The Escapist's Best Buyer's Guide

The Escapist's Best Buyer's Guide


Lean on The Escapist's expertise for your holiday gift shopping at Best Buy.

In case you didn't get enough gift ideas from our Holiday Buyer's Guide 2012 we've had the opportunity to supplement that with extra gaming goodness over at Gifts That Do. Where The Escapist's Buyer's Guide takes everything we love about nerddom and consolidates it for your shopping pleasure, Gifts with Game is heavily skewed towards our most basic drive; videogames. You won't find Buckyballs or Doctor Who paraphernalia in this list, just our favorite games from 2012, with one piece of hardware thrown in for kicks.

Gifts That Do features gifting opinions from a number of sites across the web, including Techlicious and The Next Web, in addition to The Escapist's take on holiday cheer, of course. Keep an eye on the top choices for some hints and insights into what might land in our Five Favorites lists at the end of the year, like my continued inclusion of XCOM: Enemy Unknown in virtually every list I've assembled this holiday season. Meanwhile, Susan is clearly hoping to wrangle you into her renewed Dance Central obsession. Then there was the unfortunate keyboard incident of oh-twelve, which prompted the solitary hardware inclusion in the list. In case your in-game UI has proven inadequate and you are in need of a keyboard, the G510 has its own LCD display as well as a swath of programmable macro keys.

Whether you're shopping for yourself, a friend, or a game-loving relative, check us out at Gifts That Do and we'll do our best to inform your holiday shopping decisions.


Well, right now the website is totally freaking useless for the most part. The 'Gift Inspiration Gallery' contains mainly pictures of animals and family photos, neither of which is terribly useful for inspiring people to select a specific sort of gift. As for the 'Expert Gifters' page there's only the one list which consists of 10 games and 1 keyboard and which holds no indication which games are available for multiple platforms.

I hope you do something else with it, because right now I'm not terribly impressed and certainly wouldn't recommend it as a gifting guide.

I think the new owners are not familiar with the site's controls yet, lol.

Those are the SAMPLE IMAGES.


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