U.S. Congress Opposes United Nations Internet Treaty

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I know that there's a reason behind their choice other than just being pro-internet (SOPA and PIPA afterall), but still....


more surprisingly, IT WAS THE RIGHT CALL!!!!


Even if they only did it so they can censol the Internet themselves, this is a good thin for the time being.

The internet is inherently global, so as long as it's not globally controlled, it can alays be free.

Thank god for that!

Good job boys and girls!

After the whole rebellion of SOPA/PIPA, they're being rational?

Seems like they're trying to play nice... -_-

I'm actually a little stunned. A unanimous vote, across both houses and parties? Is that even possible nowadays?

If you can actually get all of the legislators from both parties to vote against an idea, it must have been so bad an idea that a 5 year old could have seen it.

It's not about good or bad ideas with congress it's about where the money is coming from and where it's going after the fact.

My skepticism is whispering to me that the main reason behind such unanimous agreement is this part (from the previous article):

It says that by wresting control of the internet from U.S. companies ...

The bill still sounds kindof dodgy though, not as bad as some of the proposed bills, but still concerning. Ah well, a good decision perhaps.

As a wise man once said better the evil you know than the evil you don't know.

What do you mean the American Congress did something good?


this, so much this. congress is full of ass hats owned by special interest groups, they're aren't supposed to 'help' the country, even tangentially...

The internet has contributed more than anything in existence to creating democracies and an environment where people can find any information they want about the world. It's not like 30 years ago where someone born in a strict socially conservative country couldn't even imagine what freedom is like, they can see it on videos by talking to people across the world and by opening their eyes to the greatest achievements ever known, all through one medium.

I think China's censoriship really shows off how a country that tries to shut off the area of the internet that it doesn't like will just draw more interest to a touchy subject and ultimately cause a backlash on itself.

Well I'll be. Not only did the U.S. government see it for the crap that it was, but there wasn't a single moron in Congress to think it was a good idea....Gives me hope we're not TOTALLY screwed.....yet.


Cheers America!

Another silly internet control plan foiled... We're safe, until someone comes up with another, inevitably.

*announcer voice*:Those plotters have been foiled for now but who knows who what dastardly plans they are concocting. Tune in next week for another exciting episode of

The Internet vs. The World.

Well, I'm happy that this was the outcome reached. If it was a totally unanimous decision, all the better.

I know that they're not opposing this for completely altruistic reasons, no politician ever does anything without some ulterior motive, but seeing as how this decision is the one most beneficial to us, I'm not about to object to it too loudly.

This situation turned out well, and in the end, the result is all that really matters, in this case, anyways. Not the motives, not the second guessing, just the right call.


cricket chirps:
Proud to be an American *Salutes*

Just remember though, the US government was quite happy with the idea of corporate censorship of the internet via SOPA/PIPA allowing anyone to be cut off from it and sued without trial and minimal proof...

I would point you back to the first half of my post "This is the only time i will say this"
Trust me, i'm no proud American.

Congress unanimously agree on something?

I guess the Mayans were right after all.

Wait, did I sleep through a massive political coup or something? If there's a wrong decision to be made with regards to the Internet, Congress usually supports it.

I'm so confused.

Happy, but confused.

If the U.N. is good for anything it's bringing Countrymen together... to hate on the U.N.

Good concept, poor execution, much like Star Wars episodes 1 & 2 (Sorry. I didn't have anything better. Maybe Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?)

Sadly this isn't because they feel the internet should stay free but because they want the control themselves, so it's only great as long as the control freaks are going at each other and really bloody bad when someone wins.

With more rights to free speech than nearly every country in the world I think we should all be thankful that the internet was created and is mostly controlled by the US. Sure the US has its problems and we can all bitch about them but we ARE able to bitch about them. I like the internet as it is(with only a few patent, copyright and corporate lawyer bullshit exceptions).

Excuse my language, but what a f*cking twist. Stephen King couldnt have written this. I mean, America? The great US of A, where i was born, and have lived my entire life, saying "No", to having control over the internet? Im speechless really.

Though i cant help but feel its because they have some dark, hidden, evil agenda that involves sacrificing virgins (en masse of course), to some evil long forgotten god. Of course i could just be paranoid.

You know there is that one person who you think you have figured out then they do something completely out-of-left field...well that just was the US Congress O.o, even more amazing is..they ALL ACTUALLY AGREED ON SOMETHING O.O

US does not want to give away its control of the internet police to internetional organization.
didnt we all kinda expect that anyway?

I don't want to be pessimistic, but couldn't it be just an American attempt to reduce "control" of chunks of the Net in sensitive countries like Iran and China? I somehow doubt both parties both came to the conclusion that SOPA, PIPA and ACTA are all ridiculous shenanigans. I'm sure there's ulterior motives behind this.

Altruism, this is not.

It involves Congress, anyone who thinks the motivations were altruistic are either very naive or some sort of drooling moron.

Still, I'd prefer a free internet due to selfish motivations than a police-state internet.

The only reason any government has to get involved in the internet is for control. You don't exactly see congressmen traipsing around any other public gatherings, but the second something becomes big and has enough sway like the internet, they seek to interject. I'm an American and I'm honestly shocked that our congress made a choice like this, since they're about as bad as any of them come. They sit around all day getting bought off by media lobbyists, but this is what they have a spine about? Hard to complain, I suppose.

Umm, weren't the US and the EU against this treaty from the start? And since that meant that it would never pass...

Why the big news?

What in the name of Azura is happening? Congress doing something halfway intelligent! Congress doing ANYTHING by unanimous vote! The Executive Branch DOING IT TOO! Did someone take a magical golden hammer to Washington while I wasn't looking?

I feel like I fell through a portal into a alternate dimension where things that don't work suddenly do. This is... crazy.


Note: Perhaps they only reacted this way out of fear of the Internet deciding to attack again. I mean SOPA had Wikipedia (Which is by definition of their mission statement: Attempting to remain True Neutral) blackout itself to raise awareness. Messing with the internet is a good way to, paraphrased from Extra Credits, Tangle with the kind of people who put Linux on their PlayStations. That is a battle NOBODY wants to fight.

I mean, the collective hive-mind known as the Internet would probably pull an EDI and fill various Senator's inboxes with a combined total of seven Zetabytes of explicit images, or crash every public US Government Website, and a few secure ones for good measure. Thats not considering what the various Hacker Collectives (Looking at you Anonymous) would do.

cricket chirps:
Only time i am ever going to say it:

Proud to be an American *Salutes*

You realise its out of self interest to keep money and control in the US. It's not to stop censorship.


The Us doesnt exactly have the best hisotry in internet legislation. I guess the UN pulled rank here, and the other guy threw a tantrum.

Well, from what I hear, the main forces pushing for the act are Russia and China, who censor the internet on general principle. While centralizing control of the internet in the US may not be the best arrangement, sharing the keys with those particular governments does not exactly strike me as the best way to avoid censorship.


cricket chirps:
Only time i am ever going to say it:

Proud to be an American *Salutes*

You realise its out of self interest to keep money and control in the US. It's not to stop censorship.

Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is still doing the right thing :P

The irony is thick with this one, SOPA and PIPA anyone? Seems like they don't want anybody to control the internet unless it happens to be them.

Though I am surprised that they managed to unanimously vote on something for the better. Hopefully they keep this trend up?

Now this is something I would never have seen coming after the mess with PIPA and SOPA. I thought they'd be wholeheartidly behind the entire this, but it is nice to be proven wrong for once. Even if this was most definitely not for any sort of altruistic reason.

After SOPA and PIPA I don't really see this as an altruistic action. My guess is that they just want to prevent China, Iran, North Korea (all the censor-happy regimes) from gaining a foothold in controlling the internet before the US government has one.

On the other hand, "unanimous"... When was the last time that happened? The signing of the Declaration of Independence? I have to admit, even with the likely ulterior motives I feel a little proud of my government right now. I think I'll hold off on watching the news today; I want to savor this feeling.


I apologise for all the times I have insinuated that the majority of Congress are simians. Best thing the US has done since WWII.

For the slow of wit, that was comedic exaggeration.

Once again the obvious happens. It was guaranteed to fail for the same reason SOPA/PIPA was guaranteed to fail. No company will want run a service that's completely crippled by government legislation. Every almost all companies and private citizens would shut down their servers rather than deal with broken legislation.

All said this treaty never stood a chance seeing how it needed an unanimous vote from all countries in the U.N. and seeing how the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and dozens if not hundreds of others were hard set against this it had a snowball's chance in hell of getting approved.

The thing that gets me is the Unanimous part.

I mean really, when was the last time they agreed on anything?

Amen to the that. Unanimous AND on the side of right? That's more virtue credit than I would ever have thought possible from Congress. Are these really the same people who tried to push through SOPA and PIPA?


I'm actually a little stunned. A unanimous vote, across both houses and parties? Is that even possible nowadays?

If you can actually get all of the legislators from both parties to vote against an idea, it must have been so bad an idea that a 5 year old could have seen it.

It's not about good or bad ideas with congress it's about where the money is coming from and where it's going after the fact.

Proof that telecom money flows to BOTH sides of the aisle. They certainly can't give internet control to comcast and verizon if the ITU has it.

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