DayZ Bounty Mod Pays Cash For Kills

DayZ Bounty Mod Pays Cash For Kills


A drunk heroic medic went rogue, and as a result there's a site that pays $0.10 per 10 dead DayZ zombies.

DayZ Bounty hasn't had Bohemia Interactive's blessing yet, but the mod has set up a website and is in alpha, with the express purpose of paying out cash for kills in Bohemia's zombie survival mod DayZ. It costs you $5 for 20 lives, but once you're in and racking up kills, you can walk away with a nice little cash bonus.

It all started when a bunch of heroic medics got drunk and decided that saving lives was less fun than ending them. One of them promised $5 to whoever managed to bring him down, and when the dust had settled the group realized they were on to a good thing. "I thought: this is a fun way to play," said Jake Stewart, one of the founders. "This'd be great if we had a whole community of people that were doing the same type of thing."

Hence the mod, which comes with its own server and in-game rules. The full ruleset can be found here, but in brief: each target has a bounty on its head, from the lowest on the food chain - those poor zombies, at $0.10 per 10 deadfellas - to the Outlaw. The Outlaw earns cash in-game for as long as he can survive, and the one who kills the Outlaw gets all the cash he had on him at the time his tasty giblets were harvested. The killer then becomes the Outlaw, to be hunted down in turn. The modders are limiting payout to $20 a time for the moment, which is hardly Vegas money; more a reward for a job well done.

While it sounds fun, the mod does distance itself from the zombie survival fun that DayZ exists to provide. The founders of DayZ Bounty admit, in the game FAQ, that zombies "aren't what we want you, as the player, to focus on." Personally I'm lukewarm on a zombie survival game mod that effectively sidelines zombies, but if the idea of playing a shooter for modest amounts of cash appeals, the mod's website is here.

Source: VG24/7

UPDATE: Bohemia Interactive has asked the creators of the Bounty mod to cease their activities.

Production Assistant Matthew Lightfoot said in a statement published by PC Gamer:

"We believe that the elements of gambling that DayZ Bounty introduces challenges the basic game design aspects that DayZ is built upon. It changes the focus of DayZ from being a creative, enjoyable, gritty gaming experience to a game that is based almost solely on financial gain and that is not something we want to be associated with."


Even though it's fall, for DayZ the Dog days are just beginning.

DVS BSTrD Do you ever make posts with more than 2 lines?
I swear I've only seen one serious post coming from you, the rest is all (lame) puns and jokes.

On topic. This seems really interesting. But I assume it's only US servers, meaning I'd have high ping.

So, it's mod, using assets from another mod that in turn uses assets from a published videogame and they're charging money for access to it?

Can you here that faint whistling hiss? That's the sound of a C'n'D launched from orbit.

Brace for impact!

A mod for a mod. Modception anyone?

You know you were thinking it.

OT, I like the concept, not really sure how they will win in this deal, I guess if you really suck at shooters you'll lose... otherwise, seems like it's free money.

Personally I'm lukewarm on a zombie survival game mod that effectively sidelines zombies

A good portion of what makes Day-Z such fun is not the zombies, but the constant paranoid certainty that the next player you meet is as likely to blow your head off as he is to help you.
Now you're sure people are out to get you. Think of it as upping the stakes.

So it's a shooter were every shot you take may summon an unending horde of zombies to eat your face off... I like it.

So, how much i have to pay in order to save people in there? i find it much more fun to try to save some poor fella from zombies even if he shoots me in the end.


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