Ghost Recon Commander Cancellation Kills Development Jobs

Ghost Recon Commander Cancellation Kills Development Jobs


Loot Drop co-founder Brenda Romero wants to find jobs for the developers she had to let go.

Loot Drop was forced to announce the cancellation of its Tom Clancy Facebook game Ghost Recon Commander, and with it, the loss of several development jobs. Brenda Romero - nee Brathwaite - Tweeted her dismay, and asked for help finding new jobs for the people Loot Drop had to let go.

"We have coders, server coders, asst designers, artists and an amazing QA guy," Romero Tweeted. She gave thanks to Ubisoft for the opportunity to work on the franchise. Ubisoft has yet to comment on the cancellation.

Ghost Recon Commander, a modern day strategy combat title, had been nominated for a Golden Joystick Award for best free-to-play game. It lost out to Slender last week, and shortly after that Ubisoft pulled the plug.

This is the second high-profile cancellation for Loot Drop this month. The first was its highly anticipated Shaker: An Old School RPG, axed in what Romero described as a "mercy killing," saying that it wasn't strong enough to succeed.

"We still have two projects in the works," Romero Tweeted, but added "right now, I care about the people we had to lay off."

Source: Brathwaite/Romero Twitter


Fuck you Ubisoft. You just hate anything to do with PCs don't you?

Is Ubisoft really so out of touch that it cancelled a highly anticipated & award nominated game because somebody's self-produced pet project stole the spotlight?


Remember, face book gaming is the wave of the future!


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