Xbox Creator: New Consoles Need Apple Experiences

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"Anybody can develop for the platform, certification is a relatively cheap and painless thing, and in the old days of consoles there are all sorts of myths and legends that say that's a bad thing to do. That's why the game business melted down in '84, there was too much junk on the market, but now you've got guys who make games like Fez who can't do an update to their game because it costs too much, if that game was on iOS that wouldn't be a problem, but because it's on XBLA it's a problem."


First problem: it was the Gaming Crash of '83, not '84. Either it was a slip of the tongue or he needs to brush up on the history of the business he's in.
Second problem: it's harder than you think to get stuff approved by Apple.
Third problem: there's just as much crap on the market now except that it's all digital and people usually don't have to wade through it to get to the good stuff.

Well, as expected Apple haters are out in force...

Look, the 'Apple experience' isn't about suing other companies (which every company does these days, by the way), re-releasing new products every year (again, every company does that), etc etc; thats what the Apple corporation side of things. By 'Apple experience' it means user experience: the ridiculously easy-to-use style where even your grandmother can use it with very little learning.

I personally think the gaming market could certainly learn a lot from Apple; having a platform which is easy for content creators to make things on is never a bad thing. Look at how many iOS games there are compared to XBLA/PSN; its no competition in terms of sheer numbers. Sure, a lot of those games may be crap to people like us, but Apple has a MUCH broader market because of that, and for people like us there are also 'hardcore' gems like Infinity Blade. Not to mention the prices, even for DLC titles, are significantly cheaper on the Apple system.

Apple recently sued to get a patent on rectangles with rounded corners. I haven't heard of Samsung or Motorola pulling shit like that. Also, I don't find Apple easy to use at all. The only people I know who feel this way are people who started with Apple computer and rarely, if ever, used another OS or folks justifying the initial purchase. The only thing I'm happy with from Apple is the iPod, and even then that gets hurt by having to use iTunes. I will say that setting up an Apple desktop is a pleasant experience, though.

Anyways, I don't want to have all my products be outrageously overpriced because the competitors are actually making the components to put the thing together and still have a machine that's not nearly as good as the price would make one think. I'm also not a fan of funneling every single thing through something shitty and bloated like iTunes.

I'm not saying that the UIs that the consoles have now is good (the current PSN makes me want to pluck my eyes from my skull), but what he's really saying is the Big Three have some shitty digital publishing practices and it needs to be fixed (not that Apple is great with their apps, IMO (especially compared to Android)). Unless he's thinking that M$ can start charging $1600 for an Xbox because it fits inside something slim.

I don't get how people think anything Apple is easy to use. What one finds easier to use is entirely subjective. I personally think Linux command line is easy to use.

I also find it funny that he brings up the high costs of keeping a game on XBLA as a reason for wanting to do the "Apple experience". Why not just reduce the damn costs? Granted, this may open up to a lot of crap flooding in, though it can't be as bad as some of the stuff they already let onto the XBLA right?

I'm not saying that the UIs that the consoles have now is good (the current PSN makes me want to pluck my eyes from my skull), but what he's really saying is the Big Three have some shitty digital publishing practices and it needs to be fixed (not that Apple is great with their apps, IMO (especially compared to Android)).

This is exactly what I was thinking, they need to fix their online publishing. You always hear stories about XBLA nightmares, but I don't know much of how Sony does their publishing aside from over charging for full digital games and offering little to no competitive pricing.

You also hear a lot of crap about Apples app store, like allowing the publishing of blatant copyright infringement games and that whole thing with Pokemon Yellow. How is Android though? I have an Android phone and I don't usually care much for the whole "app" thing, so it's something I don't pay much attention too.

Related thought, why the hell do people make such a big deal over "apps" anyway? Aside from the asinine "easier to use" argument, a whole butt load of apps is pretty much the only argument I ever hear in Apples favour. What percentage of those apps are even good, you can gloat all you want about having a million apps on your store, but if they're all shit, who cares?

The article linked within this article to talk about how the Xbox isn't doing as hot as it once was, blames sagging console sales.
The thing is, once everyone owns the console, they have no reason to buy another. It's just peak market saturation.

Indeed, at this point in the generation you expect to see sales are not as good as what they once were. And we are. In all three consoles. It's more remarkable when this doesn't happen.

I don't get how people think anything Apple is easy to use. What one finds easier to use is entirely subjective. I personally think Linux command line is easy to use.

I've always found Apple products counter-intuitive, so I'm inclined to agree.



The XBLA Indie game membership comes also with a lot of restrictions. And those restrictions let indie devs choose the other way - the way where they have to pay 40k$ to patch their games.
And those restrictions are rather harsh - most of the indie games on Steam could not qualify through those - "Games must be less than 500 MB." is just one example that makes me cringe.

Fair enough. I just think that Microsoft is already in the process of doing what Mr. Fries thinks they should do. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Microsoft App Hub restrictions change even more towards what Apple's App Store is like, as they seem to be focusing pretty hard on trying to get a bite out of that.


Holy shit somebody actually ninja'd me on the Pippin! :O
You sir win the thread.

Seriously. That's it [/thread]

Aw, shucks. I just remember all the "Apple should try making a console!" rhetoric from right around when I first got here. Until the tragic death of Lance; I had a Pippin as my avatar.

I remember there being a lot of that going on when I first joined too, and every time it came up I'd point to the Pippin and laugh heartily. I never thought I'd get ninja'd on it.

But in all honest no, consoles do not need apple experiences. They need a more focused gaming experience again rather than degrading into shit PC's.

Edit: They should copy Steam more than they should copy Apple so far as digital distribution goes.

Eclipse Dragon:
Knee-jerk reaction: The apple experience... I sure hope not.
So we'll be seeing a new $600 console every year?

$600 for the ISP version, in which AT&T gets to shut off the wifi chip in your ibox whenever it feels like it.

$1000 otherwise.

Oh, and no big TV's. Only 600p resolution.

Evil Smurf:
I agree, they need to look good, be easy to use and last a long time. Also apple marketing is amazing.

*queue the generic apple fanboy number 2937576*

Look good and easy to use are both subjective. How's about going back to the homescreen and then into an options menu to change a single browser setting for user friendliness?

As for last a long time, I've seen more cracked screens and serious damage on Macs, Ipods and Iphones than any other devices... and I mean other smartphone devices, I'm not comparing an Iphone to a Nokia 3310 in durability.

In any case, every UI has its ups and downs. The consoles already have swishy swishy bling bling animated UI's, so I really don't see the point in going more down that route.

Hero in a half shell:

...That's why Fries believes that the Ouya, for which he is currently acting as an advisor...

He's heavily involved in creating a console that does exactly what he claims is holding back the current generation of consoles.

I'll wager this is more marketing's opinion than his own, after all, not only is it bringing publicity for his lesser known console, but a justification for why it does things differently than the current consoles we have, and an explanation of why this is, like, totally better than the consoles that are going to be released man!

So, I got that. It's just that the Ouya is a bad comparison to the iPhone. The design basis behind the Ouya is to free developers from constraints while the design basis for the app store is to constrain developers as much as possible (and blatantly steal from 3rd party developers). The closest console in comparison to the iPhone would be the old NES or SNES with Nintendo's "Seal of Quality". Thus I believe this guy really just loves his iPhone way too much, because he is making the entirely false comparison in order to liken his product to something he has a deep, unhealthy passion for. Seriously, I get the impression some guys have more interest in apple products than they do in sex.

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