FigurePrints Remakes Minecraft Worlds as Paperweights

FigurePrints Remakes Minecraft Worlds as Paperweights


Now your can keep your Minecraft castle on your real-world desktop.

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game that needs very little introduction. Millions of people have purchased the game, and its expansion onto Walmart shelves will only continue the trend. Minecraft has done a fantastic job of allowing gamers to create as they play, but sadly, the one thing it cannot do is extend that creative reach into the physical world. At least until now. FigurePrints, last seen selling replicas of World of Warcraft pets, has started an online service that takes your Minecraft world, constructs a real-world miniature, and ships it straight to your door.

To have your Minecraft castle reconstructed as an attractive paperweight, you'll need to download this exporter program from FigurePrint's website. The exporter copies a portion of the game world from your Minecraft save, which can then be uploaded to FigurePrint for building and purchasing. Prices will vary based on the size of the export, and the images below are examples of some final results you can expect.

Stepping back after a long Minecraft session to observe all you've made is satisfying enough, but the ability to literally hold it in your hand sounds all the more meaningful. Just double check that everything's in place before you send the file to FigurePress; it would be a shame to get your miniature in the mail only to discover that Endermen were picking apart your castle wall.

Source: FigurePrints, via Joystiq


If I ever have a desk job, my doom castle will hold down my reports.

Now, if only I had money to get one.

... and something in Minecraft worth turning into a paperweight.

... and a reason to buy a paperweight.

I have a new desk job next year and then I find this.
Time to build something epic.

ok, i started a desk job 3 weeks ago, time for my golden tower? i doubt that will work though, as it is liekely fall apart before having enough weight.

I dislike the lack of price guides on that site, get the feeling it could be pricey! Its a great idea though, I would probably have fun making a really awesome construction for my partner then getting it printed out as a present.

I notice on some of the images it shows a few tiles down - I wonder how many people have had it printed, looked at it and thought, "wow, I have flint down there!" or something.

These will be expensive. But damn, they look so awesome - I don't think I have the willpower to resist something as cool as that. Now, which minecraft building to get done! - or maybe I should start a new build just for it :). It's a shame you can't get them in a glass block like some other paperweights - those things might be a little fragile.

I wonder if they have to worry about copywrite stuff.

Like if someone builds 'Hogwarts' or whatever.

one thing it cannot do is extend that creative reach into the physical world

I beg to differ.

Now the challenge for the guys who made the 1 to 1 scale middle earth in Minecraft is to print off the whole of middle earth... ONE TO ONE SCALE!!!

Yes, the things that are happening and the advancements being made in 3d print tech, such as the strives being made with devices like the recent "Replicator" that are making the tech relatively affordable is looking like it is on the verge of a massive explosion.

Part of me wants to do this, with a complete 360 degree globe reminicent of the look of populous.

Well this has just made my day. I mean, look at them! They're so dinky. I want one, of my city. Complete with all the hidden tunnels and everything.

Very awesome. Xbox players are probably screwed so far as this goes.

Very awesome. Xbox players are probably screwed so far as this goes.

Eh, it's fine by me. The FigurePrints stuff is extremely expensive, anyway. I remember when they offered to "print" WoW characters on little pedestals and it cost at least $100 per 6 inch figure or so.

No thank you.

I'm tempted to send them a chunk with physically impossible constructions in it (say, floating islands) and see how they react.


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