Amazon Launches EA Sports Free Game Promotion

Amazon Launches EA Sports Free Game Promotion


The online retailer is starting its holiday deals with a special offer on 2013 EA Sports titles.

If you're a sports game fanatic but haven't yet scooped up this year's updated 2013 titles, Amazon has a deal that might be right up your alley: For a limited time, you can get a free EA Sports title with the purchase of two other 2013 EA Sports games. Of course, the free title you choose will need to be of equal or lesser value to the purchased games, and Amazon's promo system is set up so that it automatically discounts whatever the cheapest game in your cart happens to be.

The deal applies to the following titles: Madden NFL 13, FIFA Soccer 13, NCAA Football 13, NHL 13, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. All of the titles are available for both Xbox and PlayStation 3 from the promo page, so you can mix and match if you happen to have both systems.

As the holidays are fast approaching, this seems like a pretty good way to score some discounted gifts for the sports-loving gamers in your life. Though, as with all Amazon promotions, it's difficult to tell just how much stock the company has of each title, and when they're gone, they're gone, so consider yourself warned!

Source: Amazon


This would have been a much better deal for everyone involved if Amazon had bothered to set it up right before the 2013 series came out.

This would have been a much better deal for everyone involved if Amazon had bothered to set it up right before the 2013 series came out.

It would be a much better deal for everyone if they weren't EA-Sports games!

Huh...I wonder if I'll give this a try. I've already got my Madden game but have not picked up FIFA yet. However, I don't really care about the other sports for this year...

Anyone play Tiger Woods? I love golf in real life but will this make my Kinect sensor useful for more than sending my friends weird videos of myself in my speedo?

Also: Do I need to bother with my usual INB4 "Just buy 2012, it's the same thing!!!" or does everyone understand by now that I think that is an incredibly stupid thing for people to say since I put that in every news article about sports?

If I didn't already have Fifa I would use this offer to get Tiger Woods and NHL too, but since I already do there's just no point. Oh, and since I live outside the US, the shipping and handling charges plus tax make it basically pointless anyway.

Already got NHL and Madden 13 around the time they came out. This doesn't really help now...


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