TARDIS PC Materializes in the UK

TARDIS PC Materializes in the UK


The iconic blue box from Doctor Who can be your new workstation.

The fact that the Chameleon Circuit never functioned properly was a constant source of irritation for the Doctor, but it could come in handy if you're in the market for a new PC. British electronics retailer Scan has a new PC available for the holiday season that should look familiar to Doctor Who fans. This admittedly expensive computer features an aluminum case that looks exactly like the TARDIS - the Doctor's blue police-box-slash-time-machine - and enough power under the hood to make it a viable workstation or lightweight gaming rig.

The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) PC starts at 780.99, and comes with a 3.1 GHz Dual Core processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 500 gig hard drive. If these components don't tickle your fancy, Scan has multiple options for swapping out parts, including more powerful processors, bigger hard drives, and (somewhat) better graphics cards. One non-negotiable piece of the package, however, is the joint Blu-Ray/DVD-R drive that pops out of the "Police Box" signpost.

If you want a computer that can play Far Cry 3 at maximum settings and run like butter, this is probably not the PC for you. However, if you're looking for a big present for the Doctor Who enthusiast in your life (even if it's you), it's hard to beat this one as a conversation piece. If only Scan sold the case by itself, then PC users could simply buy whatever parts they need and construct a computer to fit. Maybe it's best to chalk that decision up to some disgruntled Cybermen and call it a day.

Source: Scan via BSN*


I must have one of these. Now!

Want now.
Now now now now.
Why don't I have one yet?

i am not impressed. exterminate!
besides, AT-AT is way cooler.



Anybody wanna bet I'd be able to hear Susan's "squee" from up here in Canada if she got one of these for Christmas?

Wait, did you guys stalk me? I literally posted this thing in the Doctor Who group an hour before you. TimeLord has already agreed to gift it to me (yes you did, no backsies)!

i am not impressed. exterminate!

I wonder where you put the CDs in...

Shame they don't sell just the case, I would love to install the components from my media center machine into a case like that.

That case costs about 500 quid. -_-

They should have an option to just buy the case separately. It's bitchin' as hell but those specs are weak sauce.

For that much cash I'd rather have a K-9 case mod instead.

Cool! Now if I could only afford 780.99 which is what, $1,240.36 Canadian? Yeah, no.

I can barely contain my sheer amount of want for this right now.

Captcha: skynet watches. Wait, so I guess even it wants one?

I wonder if it's bigger on the inside...

I'd love to have this by the way.

That things costs as much as two of my render slaves which are each 2.5-3 times more powerful.

so you pay 25% for computer and 75% for the case? no thanks.

If only I hadn't got a new desktop literally a few weeks ago :(

Step 1. Buy TARDIS PC

Step 2. Gut PC and put parts up on ebay

Step 3. Buy kick ass cooling system for PC ( best I can tell this thing has poor venting)

Step 4. Move Gaming rig into TARDIS case and install system

Step 5. Begin argument with friend as to whether on not the green sonic screwdriver is better than the blue sonic screwdriver.


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