Halo 4 Conquers European Principality

Halo 4 Conquers European Principality

Liechtenstein, one of the smallest nations in Europe, became a Halo 4 theme park for a day.

It's difficult to imagine what Liechtenstein's sales pitch for Halo 4's business could have been; "would you like a castle" and "do with us as you will" may have featured prominently. However it came to be, the fourth smallest country in Europe became a Halo 4 war zone, as part of the run-up to the game's launch on November 6th.

Halo 4 took over Gutenberg Castle - presumably removing the antiques before someone had a nasty accident - and transformed it into a futuristic military outpost, where the invited guests got their first crack at the game.

Other locations conquered for the occasion included a working mine, a quarry, and a farmer's field, later to become a bloody battleground as actors took the guests on a tour of the Front.

Liechtenstein, for those not familiar with the alpine landlocked postage-stamp principality, is one of those places that managed over the centuries to avoid trouble by being very small. It's remarkably wealthy, with a thriving business center based largely on low tax rates, but one of its main sources of income is tourism. Hence the willingness to play host for a video game PR event; but when all's said, how many games can boast that they took over a nation in order to launch their game?

Source: Electronic Theatre


Ah, Lichtenstein: the only inherently funny country.

I want one of those monitors shown in pic 3, soooooooooo badlyyyyyyyyy... It makes my 42" LG LED LCD TV look like a piece of shit ;_;

Also, only Halo would do this. Well, until CoD copies this idea and tries it themselves, only to fail miserably. Maybe MW4 will do that...
Either way, well done Liechtenstein. I know how to pronounce you because I've seen A Knight's Tale :D

I'm probably the only one, but the location and the opening of that video immediately made me think of the inhabitants of Merano in Chess:

This is a place where your arteries soften
Cholesterol hasn't a chance!
From mountain to valley the natural goodness
Is fighting pollution's advance!

So come to us and feel the force
All major credit cards taken of course!

That last little bit honestly made me wonder if they weren't just practicing to have their own theme park ride eventually, god only knows most of the major parks would be willing to give them one.

Ah Liechtenstein. Fun fact: It was only bought by it's because it's now princely family wanted a seat in the Reichstag and needed some land within the Holy Roman empire to get in.

The Halo stuff all looks rather nice though.


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