Court Told Wikileaks Backlash Cost PayPal £3.5 Million

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LoL, that is a strange statement. It certainly did affect wikileaks because the US government used their power to inhibit people donating to the defense of Julian Assange. I would say that them caving to the US Government like they did very badly affected both Wikileaks and Julian Assange. But some of us are more justice minded than others I guess.

OT: It's amazing what anonymity does to peoples courage. They just weren't anonymous enough. The idiotic thing is when someone takes credit for this kind of thing. If they actually did it anonymously, we most likely wouldn't be seeing this article.


That quote up there, is not me, by the way. They are the words of the person who replied to me on page one, and somehow you've messed it all up and I got the notification.

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