Wii Mini Proves its Existence, Launches in December

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Wait, they removed GC support? Booo. Only in Canada? Oh. No Wifi? It's a step backwards, but that's not really a deal breaker, since I don't use my Wii online anyway. Weird time to release this, even only in Canada.

Wow, a redesign of a console that's worse than the original hardware? Sounds a bit like the sort of s**t Sony might pull. Oh, wait!

From what I know, the so-called 360 "Slim" is the only redesign of a current gen console that improved on the original, adding in Kinect support, altering/"reducing" the size and losing no original features. The PS3 Slim did away with PS2 support and the Wii with Gamecube and Wi-Fi. Why the heck would I buy one of these latter two new, instead of their larger, more fully featured siblings on eBay?

Okay its official.
Nintendo has lost it.

I get them having lose something to make the rerelease cheaper. But Wifi is one of those functions like... well it would be like removing internal memory or something. BC is okay to drop, all the consoles did and at somepoint you have to wave goodbye and it pushes an oppurtunity to resale (I never said they weren't evil corporate capitalists)

But removing wifi WITH a shrink down? What's next motion controls, SD slots? WHAT? I mean I doubt it had a port for an ethernet cord.
They've handed second hand retailers (Gamestop) a major piece to keep their prices up as their older models have more features.

Well, the current version of the Wii goes for about 70 used, so I don't think I'll pick this up.

That's right.
Cuz if there was ever a problem with the Wii, it's that it was too clunky and huge...

It pains me to admit it, but the first thing that flowed through my brain when I saw this was "Oh my god it's so cute! I must have it!"
And I will have it, just not on launch day, or for quite some time so long as it doesn't become some kinda collectors treasure like the Micro.

When you think about it, this is really sort of a return to the Wii's original design agenda. It was originally meant to be a return to the form and style of the NES and SNES, which both had smaller versions of themselves released close to the end of their console life.

I understand why they're doing it, but the lack of GC support is a total deal breaker for many. The GC did actually have some pretty good games on it and that's going to wound this marketing move....unless they're planning to release GC games to the Wii Shop?

Maybe, but....meh. It's not a surprising move as every company has done this, but I can't say I'm really excited about it either.


This is just sad. It's like watching a puppy run into a glass door over and over again. See, I'm okay with removing the Gamecube compatibility; most new slim models dispose of that one anyway. But built in Wi-fi? Seriously? Even MS learned from their mistakes with their slim 360!

Why would I buy this? If I wanted a Wii, I'll probably look somewhere else for a cheaper version that has better and more useful features than "it's small and pretty". If I wanted a new Nintendo console, I'd consider getting the WiiU since it also plays Wii games and IT'S NEW!

Yeah, it's Canada only, but even so, that's still a pretty dumb move no matter what way you look at it. Hell, a handheld Wii would have been a much better idea (but still dumb since the 3DS is not that old).

And yeah, it's obviously a scheme to make a quick buck because of the holiday seasons and unaware parents. It worked for me when my parents bought me a small SNES right when the 64 was released and I was none the wiser until a couple of years later.

Nintendo, you crazy.

It looks cool but I was also thinking, "what the hell" when I read the review. Nintendo is trying to sell a new console so what do they do? They create a repackaged version of the old one. It's misleading and pointless, especially as the OP points out how someone might accidentally buy one.

Why isn't this called the WiiWii, Nintendo? WHY?!

Man, you people are grasping at straws to rag on Nintendo.

Every console maker releases new versions of their old consoles late in their life cycle. It's nothing new, quite the contrary, it's old hat.

Don't stores sell Wii bundles or just Wii consoles for just that amount already?

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