Naughty Dog "Flat-Out Refused" to Change Last of Us Cover

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because the Front Cover of a game is SOOOOO important. i only buy games to read the manuels these days anyway, but even now those manuels are thinner then a Super model.

[Blinks] I can't believe I just read this.

Let's be honest, people complain about anythng to get five minutes of fame and attention, even on the internet. People have complained both about guys and girls on the cover of video games. You put the generally very attractive (as goes with heroic fantasy) female lead on the cover of a video game and people start screaming about sexism, tropes, etc... You do it with a guy and people complain that there are too many guys, or how Chris Redfield's arms are too buffed (which is funny because it's the same kind of thing for a dude as you see with the sexed up female characters... a physical ideal of a sort). If you don't put people on the cover at all, people complain it's too bland and generic.
It's just stupid. "People complain about video game box/promotional artwork" shouldn't even be considered worth news coverage and articles anymore.

To be honest the cover reminds me a bit of the one for "Dead Island" and I don't remember much in the way of comments about that... well except for the guy hanging from the palm tree and the question of how it was able to hold him suspended given you know... what palm trees are like, but that was more of an issue with the logo than the cover art. :)

I believe I took the machismo in gamer culture for granted... I mean, I defended using the slutty female characters in Dead or Alive, because of THAT game's context, but I wouldn't agree putting, say, Anya (from Gears of war) in the same position, which is why I enjoyed seeing her in the third game using as much gear as any of the men, "it all comes down to context AND the culture of the game's origin"... When I complained about Bioshock's cover it wasn't because of the girl not being there, it's just because, if this Bioshock plays anything like the other ones, than that cover DOES NOT represent the game at all, an, like everyone said, it lacks creativity.

BUT IT ASTOUNDS ME to find out that people complained about a cover (that's also sorta bland), not because it wasn't artistic enough or didn't convey a sense of awe or any other valid, albeit subject, claims but because... Well because the center figure is a girl???? I mean what the fuck is wrong with that? It's a girl with a rifle, which seems to be pretty much what she is IN the game, both of them, are survivors, and that's what the cover shows, "I'm fucked" faces carrying guns, that's fine by me. What? Did they prefer to have only HIM in the cover, maybe looking more "badass" like a black-ops soldier, or maybe stick her half naked, looking scared to bring forth the sexual arousal that pleases most of those people. They seem to get upset whenever a female character takes lead in a "normal" role, which brings me to pose a question: these stuck up fellows, where are they? I ask this literally, because I think they live in a bubble, in a basement somewhere. Are they so repressed that games are their only way to "shout"? Are they so incompatible with society that they can't take a walk and meet real women, have some real relationship (not necessarily romantic)? This isn't quite the simple machismo, it's something else, it's childish when we're talking about kids, but what is it when we're talking about adults? I just know it's something strange.

I would have thought they would have been asked to change it because it's the same generic "protagonists just standing there" cover almost every goddamn game uses. That's the problem with the cover, not that one of the protagonists isn't sporting a penis.

So yes, Naughty Dog should change the cover because it's the same bland shit every other company does for a cover. Not because it has a girl on it.

That cover is bad ass! It's all like "Yeah, we got this girl who you protect but is still important and can do shit and this bad ass guy with a beard and they're like "Aw shit!". And the world is all bleak urban jungle!" And that is fuckin' sweet...

I really, really want this game. It looks superb and like a lot of fun.

But I don't have a PS3. Shame that. Oh well, I'll buy Far Cry 3 instead.

Good. Because I love the cover.

Well, it does seem like Ellie's loss of innocence will be a major theme of the game, so the cover makes sense. How did that even become an issue? Hey, I'm a white, 20-something, heterosexual male from a middle class background, I'm exactly the kind of person who (if forum threads are to be believed) should have sexism defining my every action, and this cover completely fails to elicit any negative feelings in me. Sounds suspiciously like a PR stunt so ND can pretend to be "brave and non-conformist" without actually trying. "Yeah, they gave us a stern talking-to, but we're not abandoning our ideals which nobody actually finds controversial, no sir!"

Plus, by that logic, the envelope had already been pushed further back in 2004 - not only did Bloodlines have a female character on the cover, she was also the only one there and not the protagonist. You're 8 years late to the party, Naughty Dog.

The way it's framed makes me see the male as the main character anyway, since he's the one marching toward the horizon with a weapon seemingly waiting on the other.

are you fucking kidding me? this box is controversial because a female is more prominently featured than a man? are people just bored and looking for stuff to get worked up over? this industry seriously needs to grow up

I thought the controversy would be about the fact that a 14 year old girl is carrying a rifle... but I guess not.

I find it patently ridiculous that this is even an issue. Are PR firms run by elementary schoolboys?

"Eeewwww, we can't have a GIRL on the cover, she'll give the game cooties!"

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