Time Lists Top Ten Videogames of 2012

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What the fuck is Papo & Yo?

An artsy 3D platformer puzzle game for the PS3. From what I played of the demo, it's okay, if a bit too heavy-handed in it's message and symbolism for my tastes. :\

OT: Good list for the most part, but I have to question the inclusion of a port of a four year old game that everybody has already forgotten about... If I had my say, I would replace that with either Spec Ops: The Line or Mass Effect 3 (two of the most important games of this year, both of which are surprisingly absent from the list). :P

>Top Ten Videogames of 2012
>Little Big Planet


Was thinking that about Xenoblade Chronicles, I remember I got that sometime in 2011 when it came out... but then again I suppose the US got it late, but my point remains valid...

My top ten... I don't even think I playd 10 games that came out this year... um... Resi 6, AC3, Blops 2, Doorfighter (god that was awful...)... um... see I forget what came out in the spring, the seasons with the game industry are dumb we should have a "gaming year" running from September through April or something...

OT: Best game I played this year was Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Wouldn't all be my picks, but at least it seems like a well explained and honest list.

This list is severely lacking in Mass Effect 3, Journey, and Borderlands 2.
Spec Ops: The Line probably deserves a spot from what I've been hearing/reading, but having not played it (yet) I don't really feel comfortable saying so.

It does and doesn't. It deserves a spot for the oustanding atmosphere and brilliant story telling. It's actually fresh and different in those regards and genuinely weighs the player down with progressively worsening feelings of remorse as they play.

Gameplay is pretty standard fare though, whizzbang shooter cover chest high wall fun. It works, but it's hardly ingenious or anything.

But the story is brilliant.

OT: Also played KH:3D, Mario 3D Land, Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (which is fucking awesome), pokemon.

Oh! OH! I got one they missed: Sleeping Dogs. Sleeping Dogs was GotY if you ask me, only thing where I played the demo and thought "I must have this.".

Glad to see Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles get recognition, they totally deserve it.

couldnt agree more.
also they need Walking Dead on that list. than id be happy.

No 'The Walking Dead' is a travesty in my opinion. I'm struggling to say anymore than that, I don't know half of these games, how amazing would it have been if 'Katawa Shoujo' was on there? (I know, it'd never happen.)

Huh. That's an..interesting list, to say the least. It's better than most lists so far, and it seems like a very personal list at that.

Seeing guild wars 2 on #1 made me way happier than I thought it would.


Oh god I'm a fanboy D:

A Vita version of a four year game? You do realise LBP Vita is actually a different game, not a port, right? The story is completely new, as are the characters, the costumes, and all the levels. Additionally, it has all that touch functionally and an updated level creator. It is in no way just a Vita version of a four year old game, it's entirely new, and I think it deserves the nomination.

Should a PS Vita release of a four-year-old game take precedence over, say, an experimental success like Dear Esther

Considering LittleBigPlanet Vita is an entirely new game, not a remake, and Dear Esther isn't even a fucking game, yes.

Uh, Minecraft came out in 2011.
Unless you're talking about the 360 version, why that would be anyone's game of the year I don't know.

ME3 should be in its place, and AC3 should be in the garbage can.

No Call of Duty <Yearly Release> ?

Faith in Humanity... well not restored, but recovered quite a bit there.

Still, a bit saddened Walking Dead is not on the list, Far Cry 3 might also deserve a spot there, maybe, still having a look at it myself. But that's about as far as my gripe with this list goes.

Maybe GW2 is at #1 because it's ~200-400+ hours of MMORPG gameplay, has a metric shit-ton of content, 8 unique professions, weekly/monthly events and all of this costs $60.

Again, $60.

Treat it like a singleplayer RPG game (forget that it's an MMO) and just do ONE playthrough, you'll still get at least 100+ hours of crazy RPG exploration fun.

Hm... Only things that jump out at me are that I'd have AssCreed 3 FAAAAR away from this list, it certainly wasn't 'bad' but it definitely doesn't deserve any "best of" recognition.
I'd put ME3 on the list, I've always said that much as a love the series, from a design perspective it gets way the hell too much praise, but It's one of the few series around of its kind, so it could probably find its self at the back of the list at least. I'd put Dishonored and XCom further towards the front along with the addition of Journey.

What the fuck is Papo & Yo?

^This. What the flying fu*k? I didn't even know about this game's existence..

Far Cry 3....best implementation of stealth mechanics I've seen in a first person game thus far...

I take it you haven't played Thief?

On topic: Actually not a bad list.

I had no idea that a cheaper game is automatically better than a full price game. I guess they just wanted to diversify the list by adding an ARPG in there and couldn't think of a better distinguishable feature from TL2 and Diablo 3.

I'm also a little surprised that Borderlands 2 isn't in there at all because that's a solid game.

Not that I agree with everything here, but this is the best list I've seen so far. At this point, I can dig just about anything that doesn't put CoD at #1 automatically just because, even if it's only been out a week.

Anyhow, mine would be:

10) XCom: Enemy Unknown
9) Assassin's Creed 3
8) Borderlands 2
7) The Walking Dead
6) Journey
5) Minecraft
4) Mass Effect 3
3) Halo 4
2) Spec Ops: The Line
1) Dishonored

better than any list gamespot or ign has made in the last 15 years. we can argue our opinions but overall it is a solid title list considering the year we have had. nothing on there is totally out of left field. good job time.

Have you seen the list of nominees for IGN's "Game of the Year?" It's pretty solid.

OT: The fact that they include smaller titles like Papo & Yo and Torchlight 2 shows me that Time actually cares about video games. They aren't just half-assing it to stay relevant. So, nice going Time.

Huh. That's an..interesting list, to say the least. It's better than most lists so far, and it seems like a very personal list at that.

Isn't that what all top 10's are?

The list seems quite good. I haven't played all of the games on the list, and I disagree with some of the choices (I think that AC3 should not be on the list, and that if Halo 4 is on the list, which it may deserve to be, although I agree with it being low on the list, Borderlands 2 should be higher), but overall it seems well informed and realistic.

If anything, I'm just happy not to see Black Ops 2 on the list.
I can see points for almost everything on the list. So at least it's not like the Spike awards.

No Persona 4: Golden? Walking Dead? Journey?


How disappointing.

And, ummm..... Little Big Planet was released in 2008. Surely they mean Little Big Planet Vita or Karting?

I'm really surprised with how many people would put Mass Effect 3 on the top ten list for 2012. After all of the hate the game received for its ending I don't believe it deserves a place there regardless of how good the rest of the series was. To this day I still haven't reinstalled it on my computer after beating it the first time, and I rarely ever uninstall games.

I know they released an extended cut designed to made the ending less poorly written, but to me at least the damage was already done, and the one thing I trusted Bioware to do, write a good story, fell through.

Ok, no matter your opinion on Halo and whatnot, what the actual fuck is LittleBigPlanet doing there?

Why would Minecraft be suggested for going on the list? It left beta November last year right? :S

Sadly, I've played so few 2012 games that I doubt I'd be able to form a top 5, let alone a top 10. That said I hope to pick up Halo 4, XCOM, and perhaps Torchlight 2 when studies settle down.

Huh, wow... no Blops 2.

I don't play those games but I expected to see it in that list.

Of all the top 10 lists I've seen from big companies, this is (surprisingly) the one I find most agreeable. It's got a healthy mix of genres and experiences and for the most part, I think it's well chosen.

GW2 is dangerously close to becoming my favourite game of all time and may eventually mark the first time I hit the level cap in an MMO (I've never had one keep my interest long enough before).

What? Someone writing for Time has an Opinion?

Get me the fucking phone, WE NEED TO TELL THE PRESIDENT!

They didn't reveal much about their Criteria for adding things to the list or for how they ranked them so I don't think there's much to argue about.




They're either talking about LittleBigPlanet Karting, or LittleBigPlanet Vita. My money's on the latter.

I didn't even know there was a kart racer of LBP.

And the vita version? Does that really count, it's a port right?

Yeah, the Karting game was made by United Front Games, the same guys who made Modnation Racers. And the Vita Version isn't strictly a port, as it added some new functionality to use the touchscreen and the gyroscope and whatnot. Didn't pay too much attention to it, seeing as the Vita hasn't exactly grabbed my interest.

So what you are saying is that any console game that gets translated to the PC doesn't count if they added functionality to use a keyboard and mouse? Adding a small amount of new functionality or content does not stop a wholesale translation of a game from one platform to another from being a port. A port is a port. I've never played LBP so I couldn't speak to any of its other merits, but I still wouldn't qualify it as a new release. Might as well consider Greatest/Platinum Hits rereleases as a new releases.

There were plenty of great new releases and new IPs to put in a top ten of 2012 list. And ultimately, why are we even bothering with a videogame top ten list from TIME? As far as I knew they didn't even have videogame reporters.


Yey, TL2 got recognition! :D

I would never put GW2 at #1 though.

And yet you didn't make the list, Time's writer did. And the game is worthy of the #1...not only worthy of, but also winner of it as well.

No Top Ten list of 2012 is complete without at least a mention of Telltales The Walking Dead imo.

Also, Guild Wars 2 at number 1. I laughed so hard I cried.

Laugh all you want, but you're only laughing at your own opinion. Guild Wars 2 is the best MMO to release all year, and honestly the best game to release all year. Content vs. value, for $60 and without a subscription it's the best valued game because of how much there is for players to do within it.

So you criticize them for having opinions but then you give your own like it's complete objective fact. Wow.... I haven't seen such blatant fanboyism on this site in a while.

OT: Decent list IMO. There are a lot of games on the list that I haven't played yet but I would definitely take away ACIII, Little Big Planet, The Last Story, and Halo 4. I would add Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead.

Holy shit, a Top Ten List that's actually interesting.

Honestly, when I see videos or articles about "Top Ten Games of X Platform" or "Top Ten Music in Games" or "Top Ten Games of X Year!" I always count the ones that are going to be on the list because they always make a list.

I can't tell you how many "Top Ten Gaming Music" videos end with Zelda at #1. Yeah, it's a great theme. Can't we disqualify it from the list BECAUSE everyone knows it's great and doesn't need anymore blowjobs?

To me, good Top Ten lists are the ones with results you'd never expect to see. I didn't expect to see Halo 4 or Guild Wars 2 on the list, let along Guild Wars being #1. I kinda want to talk about games with the guys at Time now, they seem like an interesting bunch.

Anyway, my Top Ten for 2012 (December 1 2011 to November 30 2012) is as follows:

10. Borderlands 2
9. Mass Effect 3
8. Spec Ops The Line
7. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
6. Poacher
5. Dark Souls
4. Call of Duty Black Ops 2
3. Baldur's Gate
2. Star Wars The Old Republic
1. Darksiders 2

I'm so glad that ME3 didn't make the list. Its a good game (mostly), but there is just so many missteps and forced paths; it wasn't a good game to what ME1 and ME2 lined up for ME3 to follow. And the ending... you know Bioware(EA) missed hard with their flagship game can't even get into a decent top ten list.

*high five*

agreed, as much as i did enjoy playing some multiplayer with it, the single player was just utter garbage in so many instances that it didn't remotely feel connected to the first two games, and that ending alone knocked it out of any top 10 game lists I have.

No idea what the fuck papa & yo is but all the other games i've heard great things about, GW2 might not be #1, but it's probably the best release this year for an mmo, so I don't mind they put it in that spot.

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