EA DICE Manager: We're Not Just a "Battlefield Factory"

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yes, please make mirrors edge 2. waiting for it for ages. i will buy it.

Andy Chalk:

"The minute we start saying, 'You're going to make a Battlefield game for the rest of your life', they're going to go someplace else," he continued.

so you're just not gonna SAY it, then.

Wow, How fragile is his ego?

I don't think it matters if he only makes one game series until it loses popularity. It's steady business and means work for the company.

Chatboy 91:
I'll just echo everyone else's opinion, which is the same on I formed the second I read the title:


All they need to do is fix up the combat a bit, maybe flesh out the story some more, and it will be an amazing game. Plus lets face it, a new Mirror's Edge on Frostbite 2 would probably be the prettiest, sexiest, most eye-exploding game of all time.

Nah, kill the story all together. It was nearly the worst story in video games and it messed up the real game.
No dialog in the entire game. Ever. Just elevator signs, news stories and PA announcements.
Stop cops from using assault rifles on unarmed messenger girls ... by shooting her in the back.
Kill the publisher that insisted on helicopter gunships by dropping him from one at 10k feet. Then shoot him. With an assault rifle. Two clips.

Allow third person view.
Allow user to set a mark for their foot to hit and trigger a jump. Then you aren't jumping while being half a yard off the mark because of FPV.

Let the users set goals in the city.
Drop a bag off and have someone else pick it up co-op style (see MP below).
Player A drops a bag after having done a speed run to the end point. Offer it as a run for others, then completed runs can equate to bags held.
User made maps.

Since the miserable bastards at EA cannot think without saying "multiplayer" have relay races.
Hand the bag off to the next guy in your team.
Then run back and get another one.
Run as many teams at once as possible.
User made maps once again. Both abstract and the Shining City.
Allow video capture of same.
No murder or guns. Except when shooting EA personnel. That is always fine.
Have all NPCs wear EA badges. Shooting directly into the badge drops two more EA personnel to shoot. Score!

Sell EA to damned near anybody. Fire that jerk il presidenta and his stinking minions. Scuttle Origin. Become non-evil. Stop making everything suck.

Yeah, that'll do it. More next week. Damn it's Monday morning.
More on Tuesday then.

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