World of Warcraft Subscriptions Rise to 10 Million

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I could go on, but just one look at the story forum shows that the same problems from Cata persists, namely the godawful writers who thought shoving a death camp into hillsbrad was "Teh Awsumz!". .

Well, the Hillsbarad camps were part of the lore back when it was good and interesting (Namely Thrall's origin). But I agree, WoTLK was the end of the story as far as I'm concerned.

Wrong camps. That was internment camps where they housed the orcs after the horde was stopped. The camp I'm speaking of was built by the forsaken and put where Hillsbrad Town used to be located in vanilla and it's basically a nazi death camp. It was so freaking disgusting that I completely seized to use the Hillsbrad zone for RP and haven't used it since. Only times I go there is when I have to in order to get to other zones.

I've read a lot of the extended lore, I know who everyone is supposed to be and how it all ties into the whole thing... and I just don't care.

I was invested in the story of (mostly) Warcraft III and that ended with Arthas' demise.

That aside, the content is still pretty much the best MMORPGs have to offer at the moment. EVE is just too different and too long-term to appeal to many people.

Yeah game mechanically it is generally fairly sound(outside of the grind anyhow). My main problem with WoW has always been and will always be with the story. I'm not gonna claim their other games are the paragon of writing quality or anything, but they sure as hell were a -LOT- better than what we've been getting ever since WoW came to be. Granted they didn't go completely batshit bonkers before Cataclysm hit. Honestly Metzen and his writing team these days are essentially the George Lucas of Warcraft(to lesser degree Starcraft given some trends I've seen). Nothing short of firing all of them while keeping Metzen as a creative consultant with next to no influence could save the company insofar as writing go at this point. Mostly because I sure as hell can't see Metzen, or his team, improving anytime soon nor do I see them hiring people who's sole purpose is to tell them that their ideas are idiotic and need work either.(that isn't to say everything is complete horseshit mind you, just that the greater problems pervade the entirety of the writing)

Granted I'm not sure how adding people willing to tell them to grow some braincells would help in any form when most of the idiocy we've been served could've been avoided with common sense and simple logic...

That said these days I'd rather pick up a blizzard game with shitty writing than a bioware one. Seeing as with blizzard we can at least expect the gameplay to be decent.

ToR is just pathetic... Gameplay-wise it's *identical* to WoW (and people are bored of this formula ffs), the much flaunted BioWare TM story is weak and I much prefer WoW's smaller, but much more interesting mini-plots (especially in MoP) and having EA behind it is in no way an advantage. Whatever might be said of Blizzard lately, they have a LONG way to go before they are as bad as EA.

I have some minor hopes for TES Online, but it's not looking too good. I smell the same old tired combat and progression system. Maybe if they do something along the lines of D&D Online...

Only reason MoP did better in terms of writing is because there was so little lore written in regards to the panda that there was barely anything there that they could fuck up to begin with. It also has carry the baggage of Cataclysm, which doesn't work in its favour. The whole faction war was something that should never have happened in the game -ever-. It would've been far better to make the mmo take place in a Cold War Era'esque time between the two main factions. Then done whatever war they wanted to pull off in Warcraft 4.

crepesack :
I don't get why its become cool to hate on WoW. It's not a bad game. It's not "unhealthy" for the industry and the devs seem to be trying their hardest to keep people playing. They are basically what we'd all want an MMO to do.

It's popular, that's good enough reason for many people to hate it.

OT: I don't want to bash your thread but decrease of players before expansion and increase after it is out is for WoW as common as cycle of seasons. Blizzard stock owners might be interested but for us its just oscillating number.

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