Battlefront III Died Just Inches From the Finish Line

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Whenever I see anything about this almost-game, I have a short moment of silence for its unjust death.


But still, man oh man, the game's probably still in some LucasArts server somewhere, right? Disney, you guys can release it, right? You guys like money after all, right? Throw us a bone or something! Hell, you could make it a tie-in to the new movies coming out for Chrissakes! Just add some levels based on battles in the upcoming movie and BAM you got a game that quite literally prints money! can only hope, I suppose...

I'm pretty sure I've heard this before...a while ago.

You should link back to that old article you guys ran about what happened between LucasArts and the devs. It was some really messy stuff. LucasArts is a bunch of heartless bastards.

From the sounds of things about this development cycle, Free Radical started work when Hayden Blackman was still in charge of Lucasarts. I really respect him. He's a great storyteller, and he had a real enthusiasm for the Star Wars Universe.

...Which is why when he stepped down from the company, everything went to shit, with the Rogue Squadron sequel getting canned, Battlefront 3 resulting in Free Radical being ground into dust, and Blackman's own pet project, the Force Unleashed Trilogy, getting cut down to two games, and the second one having half its content removed before shoving it out the door.

And for everyone saying "Now that Disney is in control, maybe we'll see something new!", forget about it.

Disney is just the parent company. The senior staff of Lucasarts has not been fired or moved. They just answer to Disney rather than Lucas. Nothing will change until they get rid of the senior staff.

Oh man it got the Star Fox 2 treatment... that's just brutal. I wonder if we're going to see a leaked version of the game come out, or if it's just gone for good.

You should link back to that old article you guys ran about what happened between LucasArts and the devs. It was some really messy stuff. LucasArts is a bunch of heartless bastards.

Especially when the studio didn't pay the devs for 6 months due to the preffered choice of the higher ups while the devs just sat there and watched the project wither to dust.

I'll be honest just hearing about the whole situation made me really sad knowing they were actually trying to make it happen but as usual someone higher up got too mighty for his boots and broke our dreams and replaced them with this.

I suppose there's still hope that Disney can see the terrible mistake of letting this game die and rectify it and rebuild our hopes of it becoming a reality once more.

captcha "push on"

Damn right I'm doing that.

Time to dig up that unreleased trailer free radical made before it got shelved.

Playful Pony:
Will you please stop trying to make us cry over spilled milk?! We know and we're pissed about it, but what can we do!

Spilled milk? More like spilled flesh eating acid. All over our faces.

That said, as much as I loved the first two games, I can't help but think that if a Battlefront III is ever made, it won't live up to expectations.


That damn close to having Battlefront 3. That damn close.

I wonder what the 'financial reasons' were.

I just forgot there's still hope people since BFII is still on steam and in turn still has some multiplayer going for it so when I get my new desktop I'm going to play me some BFII online with my gamepad to remember the good times.....before the Empire.

So... what actually happened to get it cancelled?

It's one thing to bin a prospective project, but you would think that the publisher, having already spent the money to get the thing made, would want to get it on shelves rather than mothball it.

You underestimate the stupidity of corporate management, especially after/during transitions.

You know it just occurs to me- Battlefront 3 cancelled at 99% - made by a team including Steve Ellis.

the official Rare Goldeneye HD remake for XBLA cancelled at 100% - made by a team including Steve Ellis.

The guy just can't catch a break.

Every damn bit of news I hear about this game just upsets me further. I loved Battlefront II.

Is LucasArts are afraid of money and success? I'm not sure there has been any good Star Wars games this console generation.

Hopefully Disney turns things around.

But hey, at least we got Star Wars Kinect, right? Right!?

Hey come over here. In this dark alley. I need to talk to you

Way to open an old wound and soak it in salt and alcohol. Just what we all needed.

I can't, well won't, say what I think of this. Loved the first two games. Hopefully there are a few gamers hiding out at Disney. I'm sure they could use new management at Lucasarts...

I wonder if the game information still exists somewhere so that it could actually be finished.

Remember Disney took up the Star Wars thing, and so far they haven't really been screwing around with it. We might actually see a slightly galvanized age of Star Wars very soon. Maybe even better than that, even though I should actually remain skeptical.

Wait... the game was 99% done and they just cut it loose?

The logic behind this is baffling :/

Someone who likes making money can buy the IP/assets then sell it. Someone should start a kickstarter and get crack'n on the IP rights transfer.

I just dont see how a game 99% complete gets canned for financial reasons. Wouldnt it make more sense to release the game? Especially when this game would have almost been assuredly a huge success making them tons of money. The Battlefront series was never a low-selling series, i mean these games made bank, and are widely considered the most successful Star Wars games, with maybe the exception of the first Force Unleashed. I dunno, I guess I shouldnt try and apply reason to a company that everyone keeps implying was under dead-brain management.

Every piece of information that gets revealed about this game just seems designed to make me more and more enraged...

Stop it. It hurts. Oh god, it hurts.

Every time more information is released about how horrible the death of this game was, I also die a little bit inside.

99% and not released? That would be like saying, well, so far you've collected $99,999.94, if you can find six more cents in the next 24 hours, you'll win a million bucks!!!! and then responding with "I just can't be bothered with that, what ever..."

Hell, all thru out the ages of game development, with games companies going bankrupt released games that were only 90%+ish complete.... and hope the community can corrects the short comings, or at least enjoy some what of the work and time put into the game.

Something else is going on, somebody else in charge must have had a better financial gain not to release the game.

This is sad news and all...but I've never understood the rabid desire for this game. It would have been fun, just like 1 and 2 were...but it seems like with how much I hear about this lack of a sequel, the first two games should've probably sold a little better.

Anyone have a link to the video that's mentioned in the article? I haven't heard of it 'til now.


Someone has to have all the data for the game.

There's an internal beta out there somewhere. A playthrough online (I forget where I saw) showed off an hour of footage from the beta. It was incredible - you could seamlessly exit a capital ship and fly down to a planet before getting out and taking part in a ground war.

Really, this is just par for the course for Lucasarts. After I heard them can most of TFU2's dev team, I knew it was the beginning of the end for them. They won't recover until the entire management side is purged.

I've seen that internal beta, but the problem is it was nowhere near '99% finished'. It was missing art and sound assets, the lag was abominable, it was glitchy as fuck - i'd say it was 75% or 80% finished. But not 99.

I...I just don't know what to say. It would have been KotOR II'd. We would have fixed it. IT WAS DONE. ALL THE MONEY AND TIME YOU THREW AWAY. HOW FUCKING STUPID NOT TO RELEASE IT AFTER ALL THAT.

Why in fuck would you do this? You're sitting on a shippable product, you've already sunk god knows how much money into it, and you just DON'T SELL IT?

They should have put what they had up on torrents

They were getting canned anyway.

Though Disney, do the right thing, boot this back up!

Not interested in the game, but I agree. Spending all that time slaving over something that will never see the light of day.... Someone needs to be punished, & it's not the developers.

This... this is the sadist thing I have ever seen (video game related). I think I'll mourn by playing Battlefront II again. Good times

Well, one more of my hopes dies today. Thanks, Escapist.




How? How?! can 'financial reasons' become such an issue that the game gets canned, at the point where all that's needed is a fucking bug test before the game is ready to ship. How can that cost too much... HOW?!

There is no circle of hell that burns hot enough for you LucasArts.

If that 99% ever gets leaked we can get a fan made version! Or at least a version with fan bug fixes. Everything else sounds complete.

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