Copyright Lawsuits Come to Canada

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Khanht Cope:
Could we come to see the establishment of a new business model made up of one part selling your product, and one part looking for people to sue?

Actually, there are "companies" already doing this.

One example is in the tech space companies buy up a boat-load of patents on the cheap and then see if they can't find a big company to use that is "infringing" on a recently acquired patent. The big company settles out of court for a few hundred thousand to a few million then they move on to the next thing.

Another interesting twist are porn companies. Some porn companies are now trying to put porn out there, get it illegally file-shared, and then go after the people sharing it. One of the more "famous" lawyers employing this tactic is a former divorce lawyer who now runs an "anti-piracy" law firm.

Voltage Pictures must be REALLY bored in their offices right now. We'll see how well this plays out (or doesn't).

We just can't get any of the GOOD stuff from The US can we... no American Style Netflix, no Amazon Music, no Pandora Radio... just anti-consumer copyright lawsuits...

It's a trap, they don't let you have cheap movies so you pirate them and they can sue you for a more "reasonable" price :P

"We're going to get back at those who have downloaded our stuff illegally" Good on ya!
"By making each person who has done so pay us $10000!" Ok, fuck off -.-

You know, I think all copyright lawyers should be rounded up and dumped into a volcano, and while were at it we should dump Voltage Pictures in there with 'em.

I couldn't agree with you more.

Timedraven 117:
This plan is likely to flop for Voltage. They are asking for ten grand for a movie that was not even that good, (From what i know). How much is the movie like 20 bucks? 10,000 $ for a twenty buck movie, its almost as if they are crying out they are greedy.

Also I don't think the government or the jurry want to sit through this kind of crap anyways. The goverment may block their request just form the absurdity of it all.

You would be surprised what wealthy companies can waste the court's time with. Also, the $ 10,000 is because they are trying to discourage infringement as well as seek damages for not just the download but the act of sharing and the other infringements that occurred as a result. It's all technical legal nonsense and really crooked/evil stuff.

Quick Canada, make the same copyright laws Switzerland has! They are actually reasonable about it!

its more of a case of making an example out of the people than anything else. everyone knows its illegal, yet these people choose to knowlingly take their chances with downloading.

As for people saying its rediculous to fine them $10,000 for a $20 film. thats exactly the point. they would rather risk a $10,000 fine rather than buying it for $20 or renting it online for 1/3rd of that.

Going to an actual store and stealing a physical copy and getting caught will net you around a 300$ fine, 300$ civil fine from the store, and 40 hours of community service.

10,000$ is just idiotic, we already know punishment has little to no effect on a person committing a crime, thats just basic psychology.

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