I Can Has Cats Design Contest Lets Grumpy Cat Judge You

I Can Has Cats Design Contest Lets Grumpy Cat Judge You


Turning your favorite lolcat into a shirt could win you $2,500 in WeLoveFine and Cheezburger's design contest.

If you have cats, you might think yours are the greatest felines of all time (and rightfully so). Even if you're not a cat person, you've undoubtedly stumbled upon some humorous photos of internet-famous kitties while perusing your favorite websites and social networks. Cats are everywhere (and possibly planning your demise), and now you can finally profit from them. The online pop culture apparel shop WeLoveFine is teaming up with Cheezburger.com for the I Can Has Cats Design Contest, with a grand prize up to $2,500 and a chance to see your shirt design added to WeLoveFine's inventory. Of course, to win you'll have to impress the judges, Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh and Tardar Sauce (better known as Grumpy Cat).

The contest is open now and runs until 11:59 PM PST on December 11, with 86 designs submitted as of this writing. "Whether they are part of Cheezburger.com's extensive (and hilarious) LOLCats archive, or a regular staple on your Tumblr feed, or an actual silly, awesome cat that belongs to YOU," pretty much any cat image can be used in your shirt entry. If you're looking for inspiration (or just want to see more cats), you can check out the current entries, which currently include ninja cats, Portal cats, and appearances by many prolific cat memes.

Once you're ready, you can submit your design through the contest page, which also has additional prize information. Judging begins on December 12 and will run until January 20, with winners being announced on January 23, 2013. Good luck, cat people!



OT: Eh, don't really see the point in it, I know how to make my own shirt prints, so I see no real reason to give my designs to cheeseburger.


Awesome, another grumpy cat thread! >:D

OT: If I had any graphic design skills I'd be all over this >.>

WLF sells other things than pony merch?! (I kid of course).
They've contests all the time for designing shirts, other clothing things and other oddities and ends. Would be worth the time to try for the artistic umung the escapists.

BTW, Macro images arn't gona cut it here people.

We definitely need a grumpy cat red button. I want to see that all the time!

We definitely need a grumpy cat red button. I want to see that all the time!

I would abuse the shit out of that button. Oh and did'n't you know grumpy cat is always judging you?

that cat can see my soul...

I loves it so much <3

Is there something I haven't been informed of here? Everyones avatar is Tard.
EDIT: Oh God. Even mine.

posting in a thread that has grumpy cat avatars.
btw whats up with the grumpy cat? when did that got to be big? i been disconnected too long [plugs his brain in]
ahh thats better.
ok, i got nothing.

While I love grumpy cat I am getting tired of the overexposure, I was sick in bed last week and did nothing but look at funny pictures and my god, he is everywhere...

Tardar sauce is best cat, this contest makes me wish I had a cat to take pictures of...

Also the avatar swapping powers of this thread are amazing.


Something we can all relate to. Been my wallpaper for some time!
Not intrested in the contest though.

I'm gonna break the Grumpy Cat trend.....with a drug cat! image

Anyways, I don't think I would do this, like the first poster said, why give designs to them?


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