Empire, Jedi Writer Returns to Star Wars

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Just so long as I don't the word midichlorians outside of reference to a pre-Renaissance themed pool party.

Don't read "Darth Plagueis", it's ALL about the midichlorians, they're essential to Star Wars now, blame Lucas. lol According to the book, they conduct the Force inside a living being, Plagueis main plan is to somehow take control over the little bastards... lol

A Smooth Criminal:
I've had constant ups and downs with my opinion on this...

    It started with a down, they were probably going to make another bad starwars movie
    Then an up, with the realization that george lucas wouldn't change anything
    Then another up, when I thought about how Disney doesn't just have a bunch of kids films on its movie list
    Then a down, with the Toy Story 3 guy directing it or something (I don't actually like Toy Story..)
    Then another down, with the rumor that Darth Vader would be coming back, thus disregarding the books
    Now an up, with the writer from the original trilogy doing the writing.

I LOVE the books, but I totally get it if they want to cut around the canon Expanded Universe to fit movies and maybe even rewrite certain parts of the EU (like The New 52); as long as the new movies are good, I don't care.
BUT VADER?! THAT would be stupid to say the least, he was CREMATED, his return would make no sense at all. I think this rumor is BS (not saying you're saying bs, the rumor is).

Soviet Heavy:


If it's going to be a trilogy shouldn't all three movies be written by the same team?

Wouldn't a thing like this make the movies quite inconsistent?

Check out the writing credentials for the Indiana Jones movies. No writer wrote more than one film.

Yes, and it shows: Temple of Doom was dismally bad by comparison to either Raiders OR Last Crusade. So much so that until Crystal Skull came along, it stood aloft as the worst Indiana Jones movie by a very large margin.

Last Crusade, by comparison, brought the franchise to stellar heights well above Raiders.

Now ask yourself: do you REALLY want a new trilogy that goes up and down more than stock prices at the NYSE? The answer of any rational human being should be "no". Because that means that in order to understand the really good movies of the trilogy, you'll be forced to watch the really bad ones. Therefore consistency is the name of the game, you want them to all be good of course, but better that they all come out at a consistent "meh" than to have even one dip its toes into "bad".

I was thrilled to hear they had a good writer for 7, but hearing that they're using the creator of X-Men 3 in another film has raised my skepticism meter once more. That one is right up there with the rumors that Darth Vader might return in the new trilogy, it just makes me ask "Why? Why would you RUIN such a good thing?"

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