UPDATE: Professional Thieves Steal 7,000 Wii Us

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64 pallets of boxes containing Wii Us?
I had no idea pallets of boxes containing Wii Us were stackable.

I think this is just a prank. They are going to put these BACK ON the shelfs in Malls across the US and laugh at random people getting busted by the police for buying that 'stolen' Wii U from the shop.

Rex Dark:
64 pallets of boxes containing Wii Us?
I had no idea pallets of boxes containing Wii Us were stackable.

I work in a warehouse, and all our products are stored by putting boxes on pallets, and stacking them. It's essential, as we have about a million different products to try and store, and stacking them is the only way to get them all within the space of one (admittedly huge) warehouse. So yeah, pretty much any consumer good will be stacked on pallets in the warehouse it came from. A product that cannot easily be stored for the producer/retailer is not a product that's going to get a lot of attention.

Jesus! If they don't get caught, that's gonna hurt Nintendo, and whoever was about to sell them quite a lot!

Nintendo will be fine. They'd have already been paid for all the Wii U's they shipped over to the retailer's warehouse. That's how trade works between goods manufacturers and retailers: the retailer buys the product in bulk for a lower price, then sells the product on to the consumer at a higher price. That's how we deal with retailers at our warehouse, and I imagine its standard industry practise. So yeah, the fact that these consoles were already State-side means they'd been bought and shipped. Nintendo got their money. It's the retailer who'll be out of pocket.

This is pretty impressive..
A WiiU box isn't the smallest box in the world and 7k of those...

You'd be amazed how much stock you can fit in the back of a regular 40 foot container, especially if you're stacking pallets. I imagine Wii U boxes are bundled into larger boxes of 2 or 3 in the warehouse. Stack those boxes on the pallets right, 2 containers would just about enough. You'd maybe have a couple of pallets left over, which I imagine is why they stole the box truck.

OT: I would imagine, and this is purely speculation, that there was either someone working at the warehouse involved, or the robbers were given a tip off somehow. While warehouse orders are often left unattended over weekends, the fact that they turned up with two trucks and immediately got to work with the forklifts in the facility moving the Wii U's suggests this wasn't a random grab, but something they'd planned out. Probably they'd heard that a shipment of those new, fancy Nintendo consoles had come in, found out roughly how large the order was and on how many pallets, and decided to nick 'em for themselves. Warehouses are actually really difficult to rob on an impulse, as everything is boxed up and stacked on pallets, meaning its mostly unobtainable if you have no idea how to drive a forklift and haven't brought some kind of truck. An order of 64 pallets is not something you're just going to nick on a whim.

Hopefully, the warehouse will be able to negotiate with Nintendo to find out the exact product numbers of the consoles stolen. Nintendo could then keep an eye online to see when and where those consoles start connecting to the internet, and get in contact with the owners to find out where they got their consoles from. Soon as they do that, they can start tracing the consoles back to the guys who stole them. That is, if they don't get a lead sooner than that on the stolen vehicle, which hopefully they can get some leads on.

ID say somoen was building a server but.... its wii us.......

lets look at the bright side - less peopel will get wii u now.

Capcha knows how i fee: tea. earl, gray, hot

Your post would be less facepalm-worthy if the spelling and grammar weren't so atrocious.

At least nothing of value was lost. Imagine if that had been a proper console like a PS3.

Oh you...

Yikes, how the hell are they gonna hide them?

I'd imagine they've got a couple of these parked up at some dock or port somewhere. Containers are great if you're looking for something non-descript to hide stuff away. Any single dock will have thousands of the bloody things, all used by different companies to hold various goods. And used by gangs to store various illegal products.

What a noble act! Saving kids from Nintendo one step at a time.

"If we don't get any tips ahead of time, it will be the selling of these consoles that will lead to their capture," she continued. "It's gonna be pretty hard to hide 7,000 Wii game consoles."

I hate to burst the good constable's bubble but that task isn't near as hard as one would think.

Step 1: Move stolen goods to another state, preferably far away from the one you just stole them from. (this has already been done it seems)
Step 2: Spread illicit inventory out over multiple self-storage facilities. (climate controlled of course)
Step 3: Set up E-bay and/or Amazon account(s).
Step 4: Sell inventory at a slow enough pace so as not to arouse suspicion.
Step 5: Profit.

Presuming that nobody fucks up Goodfellas style then all involved should not only get away with it scott free but make a nice bundle of cash in the process.

I live near Seattle. I'll make sure to keep my eye out for any giant stacks of Wii Us's.

Sounds like an organized criminal element is at work to me. Someone should go check out that warehouse all the kids have been hanging out at.


I find this really surprising. Someone actually wanted iPad Minis? Really?

I know this article is supposed to be about Wii Us, but damn. Who the hell wants an iPad Mini?!

The police better find those Wiis soon before Nintendo sends its cleaner.

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