stupid). Pitting yourself against people gives a much more even, much more difficult game. Sure, that's one particular RTS, and it does not apply to all games, but there's something in what he says.

"The first games were designed as multiplayer experiences"

There's an alien, a hungry yellow ball and a plumber with a large mallet at the door, and they would like a word with you...

He makes games for facebook. He's hardly qualified to talk about the games industry.

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