Quantum Conundrum Developer Introduces New iOS Title

Quantum Conundrum Developer Introduces New iOS Title

Pixld, Airtight Games' new puzzler, will turn your world blue if you let it.

Airtight Games, the folks who made Quantum Conundrum, and Kim Swift of Portal and Left 4 Dead fame, have come up with a new puzzler: Pixld, now available on the iOS store. Its introductory price is $0.99, but before long it'll be back up to its standard $1.99 mark.

"The puzzle experience of Pixld will grab you by the brain and never let go," the developer claims. In this one you race against the clock, matching block colors with each tap of the screen until everything is a peaceful blue. A tap changes a block's color, but it also changes the color of every block surrounding it, which can totally destroy - or salvage - whatever matching strategy you had in mind.

The game has several modes to fit your least whim, including among others: 60SEC, a race against the clock; 50TAPS an exercise in strategy; and play-as-you-like TAP4EVER.

Kim Swift's enthusiasm for Pixld is palpable: "Buying a video game that you can play on your phone for less than a cup of coffee? That's just crazy!"

Source: Joystiq


Well it seems to work well enough, they should be Q-ing up to get this one.

Well it seems to work well enough, they should be Q-ing up to get this one.

I'll certainly be buying it swiftly.

No love for android? :(

And exclusivity rears its ugly head again.

I am pleasantly uninterested by this game. Does it have any feature that sets it apart from the other puzzler available for free pretty much everywhere on the internet, or are we talking about it just because the developers are famous?

Quantum Conondrum was good, this just looks outright uninteresting.
That is all.


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