Square Enix Teaser Site Could Hint at New Star Ocean

Square Enix Teaser Site Could Hint at New Star Ocean


Square Enix's latest countdown clock is set to reveal a new game on December 11.

Square Enix loves countdown clocks, and the publisher has set up another one that's currently ticking down the seconds until a new game is announced. The clock is prominently displayed on an accompanying teaser site, which features a starry space background, some planets, oh, and the word "star" in the upper right-hand corner. Could this be hinting at a new Star Ocean game?

For fans of Square Enix's long-running RPG series (no, not Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest--the one in space), it's been nearly four years since Star Ocean: The Last Hope was released. There's not a lot to go by on the teaser site, but the hints seem to point at something Star Ocean-related, even if it's not necessarily the next entry in the franchise. The URL even contains the word "liftoff," with the page called "Secret Title 2012.12.12."

Less than five days remain until the mystery is solved. When Square Enix published a similar teaser site for The World Ends With You earlier this year, the reveal was an iOS port, not a sequel. Perhaps instead of a new game, some of the earlier Star Ocean titles are being adapted for handhelds or mobile. We'll find out for sure in four days, 11 hours, and counting...

Source: Liftoff via Polygon


Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time is one of my all time favourite RPGs. The latest one wasn't quite as good, but still a pretty fun game. Only problem is, I don't have any consoles anymore...

I don't think it'll be a new one though, more likely ports to iPads, etc.

I hope it's either a PS3 port of Till The End of Time (like how they put PS2 games on PSN) or a new one. If it is a new one it better be just as good as Till The End of Time because The Last Hope sucked butt.

I doubt any Star Ocean game is getting an android or iOS port. I also doubt that any of the previous Star Oceans are going to be re-released again. The first 2 were already re-released on the PSP.

I remember seeing a tech demo or something from Tri-Ace that seemed like it was hinting at a possible Star Ocean 5. So it actually wouldn't surprise me. I think Tri-Ace made some statements saying they're working on a secret project or something. This could be it, hopefully. I get the feeling it's gonna be a spin-off though. Most likely going to go in a new direction, which might not be bad but... certainly isn't going to make most fans happy.

So my bet is on announcing a Star Ocean spin-off that will probably be released on 360 or PS3. I just hope it's something interested. I loved Star Ocean 3/4. Never cared for 1/2.

I want to be positive and excited for this but as the last SE game I actualy liked was Kingdom Hearts 2, which came out in 2005, all I have is a overwhelming feeling of dread that they will fuck this up just as they have fucked up Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts over the last 7 years.

Square Enix.......finish....your.....announced.......games......first

Watch as it is a new Japan-only IP that no one will care about once the countdown is over.

I'm a tad worried that when they finally release a trailer, it's going to be a CG fight-scene depicting the anime-styled protagonist fighting in slow-motion with an army of alien beings who just so happen to be dressed like nuns...

This news should excite me, but it doesn't.
If it's a new game, I hope it's more like Star Ocean 3 rather than 4. I really didn't like 4.

Wishful Thinking: Maybe it's a remake of Star Ocean 3 that retcons the horrible mid game plot twist.

There ya go, Squenix! You do have other IP's that were very successful AND critically acclaimed; good to see you using them :)

Now, show me a Brave Fencer Musashi sequel that I won't be embarrassed by

Can we stop with these stupid countdowns, after the "The World Ends With You" one, people thought it would be a sequel, but it was just an iOS port, the only people who woul have been excited for it would be people who actually played the damn game, so square royally fucked up on that.

I guess I'll try to be optimistic here... I want it to be an actual new Star Ocean, and I want it to be available for the 360. *crosses fingers*

Still waiting for that Versus 13 Square... *twitches*

OT: Oh well, this could be interesing to see. If nothing else it will give Graham and Paul an opportunity to revisit the franchise with Yahtzee.

Still waiting for that Versus 13 Square... *twitches*.

Versus, Type-0 getting US localization, KH3, Lightning Returns (not that anyone cares about this one).

But this is Square Enix, all they know how to do is announce games that'll never be finished or see a US release. Oh, and make really stupid advertising decisions. Yeah they're good at those two things, and that's about it.

But yeah, I expect to see I-pad ports of the PSP versions of SO 1 and 2 be the results of this count-down, if even that.

It'd make sense if it was the final fantasy 13-3 since it's gonna be countdown galore or something like that.

Quiet Stranger:
I hope it's either a PS3 port of Till The End of Time (like how they put PS2 games on PSN) or a new one. If it is a new one it better be just as good as Till The End of Time because The Last Hope sucked butt.

Last Hope is the 360/PS3 one right?

Because I have that. I'ts pretty shitty. Broken combat mechanics (play as the ranged character or be juggled to the game over screen) made me put it down about 5 hours in a few years ago and I've never gotten round to playing more of it.

OT: Better be good squeenix, your handling of JRPG's has been sketchy inr ecent times.
Though I applaud Deus Ex: HR and Sleeping Dogs.

They are finally adding all the Star Ocean games, including First Departure and Second Evolution, onto the PSN.

I'm kind of hoping this is a new Star Ocean title, but like others have said, Square Enix's main branch has been absolutely atrocious when it comes to building up a backlog of announced titles without any indication of a nearby release.

I actually loved Star Ocean TLH. The characters were awful and the story was pretty lame, but the revamped combat system and the endgame were pretty fantastic.

countdown clocks: the most disappointing way to introduce your ports

how many times would they be willing to make that mistake?

Sorry, but Star Ocean 1 and 2 have already been released for handheld.

That leaves either the PS2 or Xbox360/PS3 title, and considering that The Last Hope (the Xbox360/PS3 title) is technically a current gen release I wouldn't expect it to see any releases on handheld/ios. That leaves "Til the End of Time".

Honestly I'm hoping for a new title here. One where they drop the ridiculous trophy grind required for anything even close to doing anything post-game like it was in "The Last Hope". Having to grind out 50% of EACH AND EVERY CHARACTER'S trophies adds a whole layer of unnecessary fluff and bore to an otherwise fun title. They should of went the route of "Til the End of Time" and made the trophies general instead of character specific, and provide only mostly cosmetic effects (as well as the extra difficulties) and that be it.
Trust me, trying to do anything in even the first part of the post-game stuff with characters stuck at the regular level cap is insanely annoying, not to mention that some character will even require you using them for every single boss fight in the game on your new-game+ just to earn 1 trophy.

But heck, Til the End of Time would be nice to have as a handheld, bearing in mind they leave intact the original trophy system, and not shoe-horn "The Last Hope"s bullshit system into it.

No, no! It's a countdown to Final Fantasy XV!

Or maybe a Final Fantasy VII HD remake!

Or The World Ends With You 2!

Or Kingdom Hearts 3!

Or Final Fantasy Versus!

Or Final Fantasy Type 0 for the US!

Or...Lightning Returns...



Well I hope its a new Star Ocean. But i wouldn't be totally against a port of Til the end of time on the Vita

That would be cool. Star Ocean The second story was my first rpg, a new world opened for me that day.

You know... Disney does own Star Wars now, and they've been known to do work with Square.

But yeah, probably another Star Ocean. I don't like the series much, the stories and combat has been lackluster.

ha knew this would be a spin-off or something like that. "Star Galaxy" as it is called, looks like a strategy game of sorts. Wonder if it'll even be released in the US.


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