EA Adds Preorder Bonuses to Dead Space 3

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Blind EA hate. I have Origin, and my computer has yet to burst into flames. The last I checked, it was actually better than Steam in a number of regards although it was missing some features. (Didn't have a screenshot feature, was more stable than Steam, etc)

Funny, I've had more instability issues with Origin in the past year than I have with Steam in the past five.

But, I suppose that's the nature of PC gaming. When you have a software environment filled with thousands if not millions of architecture/hardware variants, issues are inevitably going to pop up.

I guess there's some truth to the phrase, "Individual experiences may vary."

Guy Jackson:


Guy Jackson:
Thanks but I'll be fine with my trusty plasma cutter. We go back a long way.

And the Line Gun. All hail the Line Gun.

Pfft! The line gun is a plasma cutter FOR GURLZ ;-)

Ah hell no, that can't be a possible insult my Line Gun. Me and him, man, me and him go way back, we're buds.

I remember this one time me and him were just riding along in the neighborhood, he got this new ride and I got this awesome CD, and then we were attacked by Necromorphs. We fought through 'em, man, we made it through rough times.

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