XCOM Goes to Hong Kong in New DLC

XCOM Goes to Hong Kong in New DLC

XCOM: Enemy Unknown's Slingshot DLC takes you on a new set of Council missions.

If you fancy a bit of Hong Kong action mixed in with your alien invasion, the new Slingshot DLC pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown will delight you. These linked Council missions allies your forces with a Triad operative, in a race to stop the Sectoids from doing whatever it is they're up to in that massive flying thing they've got circling above China.

Slingshot features three new maps tied to the Council missions, as well as your mysterious Triad contact with his "unique story and voice," according to the 2K release. Plus you get hats! Who doesn't like hats?

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, for those who somehow missed its release earlier this year, is a turn-based strategy game in which you - as the Commander - try not to get your troopers blown away by Thin Men or beaten to death by Berserkers, as you battle it out with alien invaders in a last-ditch attempt to save the planet. This latest DLC will set you back $6.99 (PS3, PC), or 560 Microsoft points.

Source: 2K Games


The DLC is apparently only 3 new missions, and you have to restart your entire game to even activate it.

While it does look cool and apparently has a map that actually looks like China (as opposed to generic forest and generic buildings), I don't think it's worth $7. I might buy it, but it doesn't really contain much extra.. and doesn't really add to the game.

Post I wrote in different thread earlier:

Seeing as I've put over 150 hours into this game and still love it to pieces, it is surprising that I find myself so incredibly disinterested in this DLC. I was REALLY hoping for more! This just feels malplaced and generally uninteresting.

Also, why even bother having different voices when they all sound the same? I never even bother changing the voices when I customise my soldiers since its either angry-sounding american or slightly less angry-sounding american. Give us voice-packs, new maps, new weapons, new alien-types etc etc. Not just 3 unskippable missions and some already-customised soldier I will never use.

Also PLEEEAAASSEEE pretty please make all cutscenes and all dialogue in the game skippable. I am SOOOO tired of having to sit through every in-mission dialogue everytime I play the game again. Yes I have SEEN that the aliens do horrible things to people, I remember you commenting on it the last 15 times I played the game Doctor, perhaps you dont have to zoom in on the barely discernable pods and talk about it for 30+s this time?

Now China will be in our debt in a good way :P

I was really expecting a lot more out of the Xcom DLC

Well I agree that this DLC does not add all the much I would not worry to much as it comes from fraxis who, if civ is any indication, releases a lot of small nickle and dime DLC, but that is because they still do full expansion packs. So I am going to wait for that and possibly pick up the small stuff when is has a bulk deal.

Does the new X-Com use appropriately designed levels that at least make a fair attempt at looking like the country they are supposed to represent? I saw a let's play of a mission in Egypt, and frankly, "Egypt" looked like your everyday European/US suburb. This is something that puts me off the game.

I know that the original X-Com wasn't any better, but in 2012 I do have some expectations for a 50€ game.

No! Bad 2K Games!

This is NOT what you should be adding to an XCOM game. What makes it so good is it's re-playability, which comes from it's variation each time you play. XCOM should not have fucking sidequests! Linear mission sets completely detract from what makes the game fun.


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