You Probably Use Gmail Now

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My gmail account is my central account for sure, been using it since the 'elitist' invite only days, I have a couple of GMX accounts and another gmail account that all forward through POP3 to my main account. This way I keep work, fun, social accounts, sign ups, etc... completely separate. I just find I enjoy it a lot more that way.

With people who are concerned with the tie in between gmail/youtube/g+ etc.. Honestly I really enjoy that, it just feels very centralized and a one-stop hub, not hey sign up here, and here, and here... Anyhow, I really like it.

It's scary that Yahoo is still dominant in the States.

Hotmail is a lot better than it's reputation, and in my experience is better at filtering out spam than Gmail. I keep accounts with both, but I do tend to use gmail a little more these days since I switched from Firefox to Chrome (over the last year or two Firefox went really downhill, while Chrome is now living up to its reputation - when I first tried it it was somehow slower than Explorer).

The numbers of reported users by any of these companies are going to be really inflated, because any sensible person will maintain multiple email accounts.

I use my Hotmail for what it was made for entering an email into dubious sites that will give you spam.

And like most people doesn't look very good on a Resume as (first name).(last name) does.

Both education mail (in some areas) and youtube accounts use Gmail accounts.
As such, for mail itself, merely counting accounts is not an accurate measure of mail users.

I still use hotmail. I can check my hotmail instantly and it updates all the time thanks to the email app of windows 8.

Hopefully google will come up with something similar and then i will switch

This lovely little red icon perched up at the top of Google Chrome is a nice little addon I downloaded. Whenever I have unread emails, it displays a number, telling me how many there are.

I was using gmail as soon as they opened it up and have never looked back. It also integrates just as well as hotmail into windows 8

I made my gmail account on 21/01/2008 and I have never looked back, spam is a thing of the past, filters are fantastic and the integration with google plus is fantastic.

You see, I might have used Gmail, but my Youtube account, and it's subscriptions and accumulated history, are more important to me than my email-server provider. So, that I can't be logged into my Youtube account and my Gmail account at the same time, is a deal breaker for me. It's all about ease of use, and I can be logged in by cookie to Hotmail and Youtube at the same time. Google pissed me off something awful when they wouldn't let me have a Gmail account not automatically bound to Youtube.

Unfortunately my professional email is Gmail, so I'm going to have to go about setting up a third-party email client like Thunderbird soon. I'll probably still use Hotmail for as long as I am able however, due to how integrated it is into my internet presence now.

i have been using gmail for many years now and im very happy with it. my wife uses yahoo and every now and then she has some complaints that it dint send off or attachments dint work. but very rarely.
but last week she also got her self a gmail account and she is very happy with it.

Honestly, this is hardly surprising

Microsoft don't care how messenger fares anymore because they bought skype, and are merging messenger customers into skype ones and phasing out messenger

so panic not you'll still be M$ ruled one way or another.

nope. i'll keep until it breaks. then i'll find another custom, and i'll keep doing that. i'll never touch yahoo/gmail/hotmail or any other generic host as long as i'm able.

I do indeed use gmail
Might be the lack of spam, junk, viruses and other nonsense from people attempting to use my friends emails or at least the names of my contacts.
Oh and people trying to get my wow account details with horrible spelling, It was amusing for a little while sending abusive messages back but I got bored.

well i used Splius, inbox, hotmail and then gmail. i still got all 4 accounts. Gmail is the best one out of 4, and hotmail i use for "spam mail" because ever since microsoft took over it went to shiat.

and how much of it is Googles stupid branding that practically makes gmail a ness. evil with things like Youtube (which google ruined) and Android Marketplace.

yep the bastards have took my youtube account and merged it with gmail account evne though the email i used for youtube was specifically created for the purpose of youtube. i wrote multiple petitions to google staff but their responses were robotic generated messadges, bastards. i stopped using youtube because of this.

Microsoft don't care how messenger fares anymore because they bought skype, and are merging messenger customers into skype ones and phasing out messenger

so panic not you'll still be M$ ruled one way or another.

that is implying we use skype, how dare you!

This is probably in part due to them forcing people who want to make a youtube account also make a gmail account to register.

Or use the Play store on their Android phone/tablet, which is where you have to go for even the free apps. (Sure, you can copy the install package after connecting your device to a PC with USB cable, but if you think the average consumer is going to be bothered with that...)

I have a Gmail account out there somewhere that I never use because Youtube forced me to make one to log into my youtube account. Way to not make yourself look imposing and oppressive google.

My main email is still Yahoo just because why the hell not? I don't really care too much about email anyway.

A lot of people who switched from hotmail to gmail all those years ago might still check hotmail from time to time effectively inflating 'active user' numbers for the service.

For example, I still use my hotmail address to sign up for most sites/promos to avoid excessive spam and newsletters clogging up my main gmail account. I log in occasionally to check it(or if I need to reset a password) but it is definitely secondary to gmail for me.

Furthermore, if the Comscore stats only look at 'unique users' you have to wonder how many of these are old inactive accounts. I imagine the gap is bigger in reality.

The only reason I switched to gmail was because hotmail, of which iv been using for 10 years, upped its security & I had to have a secondary email account to recieve the activator email after submitting my details. After going to all the trouble opening a gmail account & finding a suitable password microsoft stuffed me around by telling me the activation wont work & to try again later. I kept trying later but it gave me the same old crap so I decided to flip hotmail the bird & use gmail instead to spite them. By the looks of it I might not be the only resorting to this.

I was one of the first batch of people to use Gmail when it was invite only (and you only got 6 of them), sold a few invites on eBay, paid my rent a few times. I don't even have a Hotmail account anymore, which I made almost 20 years ago in the mid-90s when 2mb of email storage was FREAKING HUGE, I have 2 gmail accounts + my email from my webserver.

I use my hotmail account because changing is too much heastle. I'm a member of too many things with that e-mail, and I will just end up getting confused if I switch to a new one.

No I don't use G-Mail, nor have I ever truly used Hotmail, to the extend that it was eventually canceled hehehehe, so yeah, whatever lol I personally use 3 e-mail addresses, one for work, my first e-mail that's all messed up with spams etc and the @me from Apple, to which I plan to eventually migrate my old one...

Yeah, well...

I can say I've at least tried just about every provider of free and more or less cheap emailing services. AOL - sucked hairy moose 'nads. Yahoo - started out useful, got crippled more and more until it plain didn't matter anymore. Hotmail - yech, it still feels like biting into a pus-filled donut. I also hold or at least held mail accounts with a vast number of free email providers all around the globe, be they of the more or less anonymous and disposable kind or just because I fancy being closer in mail and mind with another provider/spammer/company of choice. Some people really prefer to not only speak to customers/sellers in their own language, but also see that you care enough to actually maintain a mailbox in their country of residence. Hardly anything seems to matter more to new contacts in France than to see you're flashing some .fr address, and Germans easily seem much more friendly when you address them in proper German hailing from a .de address. Even though the actual shipping address is somewhere different, language and domains go a long way well before credit card data or other financially relevant information is exchanged.

As far as I can remember, the easiest, quickest and most thorough way to damage your reputation was to use a Hotmail address.

Oh, and as for having fun with Nigerian scammers or their international counterparts - nothing beats an email address in their country of residence and - bonus points - having a buddy with enough savvy, guts and language skills to make playing with them more fun than counting sheep or going fishing.

I felt the Apple services to be more of a sinkhole for money and hopes and dreams than actually giving me what was promised. That felt especially off when I could reproduce pretty much the same functionality for 100% free with little effort and no hassle, and saw me bid farewell after the last two, nay, three big 'evolutionary changes', which felt more like revisiting the promised land of computational Neanderthal to me. I don't trust the cloud, full stop. I don't want to rely on the cloud. I'm a very down-to-earth and earthbound kind of person, I don't think having thousands of miles of cabling and wiring and airwaves between me and my sensitive, business or personal data is a very smart thing to want.

As much as I was wary and plain paranoid about Google Mail in the beginning, I really wouldn't want to go back to a - personal - life without GMail. Free IMAP that works and doesn't suck, incredibly high server performance and reliability, access from just about any web-enabled device of choice no matter how well secured or locked down - I think GMail really has it all, and it deserves the first place, especially when looking at the competition. Just going to the Yahoo website gives me brain spasms, and going on hotmail/outlook online still feels well dirty.

The only thing I keep up is actually using different Google/Youtube logins for specific purposes, so as to keep some fields of interest compartmentalized/separated, as I was under the impression that Google turned a bit weird for me when I rolled all of my areas of interest and trackable activities into one account. Sure, the ads got a bit more interesting for their random oddness and obscure novelty factor, but not at all more useful.

Well, I've used Gmail for ages now. But I have never really cared paticulary much about the features it gives me. I can check my mail from a computer or a phone. Other than that, could I not care less about Gmail. It's simple and I can use it, that's all I could've asked for

Used Hotmail when I was about 13.
Been on Gmail for years now. They not only have lots of great features but Gmail is supported by a lot of software.

Even my university, the University of Auckland, uses Gmail as their email system while keeping the addresses. Not sure how they do that exactly. I have been meaning to look that up.

Chairman Miaow:
I use my hotmail account because changing is too much heastle. I'm a member of too many things with that e-mail, and I will just end up getting confused if I switch to a new one.

Best way to do it is to tell Hotmail to forward all emails to your Gmail address. Then as you get them go and log into that account and change your details. In most cases it is possible to change your email details even when the account in question uses your old email as the username. It will just switch to your new one.

I was going to say no, no I don't. Then I realise you needed one for Youtube, so I have one somewhere but since I log into Youtube using my hotmail account that is associated with the gmail on the youtube account it means it has been forgotten.

I would make a switch to another email other than hotmail, but since EVERYTHING is associated with said hotmail, it just seems like too much effort to change everything ):

I've been using my hotmail account since 1999/2000.

I have a Gmail account, but that's only because I needed it for school. Hotmail is still my favourite and favourite to look at, and still very easy to navigate.

I've been using GMail since they first gave the beta users the ability to invite people. After reading about it and seeing screenshots, it looked like it would be way better than the mix of Yahoo Mail (my first e-mail account, which I still have) and Hotmail (which I've long since ditched) I was using at the time. Paid $5 on eBay for an invite.

Never saw a reason to switch from GMX.

Using my providers email-address and some old Webmail-Address. Never used hotmail or gmail.


Civilian email addresses.

That's cute, I'll stick with using the Alliance System. Was way better than Cerberus' anyway.

I only ever started using hotmail back in the day because of MSN Messenger. Went gmail a few years ago, now i'd never look back. Microsoft have barely updated the thing in 9+ years!

I've got a Yahoo account AND a G-mail account.

Yahoo for casual, G-Mail for Work.

And my work e-mail forwards everything to G-mail, because I hate my work e-mail.


Actually, I deleted my Gmail (and all Google accounts) and switched to GMX a month or two ago. Why? I like my things to be compartmentalized. I want my email to just be my email. But then they tied Gmail accounts to Youtube accounts, while also putting you in Google plus (I discovered I mysteriously had a Google plus account when I was trying to figure out how to separate my Youtube and Gmail) without asking you. No. I don't like the direction they are going in, so I deleted my Google accounts and went somewhere where my email can just be my email.

Still using two hotmail accounts since 2004 and I've been happy since using them.

On the other hand while I am happy with G+ (I use it daily and formed quite a lot of friends since it started last year) I'm not exactly happy they linked G+,Gmail and YT all together because a friend of mine got the domino effect when his G+ got suspended and then banned he was locked and cut off from using all 3 services his email was tied it which is why I'll always use a different email service like Hotmail.

Also I'm not a huge fan of trying everything together as one since it's much easier to get locked out of using all services when they all act as one.

Wait really? I got banned from youtube on my main gmail account yet I can use G+ and gmail with no problem

It's very straight forward. I have a hotmail account that's handed out to websites and "free" giveaways. If they wanna spam that one they can go right ahead. My gmail account is for seriously serious stuff like banks, government, and professionals.

Besides, just like everyone else, younger me chose a rediculous hotmail address. It was funny when I was 18, but embarrasssing in polite company now.

I use outlook (it was hotmail) as my main accounts for years now, i also have a uni one and then my gmail is purely for my android phone. I wonder how many of those accounts are for android phones and aren't actually used for anything else.

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