Rumor: Modern Warfare 4 Headed for 2013 Release

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They should do a crossover with star trek. Now you can invade the Borg planet!

oh FUCK OFF activision i thought we were done with this bullshit after mw3...

I think they should just stick to the title "Call of Duty 2013"

Call of Duty 13 for short.

OT: I'm not surprised. They'll probably just make a sequel trilogy (ooh, topical).

Beginning of MW4:

Price is on a beach in Hawaii, tanning and enjoying his orange juice, when all of a sudden, Russians come in by boat, and start shooting the place up. In one quick motion (which will be displayed by a loading screen), he will get out of his bathing suit, into combat gear, and spawn an M4 out of time and space. He then begins to shoot back. After causing more mass genocide to foreigners, Price finds out that his arch nemisis is alive, and the one in MW3 was actually a clone.

That story will continue until MW6, in which Captain price and his nemisis fight it out in a retirement home, using their zimmer frames, while random explosions go off around them. At the end, we find out that this was all linked to Black Ops, and that the one behind ALL OF IT, who controlled all the villains in the CoD Games, is actually somewhere in Canada, riding a polar bear. Therefore, Price asks his son who comes the fuck out of nowhere, to take revenge of all the bullshit he had to go through.

Thus begins an epic series called Call of Duty: Beaver Warfare.

Seriously though, please leave the fucking franchise alone. I don't care if you make a Call of Duty Online to milk money out of your 12 year old fanbase, but leave single player alone while it has SOME dignity left.

Lol. Black Ops 2 has been out for barely 3 days and people are already bored of it for the next game?

OT: Kidding obviously, but really?

Is that suprise on your face real? Because it shouldn't be.

I personally had enough once I'd played MW3. I really hope they push the boat out on the next one because it's really starting to drag.


Honestly it seems like there are an infinite amount of terrorists in the MW story arc.

Wait, how are they going to do this?

The main bad guys are gone, Price went a little off his rocker at the end of MW3 and soap is gone.

This isn't going to be one of those things where it is completely different characters yet it is labeled as a sequel is it?

"I am completely shocked by this stunning news"-Said no-one ever



P.S. Am I minority here? Are BZ fans so rare, that nobody cares about that game?

Battlezone 2 was pretty damn awesome.

To be fair single player campaign was pretty meh.
But the multiplayer was a blast- we usually played 1v1 with my brother
But once we gathered 4 more friends and played 3v3
Since I and my brother had biggest experience with BZ2 we were commanders
It was like sci-fi Warcraft3 only heroes were questionable and occasionally doing stupid stuff :)

Let me get this straight, they're adding on a new story for Price even though all of the plot holes were filled in.

"Suddenly outta nowhere, Makarov's dog handler goes on a rampage in Ukazakstan, killing a bunch of people and blaming AMERICUH. It is up to Price to collect the four sacred stones of Buddha's left nipple while fighting his way through Russians who have nothing better to do than stop a grizzled Ex-SAS veteran who has the power to never die or get hurt and defeat the evil Gonevchiez in his secret underwater volcano base, that is conveniently located on the moon!

MW4, coming 2013!"

The Artificially Prolonged:
Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset.

I'm calling it now Black Ops 3 in 2014.

Damn it beaten to the mark. Birds fly, fish swim and Activision releases the same game every year with a different number on the end and somehow still make billions from those that keep buying them.

Awesome. So there's still time for Sheppard from MW2 to return with a eye-patch. A hook hand. Because why not?

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