Ubisoft CEO Says Long Console Cycle Stifles New IPs

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Not selling enough copies to please your shareholders? Invent a 95% PC piracy rate. Create the worst DRM since SecuRom.

Not making enough new IP's because you are to busy releasing Assassin's Creed 5 (yes it IS the fifth game)? Blame long console cycles! We all know new IP's can only be made on brand spanking new consoles.

Though if you want so many new IP's why not come back to the PC a platform that changes drastically every few months? Oh yes, you told your shareholders that there is a 95% piracy rate so they won't okay it.

Well Ubisoft... keep digging that hole! Long as Rayman Legends is coming to PC I am all set.

Dishonoured and Sleeping Dogs says Ubisoft can go fuck itself. Consoles limit graphics. With all the advancements in PC components...Skyrim had a metric fuck tonne of stuff missing from Morrowind. Which came out nearly ten years ago.

What really should be said is that developers need better writers. Assassins Creed 3 was arse. Dishonoured was good. No. We don't need new consoles. We need less lazy developers.

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