Fire Emblem: Awakening Gets Tactical on February 4

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Grenge Di Origin:

A Smooth Criminal:
Wrong. This game isn't the first one that allows you to marry and have children. Fire Emblem Thracia 776 was the first game that allowed characters to fall in love and have children. They removed the feature in later games and instead opted for simply allowing characters to fall in love, having some of them marry at the end.

Also wrong. It was Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu that had it.

Thracia 776 was a "mid"quel that took place during Seisen no Keifu to show Leaf Faris Claus' side of the story, up until the start of Seisen no Keifu's chapter 9.

But Sarah LeBoeuf does need to get her facts straight. The "generation" system has been done before in the series.

Also, if Nintendo's announcing a special edition Fire Emblem 3DS like they did in Japan, I'm preordering it.
Here's an unboxing video:

Here's the supposed American boxart for the game itself:
And here's what the GameFaqs boards say is arguably the best song from the game:

This 3DS made me nearly jizz my pants but I stopped in time to realize that it'll never reach me and I can't even import it because of the stupid region lock :c

But, damn I'm so happy that the game is soon upon us (even though I have to wait two more months... again because I can't import it 8C)

I never heard of those first two games though. Were they Japan only?

Unfortunately yes.

Fortunately, you can easily play them with the story (mostly, if not completely) and menus translated with English patches, found here.

Seisen no Keifu is the 4th Fire Emblem to be released, and has HUGE maps, with multiple castle checkpoints in each chapter. The story's very sophisticated and one of the better Fire Emblem stories in recent memory. The gameplay is pretty much "move all your units across the map, overpower the enemy's armies easily, take down the castle boss, conquer, rinse repeat". Pretty simple gameplay, but when you look at the love/generation system, and being able to hook up the female units with males and have their unit skills/weapons passed down to them in the 2nd half of the game, you can find a lot of fun in the customization potential.

Thracia 776 is the 5th Fire Emblem to be released (and the last Fire Emblem game to be produced by series veteran Shouzou Kaga). It's a Fire Emblem that introduces multiple mechanics and expects the player to be adept with them. It's the first in the series to feature rescuing, and the only to feature Capturing (it's like attacking an enemy, but when you defeat them you "rescue" them, and you can freely take the enemy's weapons/items) and Fog of War (except here the maps are completely blacked out instead of giving you a layout of the map). You have a lot of other different aspects of the game that may catch you off-guard on your first playthrough, such as the Fatigue system (if your units perform actions such as attacking or rescuing, their fatigue builds up, and when it reaches their limit, they won't be able to participate in the next chapter) Escape chapters (which, if any units are still on the map before your main character escapes, those units are pretty much left behind) and enemy reinforcements on the start of the Enemy phase. It has been commonly known as one of the most difficult Fire Emblem games, difficult in that you can have all of your units at their most powerful and, due to the genius level design, still have them defeated.

Message me if you're considering playing through Thracia 776, if you want a full-out explanation of the mechanics you need to watch for.

Arcadian Legend:

Wow. Nary a negative Nintendo post in sight! How rare and unexpected escapist community. Gold star. And yes fire emblem is king.

"Edit" Now if nintendo has only 3 franchises (mario, metroid, and zelda) that they milk to death, maybe this can shut them up! Everyone forgets fire emblem when they bitch about nintendos milking machines.

Metroid gets milked to death? O.o Pokemon would be a better example I think.

Its what the haters say, not what actually happens. Whenever there is an anti nintendo post saying that all nintendo does is milk their franchises to death over and over again, they always bring up those 3.(Because all nintendo ever does is milk those three and make casual crap according to them) The haters never mention fire emblem or animal crossing or the other first party Nintendo games. I hope people remember fire emblem when they consider talking about nintendos milking habits. Considering there is a pokemon theme park in japan, I'd agree its milked more than metroid but that isn't hater logic.

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