Resident Evil 6 Sales Certain to Fall Short of Target

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It's starting to looking like Resi 4 was lightning in a bottle. That or capcom started thinking their shit smelt good and got stupid.

Who remembers all those times that Resident Evil 4 was delayed and development restarted from square 1? The reason for that: Shinji Mikami. I think Shinji Mikami is the sole reason why RE4 was so great. And as soon as he stopped directing the series, well just look what happened.

That would explain a lot. I never paid much attention to Resi Evil before 4. I tried a remake of the 1st on the GC awhile ago, but it just frustrated me.

also, after playing my friends copy of DMC 4, I'm not holding my breathe.

What do you mean?[/quote]

It was a 5 hour game that copied and pasted every level, enemy, and boss to make it a 10 hour game.

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