Update: Machinima Lays Off Nearly 10% of Staff

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I feel bad for the people who lost their jobs, but don't really care about Machinima. They started out okay but then it just became Call of Duty with commentary by [BIG NAME PLAYER]. They do have a few things but the original creators of those programs seem to have plenty of control over their content (for the most part); those being HankandJed with Battlefield Friends and Low Brow with Sonic for Hire and Megaman Dies at the End, unfortunately the Megaman project got cancelled as it wasn't pulling in the views that Sonic was. I really have no idea what people see in programs like Sanity not Included or Two Best Friends Play.

So they laid off workers due to expansion? Usually when I think of growth I think of acquiring assets not removing them.

Fuck dammit, they fired Billy Shibley.

At least Matt Dannevik is gone too apparently. I hope both they and everyone else find work but I couldn't stand Dannevik's demeanor.

Sucks people losing their jobs near christmas, but not surprised. Machinima is a worthless youtube channel anyway. Still, hopefully those fired will move on to bigger and better things.

Your Gaffer:

fires 32, hires 15. logic?

maybe they can apply again with another set of skills

Maybe they can apply again with the same set of skills and the willingness to work for a lower wage. 9 times out of 10 that is what that means.

Not so sure in this case. They've laid off people from production, but are hiring sales and marketing. Sounds like a restructuring.


fires 32, hires 15. logic?

maybe they can apply again with another set of skills

That is logical to any soul-less corporation

It's logical if you have too many of X and not enough of Y. Employees aren't just an interchangeable army of clones - they actually have different skillsets! ;)

I can't say I really care about Machinima.


Effective immediately I am no longer at Machinima. Would love to send an official email with my contact info but they took my computer.

But, this guy really seems to be crying out for his fans to lash out against Machinima.

a youtube channel i do not go to anymore because it does not show what i used to like about it anymore fires people who could make what i liked about that youtube channel and instead hires guys whose job it is to sell me the youtube channel i do not go to anymore because it does not show what i used to like about it anymore.


As sad as it is that people are losing jobs, hopefully they can get new jobs with a less poisonous company. Machinima is positively reprehensible.

Sarah LeBoeuf:
Update: Machinima Lays Off Nearly 10% of Staff


Machinima.com, a Youtube channel with a focus on gaming and geek culture media, laid off 23 of its 200 employees today.

Update: Joystiq has an official statment from Machinima: "Today Machinima underwent a reorganization to address its global growth, and this process unfortunately resulted in layoffs. Less than 10% of Machinima's workforce was affected. Also as part of the restructure Machinima is hiring across key divisions including Sales, Marketing and Product."


In what universe is 23 out of 200 "NEARLY TEN PERCENT" or "LESS THAN TEN PERCENT"??

What sort of fucking Mickey Mouse maths are you employing here?

So not only can Sarah LeBoeuf not count; Neither can Rob Smith (Though I figure Rob's Dyscalculia is intentional). I know it seems petty; but if your going to pretend to be a journalist you should at least try and write like one. Or are you going for the coveted Fox News Demographic?

Firing 23 of 200 employees apparently affects less than 10% of your workforce.


Well at least someone else here understands basic arithmetic.

Hm, never like Machinima's channel on Youtube much. Running into their stuff usually meant an infestation of intro logo garbage, watermarked videos, low video quality and bad commentary. Got used to avoiding their search hits like spam.

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