BioShock Infinite Gets a "Reversible Cover"

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Number 4 makes me miss all of those old books I read in elementary school.

I'm going to be THAT guy and say that I like #3, 4, 5, and 6. Personally I would like it if #3 or 5 won, particularly #5. Kinda sad that one of those isn't the cover currently.

Although a lot of people like #4 and 6, and both are leading quite a bit. Considering it would be a reversible cover, I think I would probably appreciate #4. The machine just looks a bit weird in #6 to me for some reason.

#1 just looks too plain and #2 looks a bit too...ugly in my opinion.

Then again I've never played a Bioshock game and I haven't exactly been keeping up with this game (although I find it to be very interesting) so take that for what its worth.

Why not make the primary cover 2nd one? Just take out the burning flag and put the lady in there. They would have probably averted any of this if they did that in the first place.

I don't really like any of them except from the 4rd one.

4 and 6 are pretty good. I'd go with 6 as 4, while nice to look at is just too glaring for me.

And #1... nice eye candy but that would be an AWFUL cover art.

The first one is simply awful, it's just Elizabeth on a generic sky background. It ignores all the games gorgeous locals and it's just using a pretty girl (and breasts) to sell the game.

The second one is far more interesting, it's an unique image with a great art, but it doesn't sell the game all that well.

The third one is...alright, I suppose. Booker and Elizabeth are way to realistic to the game's aesthetics. And the background is also a bit plain. If the two had that slightly exaggerated look like the rest of the game and the background was Columbia it would be good cover.

The forth one is really freaking original and interesting, but I think it's more interesting than good, but that's just my opinion.

The fifth one is pretty much the same thing as the third one, except for a different angle. It's a bit better than the third one.

The sixth is probably the strongest of them. Great art and perfectly represents the game, but a good background could make the image far better.

Holy crap, never seen such butt-hurt over a freaking box cover...

OT: I would go with number 4, lust looks pretty awesome!

I am personally impressed with the lack of love for #2. It looks and feels so much like what I enjoyed from Bioshock (ie. it focuses on the subject of power and from there it delves into stuff like freedom and oppression).
For me 4 would come second as it lacks a little bit on the contrast department (the logo doesn't mix very well with the background) and doesn't do much to convey anything at all about the game.
6 would be acceptable, but it looks like it's just going for the emotional grab... so no...

I wouldn't even dare to comment on the rest.

I like the second cover best, with the sixth being my next choice. Not a fan of all the red in four.

And guys, those of you complaining about the "bitching" and "butthurt" are the ones exaggerating things. Here's how things went: 1) People have noticed the trend of covers featuring angry dudes with guns. 2) BioShock Infinite's cover is unvealed, and it features an angry dude with a gun. 3) People noticed this and remarked on it. The strongest reaction I saw was mild annoyance.

There are different levels of complaining, people. Don't confuse people being a little annoyed with them thinking something is the worst, most evil thing ever.

My mini-review on each...

1. Looks like a cartoon or some cover from the 90's - not really interesting.

2. Handyman is ugly.

3. They just put the chick on the front too? Well I 'spose it's still better than the original cos of eye-candy and less patriotism.

4. Meh the art is alright but I don't like the red...makes it seem too evil and hurts my eyes to look at it for too long.

5. A better version of 3...still the orange/blue contrast is distracting.

6. Probably the best although the background colours could be a bit less dull...more clouds and sky please!

My vote goes for #6 but I wouldn't mind #5

I actually called it, and I love it. Thank you Levine, thank you.

It restores my faith in humanity to see that number 4 and then number 6 are the top two in the vote as of right now.

Number 4 with Songbird in it gets my thumbs up.

I voted for Number 6. I love the artwork, reminds me of Norman Rockwell's covers for the Saturday Evening Post!

I feel like one of Pavlov's dogs. Whenever I see an article talking about anything that is Ken Levine related, I seem pre-programmed to do a certain action. It's not salivate though, my face twists into a contorted grimace and I get annoyed. This guy lobbies for so much attention it's mind blowing. He is giving Molyneux a run for his money at this point. My advice: Shut the fuck up and make games, idiot.

It disturbs me that this was ever an issue. People need to sort out their God damned priorities.

Holy shit, Infinite is still a thing?

Silly wabbit! Rocks aren't for living under.

I dig the style on 6, it definitely feels more in synch with the vibe of the game.


I would have to say the 4 and 6 are the best two covers but I can't decide which one I like better.

Either number 4 or 6.
I'm leaning towards 6 because the logo of 4 looks out of place with the rest of the image. I'd be happy with #2 as well.
Number 1 is terrible, boring as hell and really out of proportion. I know it's stylized but that's just bad, I really hope that doesn't win (I doubt it will but you never know).
Number 3 is aright but boring.
5 is horrible and doesn't flow. It looks really obvious that it's a bunch of separate images pasted together rather than one.

I actually really like these (fan made?) covers that appeared in the thread about the main cover.

Why not one of these instead?
Then again, hopefully with being European, I won't have to look at that cover.

Haven't any of your mommas ever taught you not to judge a book by it's cover? Who honestly gives a flying fuck?

The original cover art actually didn't bother me too much, but the fact that they were willing to do this reversible-cover upon hearing the complaints of their fans is a testament to how awesome the guys at Irrational are.

#4 or #6 will probably get my vote, althoug #2 does look pretty awesome...

The current poll is:

Design 4

Design 6

Design 5

Design 3

Design 2

Design 1

And people say that whining on the internet does nothing.

Seriously props to Irrational for listening and doing this.

Going with the red one...

I'm not to keen on any of them really.

1: It's a pin up gal, with bad proportions.

2: Not a fan of the creature design for the Handymen and the whole thing screams repurposed concept art with the logo plastered on in photoshop.

3:Same as origional cover, but with both characters - better than origional for that, but not really worth making an alternative option.

4: Nice pic. Reminds me of the Japanesse FFVI cover. However the art style is so alien to the game design. Nothing about this picture reminds me of Bioshock.

5: Same issue as three, but with the girl in the fore. The colour choice is a bit meh however and it makes no reference to the game world. It's the sort of cover I would expect from a film with high profile actors who are counting on recognition to sell. Doesn't really work for a game though.

6: Probably my favorite of the bunch, but it's doesn't really 'wow' me a great deal.

Order of preference: 6, 3, Original, 5, 4, 2, 1.

I still might Vote for #6 even though i'll be getting the steam version.

I'm sorry, but 4 is just ugly. TOO MUCH RED!

I like number 4 the most, it has a nice old fashioned poster vibe to it.

Edit: Looking at the current results, it seems #4 is winning, but not by much.

I chose number 6, but sincerely, they all felt like cheap posters, the sort of of lazy art I make when I have a good idea but I'm not in the mood to get INTO it... Nothing awesome like the two original Bioshock covers...

I'm one of the few who's more understandin of the original cover. I get it they need to make cash and if that helps ken make me good games let a few gangster wannabes get suckered into buying it.

That said the arts pretty boss I'm gonna see about the other arts fore I change it. I think booker looks kind of boss personally.

I hear ya, the other day I was think "yeah, from a COMMERCIAL" point of view, the artwork was flawless: I used to play a LOT of Final Fantasy, but over time (right at FFX actually) it became sort of stressful, you know, the characters were always sorta the same, the story was always trying to imbue some bullshit spiritual/moral meaning to the player... FFXIII came and I totally ignored it. Then I saw FF XIII-2, with a decent price (it's an edition that comes with a prologue book of sorts), and a cover that sorted a character that actually caught my attention (Lighting in plate armor), I actually bought it AND the original FF XIII (so i wouldn't miss the story), JRPG stressful moments aside, I loved both games.
Point is: don't judge a book by it's cover, but the writer is damn aware that a great cover IS going to attract more attention ;)

The issue with Bioshock, maybe, was that we were expecting something more artistic, more "Andrew Ryan", so to speak, I mean, that Big Daddy on the cover, the way he was positioned, that art was menacing, retro, humiliating in a sense, it totally gave you an idea of what the Rapture universe was like, but it did NOT gave you any clue about what happens in the game (as in "is it an FPS, a MMORPG..."). On the other hand, I don't think any GAMER can plead ignorance to Bioshock's gameplay style, so they COULD just go full artistic on the cover... BUT apparently the "artistic" ones we can vote suck even more than the normal cover...

*Goes to forum, cynically expecting #1 big boobs to win*
*Astonished to learn #4 is actually way ahead and #1 is in last place*

Quite glad with the turn out so far. My vote was for 6, but I'd happily lose to 4.

Is there are market for people providing alternate game covers? Game companies could probably make a mint, selling alternate covers to people who hate the generic, default shipped versions.

Eclipse Dragon:
I like number 4 the most, it has a nice old fashioned poster vibe to it.

Edit: Looking at the current results, it seems #4 is winning, but not by much.

They're going for a HG Wells/Jules Verne, cloth book cover. It almost works, had it not been for the incongruously coloured title.


Eclipse Dragon:
I like number 4 the most, it has a nice old fashioned poster vibe to it.

Edit: Looking at the current results, it seems #4 is winning, but not by much.

They're going for a HG Wells/Jules Verne, cloth book cover. It almost works, had it not been for the incongruously coloured title.

The title does look a little bit off, but then again isn't the point of a title to stand out?

1 and 2 are pretty stupid to me, because neither tell me anything about the game, much like the original cover. I like 3, and much more so, 5 as compromises between the original cover and the ideal cover art. I see the two people the game is about, and 5 makes them both look more like lost adventurers than the badass mofo that's going to slaughter everyone in his way. 4 Doesn't do much for me at all, but it is eye-catching, and has a unique style that I think more games should jump at. I just picture that on my shelf next to the rest of my games, and it just looks out of place.

That leave 6, which I like the most by far. It looks like the true sequel to that game I played 5 years ago under the sea. You have a little girl thing, and a big daddy thing. They are in a nondescript void (air) instead of the ocean floor, and suddenly everything I want to know about this game is pictured.

Honestly I love this. I love my reverseable covers on Borderlands 2 and Duke Nukem Forever. stick with the shot of Elizabeth being in the front with Dude Bro McShooty behind her, since the story is more about HER.

Is there an option for "Don't give a shit"? I really don't pay too much attention to box art unless it's a game I've never heard of. Besides, I'll most likely get Infinte from Steam and I won't even see the box to begin with.

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