Peter Molyneux Plans Only One More Game

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So next game we will be able to fart whole musicals into peoples faces right?

OT: I do like his anti hype approach but ultimately the game is still gona be a mess whatever it is

Zen Bard:


I've worked with Pete over the years, and it's not necessarily the studio's fault, but rather a combination of things.

Here's what happens: he comes up with a grand and intriguing idea that is (quite often) vast in scope. This is broken down into individual gameplay elements that people start prototyping. Quite often, these elements are pretty novel and haven't always been done before, or done in the way he envisions it, so this means it's going to take a LOT of iteration to see whether it'll pan out or not.

All good so far, but then his obsessive personality kicks in, and he'll have a stick up his ass about one particular part of one particular gameplay element and will then constantly revise and change what it is, and that has the knock-on effect of the original idea never having had time to actually be iterated on to a point where it becomes clear whether the fundamental idea is good or bad. Pete just keeps changing it and changing it, and obviously the prototype team can't get the code written at the same speed as his brain works, so concepts never get fully prototyped.

And then, stage 3 of Hurricane Pete, is he'll show up one morning after having had another epiphany during the night, and will scrap that entire gameplay element in favor of a new one he's dreamed up.

This then goes on until the publisher forces him to actually release a game, which ends up being full of interesting ideas that never got the development time they needed to be any good: a bunch of half-baked failed promises.

But it isn't from lack of talent or effort from either Pete or the dev team. His style of working is now counter-productive for much of the time.

This explains (and confirms) so much! I've always thought Mr. Molyneux focused too much on unique and novel features but lost sight of how they would integrate into the gaming experience.

Thanks for the post!

If this is indeed true, then me and Peter have something in common. We have so many good ideas but can't seem to focus on just one of them, that new idea always seem so much more appealing than the last, and they come in waves to so its not like we can't stop thinking of new ideas, it's a natural reaction.

I'm looking forward to the Zero Punctuation review more than the game itself.

A cover-based shooter...where you are the cover.


Now that would take some effort.

I just came back from the future where Fable 20 was just released! It was a glorious day, with people lined up all night to buy a copy of it. I numbered among that crowd. I was promised by Petey that the game was gonna blow all competition out of the water and that he had learned from past mistakes.

So I got Fable 20, ran home and played it. I threw the disc away into a pile of the other 16 Fable games, when I found it to be shithouse.

You wont fool me again my PETER!


No, I love your games and your utterly unhinged mind. Christ, first Cliffy B and now Peter Molyneux. Why God, Why? Why don't any of the people screwing gaming up leave...

(braces self for comments about Cliffy B destroying PC gaming, or whatever it is he did....)

Indeed. Hate or love their games, some of the more entertaining personalities in the industry are on their way out. Damn shame.

As much as the guy has shown he has a lack of focus and hypes his games way too much, I have to give Molyneux credit for at least trying to innovate games.

Fable 3 not so much, but the guy's one of the few people in the industry who will pursue new ideas even though they might not sell as well as CoD: Look down the Gun Sights for the Umpteenth Time.

Best wishes to his endeavors in the future, but more importantly, best wishes to his attempt now. I'm hoping that what he puts out is fantastic, and a good note to end on.

its a truly scary thought that a game as good as fable 1 may never be made again peter has had his share of criticism but the guy brought us fable and black and white the guys a great dev unlike most now a days

Time to make the game everyone has been waiting twenty years for: One build entirely around the Persuadatron and the gameplay mechanics it creates.

Go around using people as tools doing things for you, steal, create distractions, kill, watch it wear off and them get in trouble. If you yourself get in trouble make them obstruct others and create havoc as you get away, just make use of the single best thing you've ever created.

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