End of Nations Developer Lays Off Staff

End of Nations Developer Lays Off Staff


Trion Worlds has let go as many as 40 developers and artists.

You may recall that End of Nations has seen its share of developer troubles, what with Petroglyph losing the property and being forced to downsize 19 of its people. The property found a new home at publisher and developer Trion Worlds, but Trion is itself undergoing a sea change, and an unknown number of staff - perhaps as many as 40 - have been let go.

According to a statement made by Trion, the layoffs were "in response to market conditions, product timelines and the natural evolution of our company." It's not known at this time what those developers might have been working on; currently Trion is developing three games, including End of Nations, and publishing a fourth.

The most likely team affected, according to Gamasutra, is the one working on Rift, Trion's fantasy MMO, but Trion has refused to confirm this.

Rift's latest expansion, Storm Legion, launched in November and is currently on a "try it for free" offer until December 18th. It may be that the MMO is shedding fat after the expansion launch, but the timing is unfortunate, coming so soon after the muddle over at Petroglyph.

Source: Eurogamer


I'd say the timing is more unfortunate for those who lost their jobs, especially those with families.

I'd say the timing is more unfortunate for those who lost their jobs, especially those with families.

And this close to Christmas to add, really sad to hear. Hopefully the industry will pick them up quickly, t'is the season to be joyful, not this.

This saddens my greatly and not because of the game facing a bleak possible demise but the 59 people in total who are now without a job and the work they put into what they were currently working on that they themselves won't be able to see to the end.

Also I'd like to wonder as to why this type of news let alone an RTS game gets ignored quite a lot on here >.>

I mean we all can't seriously just be sole RPG fans on here right?.


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