EA DICE Manager: We're Not Just a "Battlefield Factory"

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Since 2003, (the year AFTER the first Battlefield game came out) they have made four games that aren't in the Battlefield series, and three that aren't FPSes.
Mirror's Edge, Midtown Madness 3, Medal of Honor and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.
That is out of 28 games or expansion packs.
Pre-2003, they made 19 games, going back to '92, only one of which was a Battlefield game.
So, you can sort of see why we think DICE is a Battlefield factory.

I'd say he means that they also work on the frostbite engine and possibly even do internal test games (not for public release) to see what can be done with the engine.

To which I say: "So... what CAN you do with the engine that isn't a groundbreaking leap in gunshootery and warfighting?"

Unfortunately, there were audio problems with Patrick Soderlund's mic, so parts of his interview were lost. His full statement was: "We don't want to become a Battlefield Factory. After all, this land isn't zoned industrial. We're really aiming for more of a Battlefield co-op, or a sort of build-your-own-Battlefield shop."

Mirror's Edge 2 or GTFO!

If you are going to make a statement like, "We're not just a Battlefield factory" you better back it up.

Not only are they a Battlefield factory, they've become a generic modern battlefield factory. Give us another WW2 battlefield already.

Better yet, get creative and give us Codename Eagle 2- The granddad of large scale vehicular FPS warfare. You know you want to see more of Battlefield's faster paced crazy predecessor:

Until proven otherwise, DICE is a shooter factory. You had Mirror's Edge, and with a better story a sequel would be quite nice. But all you do is shooters. That is all you ever do, and all you can do properly.

Want to be taken seriously as a game developer rather than a factory production line? Prove yourself to be a game developer, make some new games, don't just remake the same one every year with a couple new guns.

As it has been mentioned multiple times in this thread:

Make something other than Battlefield (preferably Mirrors Edge 2) and then we'll believe you.

Yes yes that's nice. Now get back in the kitchen and make me a BF4 sammich! *cackle*

Apart from Mirror's Edge, that's literally all your company has done since you went from Digital Illusions to EA DICE.

So tell me another one.

For those clamoring about mirrors edge 2. From what I understand the game was a commercial flop. If that is true, then why should they bother with a sequel? Who would be the target audience? There are reasons that a game flops and if it is because no one is interested enough in buying a game, why bother spending money on what may amount to a money sink?


For the sake of argument they make a Mirrors Edge 2 and it again is a commercial flop, no matter how good it may have been I would agree with the idea of no more sequels.

This happens a lot though. At and near launch, which is the time window that EA looks at for sales numbers, people didn't catch on and heard "parkour, short campaign" and the new sales didn't come in. Word of mouth in person and on forums led people to try it, and I'd bet the used sales are crazy. Or even from the steam sales. It took too long, but now people know just what they missed and want more of it.

Tim Schafer isn't a sequel guy but I'm positive a Psychonauts sequel would sell like crazy. Tons of people are clamoring for Beyond Good and Evil 2, even though the sales were horrible. What would really be nice was if publishers looked at the long-term sales numbers the way indie guys do, and not let games do or die in the first month or whatever. I also don't remember much marketing at all for Mirror's Edge, which didn't help much either.

I'm hardly surprised so many others feel the same way I did when I read the title.

If you don't want to be seen as a "battlefield factory" you kinda.. oh I don't know.. release other games?
Seriously, mirrors edge came out how many years now? they've probably released other games but I'll be honest, I only remember them for Mirrors Edge and Battlefield, the former slipping further and further away as time passes.

So, to repeat exactly what everyone else is saying cause we seemingly all feel the same way

Release Mirrors Edge 2 then you dolts, then we might actually remember you for something else *shock horror*

They need to go back to producing the original Battlefield games with massive maps, more varied combat and a mod friendly environment since they have Desert Combat to thank for the current direction the franchise has taken.

Heck, even a mere update of BF42 would be welcome.

The Battlefield game has taken a life of it's own. No matter what EA says, I'm pretty sure they will live in the shadow of Battlefield. Not that it's a bad thing though.

You can so easily imagine EA in the background muttering "Anything you like as long as the next battlefield ships on schedule and sells like sex."

And now I wanna play MirEdg again, too. o.o;

And here I tend to regard them as a pinball simulation factory.
...maybe my focus isn't exactly recent... ;)

Hahahaha... This made my day. Guess Jimquisition was right when they defend their bull shit.

I'll take them seriously when they make a game that isn't in a FPS view. I really wish they would, they may prove to better at something else since I still find all these latest FPS games pathetic.

Definitely would love to see a Mirror's Edge 2. Just seriously, longer. The first was rather short, and if you discounted the last couple of levels which were all about combat (why?!), even shorter still.

I suspect much the reason it was a commercial flop came down to combat-related negative reviews. The first stage was arguably the best, and wasn't there a demo of that? I distinctly recall one reviewer suggesting if you've played the demo, don't bother with the full purchase because you've played the best part.

Some more "mundane" open and free-flowing delivery stages interspacing the major story pieces (give players the choice of three stages to attempt: completing two passes sufficient time until the next tipoff or rendezvous or whatever plot point) would've gone down a treat.

Yeah, when I'm actually playing mirrors edge 2 I'll concede the point Dice.

If they were to make a mirrors edge 2, i'd like to see more freerunning, less shooting, more using your hands and wits to get around enemies and obstacles. The shooting should be reserved for few and far between points.
Also the soundtrack for the first game was incredible, more of that. Seriously,the music when youre climbing the scaffolding to get to the sniping position...

Finally, damn. Been wondering when news of new DICE stuff was gonna show up. Great studio could be making so much more than just Battlefield (........Mirror's Edge 2.......)I'm going to an EXPO later this month where EA and DICE are making an appearance. I'll be sure to coax some more info out of them, just gotta stock up on some more chloroform first.

If they were to make a mirrors edge 2, i'd like to see more freerunning, less shooting, more using your hands and wits to get around enemies and obstacles. The shooting should be reserved for few and far between points.
Also the soundtrack for the first game was incredible, more of that. Seriously,the music when youre climbing the scaffolding to get to the sniping position...

It's unforgettable. This game introduced me to electronic ambient music. Solar Fields made the sound track for Mirror's Edge. Some other good similar artists are Aes Dana and Zero Cult.

Actually, now I think about it some more, a good solution for a Mirror's Edge sequel would involve a game just as short as the original, but with multiple endings to each stage and thus entire alternate versions of stages. Think 20 levels, but unlocking only 10 on your first playthrough. Serendipitously stumbling upon different plot points depending on which path you take that all converge on a single plot climax. Take a violence heavy route through a stage, and the subsequent stages it unlocks are more combat heavy. Focus on parkour, and the stages you unlock are more parkour heavy.

Sadly though, from press releases it seems sadly unlikely we'll ever see a Mirror's Edge 2. A Mirror's Edge Online perhaps, something with Demon's Souls type hands-off multiplayer at best, but not a strictly single player follow up.

If DICE makes Mirror's Edge 2 it will singlehandedly save EA and the entire games industry from utter stagnation.

Is that cry for Mirror's Edge 2 thinly veiled enough for you?

Just make the fucking game already!

Scuttlebutt from RPS says Mirror's Edge 2 is in the works: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/11/21/listen-shut-up-dice-are-not-a-battlefield-factory/#more-132707

Except, after the OXM story did the rounds earlier today, former DICE studio manager, Ben Cousins, tweeted giving the game away on Mirror's Edge 2. He said:

"It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production at DICE."

Color me excited. Hopefully they don't take away all that was interesting and unique about the first Mirror's Edge in exchange for a grey sometimes-parkour-mostly-shooter with a stubbly white guy protagonist.

Longer campaign and a bigger world to run around in is all the first one needed (Maybe replace the animated cutscenes with in engine stuff, but i'd be fine with either).

Well, DICE, how about you put your (EA's) money where your mouth is and make Mirror's Edge 2 then?

(I was going to write this just by reading the title; I'm glad Andy seems to feel the same)


Mirror's Edge 2 then that label might be lifted

Based on your track record, you are. Sorry.

But hey, those Die Hard/Heroic Bloodshed games aren't going to make themselves...

Well I, for one, don't mind whether or not DICE becomes a Battlefield factory (providing, of course, it keeps the company afloat (which appears to be the case so far)). Now, I've loved every Battlefield game I've played (especially the Bad Company series). In fact, I'm still hoping for a Bad Company 3 announcement...but regardless, I've been happy with their work so far. If they maintain the trend of releasing Battlefield games that I enjoy playing while keeping new, different, innovative game releases few and far between, then good for them, I say.

And for the record, no, I have never played Mirror's Edge. Am I likely to play it in the future? Possibly, after all, I did find it interesting at the time of release. Will playing it sway my opinions on DICE's "assembly...liney-ness"? No, it most certainly will not.

Totally agreed they're not just a Battleifield factory - they're a DLC factory. There, I said it.

I really hope they do something else. Mirrors Edge 2 sounds cool.

Off Topic: Battlefield 3 was the worst purchase I ever had. Does not work :(

What's wrong with your battlefield?

OT: I do want Mirrors Edge 2. I recently got Mirrors Edge 1, and while it's not one of my favourite games of all time ever, it's still a nice, flowing game.

But that is exactly what they are...

"The minute we start saying, 'You're going to make a Battlefield game for the rest of your life', they're going to go someplace else,"

Later on, he went on to continue

"which is why we tell them they're making other games and just never release them."

Make ME2 and prove it DICE. You're a lot of talk.

I don't think it has been said enough so Mirror's Edge 2, make it, make it now.
Although I'm afraid that if EA ever allows DICE to make a Mirror's Edge 2 it will have co-op or some other totally unnecessary multy player crap forced into it. But I like to fantasise that it stays single player only, runs on frostbite, has way longer story, less bloom and did I mention no multy.

If DICE makes Mirror's Edge 2 it will singlehandedly save EA and the entire games industry from utter stagnation.

*Snerk* No, it won't.

OT: Right. DICE... Who are you again? Yeah...I only played Mirror's Edge once, so...have fun polishing dem guns!

Since no one else is going to say it, let me just point out that a lot of people would be really happy if you would just make Mirror's Edge 2 for us. Until then, Battlefield is all you have.

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