The Walking Dead Finale Trailer Answers No Questions

The Walking Dead Finale Trailer Answers No Questions

No Time Left, the final episode of Season One of Telltale's zombie drama, is due out any second now.

Okay, if you're the sort that absolutely positively cannot afford even the slightest hint of what could be in No Time Left, the final episode in Season One of Telltale's The Walking Dead, do not watch this trailer. Not that there are spoilers in it; in fact, it answers no questions whatsoever. Just consider yourself warned, is all.

The final episode is due out any second now for PSN users, or tomorrow if you happen to own some other device. 'Some other device' includes iOS, for which those of us playing on Apple mobile devices give thanks.

While Telltale has said it wants a second season, there's no way to tell what that's going to be about yet, though presumably there will be dead and the walking thereof. Season One has already been nominated for several VGA Awards, including best voice for both Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett) and Melissa Hutchison (Clementine), so whatever Season Two comes up with, it has big shoes to fill.

Lee and whichever survivors he managed to persuade to join him are on their way to rescue Clementine, the girl Lee has been shepherding through the apocalypse since the first episode. The trailer doesn't go deeply into what happens next, but the zombie herd that was foreshadowed so prominently in Long Road Ahead makes its presence felt. If Lee's doing this solo - as may have happened if none of the survivors joined him - he's got his work cut out for him!

Source: Game Informer


Did you really expect it to?

Well tomorrow for anybody without PSN version...which I think is most of the people.

Why isn't it tomorrow yet?

Can it be tomorrow now?

Can we make that possible? Is there some sort of machine we can use?

The first four episodes of The Walking Dead were absolutely phenomenal, and I hope to God they manage to stick the landing.

That video did kind of have possible spoilers.

The last 4 episodes were amazing and this trailer looked so fuckin' good jesus christ


Okay, I officially need that shit on my hard drive right now.

Hmmm, all this praise for this Walking Dead game almost makes me think it's good and that I might have to check it out.

I am excited, so very, very excited. Can`t wait for this, and i pray to all the gods that it will be amazing.

Must remember to pick up some MS points so tomorrow

Hopefully they'll have fixed some of the bugs as well

Casual Shinji:
Hmmm, all this praise for this Walking Dead game almost makes me think it's good and that I might have to check it out.

It is good and you SHOULD check it out.

Although it's more of an interactive narrative than an actual "game". There are some very light puzzle elements, but other than that its mostly talking to people and action sequences which for the most part are quick time events.

Still, it's AMAZING. This is the first game in a long time that has truly made me completely invested in the characters. Clementine is by far the most well written child character ever made in a game and you truly grow to care about her and want to kill anyone who fucks with her.

And I'm glad it doesn't reveal anything!

I don't play The Walking Dead. But! I hate the fact that all trailers, especially movie trailers, give everything away. As a matter of fact, if you pay close attention, you can figure out the ending just by watching the trailer.

So I'm glad. It's supposed to be a sneak peek, a teaser. Not a dead giveaway.

Does that mean available at 00:00 tonight for other platforms then? cos I'm up all night anyway.

As for spoilers half the things I saw in the trailers for 1-4 never actually happened when I played them anyway so I aint too worried.

For example I doubt Kenny will be offering to sacrifice himself for me in my playthrough.Bloody impossible not to get on his badside.

I fucking hope #ForClementine starts trending :D

Open question to ya'll, which people did you have join you for the last chapter. I had every one cept ben, cause screw that kid. It's been like a year sense the zombie apocalypse and you haven't maned up yet. Hell Clem has maned up more than you. Phew, rant over.

Anyway I'm guessing you need everyone to get the "good" ending.


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