Woman Controls Robot Arm With Her Mind

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You know that "robot" (1920) isn't much older word than "cyborg" (1960) right?
And both came from science-fiction.
So you either should use both or none.

Getting witty are we, eh?
Well I'll tell you lad, 40 years is for me at the youn' age o' 20 pretty much.
As for the sci-fi part, You callin' StarWars sci-fi now?
I have no idea what I'm doing

Ehm, how does Star Wars came into discussion?

HAHA, love the reaction xD


P.P.S. And yes Star Wars isn't sci-fi, but rather science fantasy (less science, more fiction)

No idea really, I just thought I wanted to get the last word on this one but apparently that's not going to happen :,(

I'm so getting shades like Adam J. when this technology becomes the big thing.
The next big step now will be to attaching the arm to the body to replace the injured/paralyzed one...real big step and maybe they`ll manage to avoid the whole drug-dependent-augmentations like we've seen in Deus Ex.

This is a great start to a lot of things that could help people, the only way for this tech is forward. Could be at a slow pace, but it will improve.

hey, Im for transhumnism, dont just repair, upgrade!

punching through walls powered by energy-snacks? sounds good!

She sends her input to the device through a grid of electrodes implanted in to her brain near the motor cortex.

Umm, they have this technology with simple sticky pads to the forehead that read magnetic resonance fields from your brain that extend outside the skin.

No need for implants via drilling of brain and skull bits.

Use the force luke, always, but not like that! Bad boy Luke!

This is a bit more complicated to control than the "toys" that are controlled via the MRFs in the brain.

The MFR toys are programmed to respond to certain parts of the brain triggering, like a really intense concentration on "up" would do, and you could achieve the same results by thinking "chocolate" really hard if it's in the same area.

They could probably make a very crude version that worked with MRF, and it would never be able to achieve the same motorcontrol as she's showing in the video, at least not with the current technology.

To achieve precise motorcontrol such as this, the device would either have to be jacked straight into the skull, like in this patients case, or onto the still functioning nervepaths, which would be impossible since she has no nerveimpulse below the neck.

It's only a matter of time until we can create surrogate bodies for the disabled. Now I'm imagining a future where everyone is hooked into a power grid like in the Matrix, with the only difference being that our minds will control the machines, instead of being trapped in a simulation.

As it stands, a thin layer of scar tissue builds up around the tips of the electrodes and degrades the signal. New, thinner wires may solve that problem and prevent the scar buildup by keeping the reaction that makes scar tissue from triggering.

I know there will be a lot of Deus Ex related comments in this thread. But the real life problem stated above is the whole reason for the fictional drug of Neuropozyne in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the writers really did a fair amount of research into these developing sciences and finding the next obstacle after one is overcome. One of the reasons that the electrodes for most robotic prosthetics don't directly tap into the Central Nervous System besides the invasiveness of surgery and risk of infection is the fact that glial tissue will build up over the nerve endings.

Also there are actually implants in development that use the body's calories, (I think the Escapist covered it a while ago) so that energy bar mechanic isn't so ridiculous.

So it's like Deus Ex, but replace ethical questions with chocolate? I approve.

Is it wrong that this made me think of Viktor from League of Legends? "Join the GLORIOUS EVOLUTION!!!!".

It must be great to have some semblance of mobility when you've been paralyzed like that though.

...Your telling me that just by thoughts alone she can move that arm? Like a real arm? That is crazy! I had no idea we were that far in neuro robotics to actually simulate what its like to move a real limb. If there already this far, I could only imagine what a decade would do....she would be moving that robotic arm in such a realistic fashion it would perfectly simulate human movement.

Someone, I think it may have been The Escapist, reported a year ago that they were testing it with chimps and achieving reasonable success. (Don't ask me where you find amputated chimps.)

So it's like Deus Ex, but replace ethical questions with chocolate? I approve.

I find that a lot of things can be improved by replacing ethical dilemmas with chocolate. Most things, actually.

The year is 2012. It is a time of great innovation.

Science is amazing. Makes people without legs walk, makes deaf people hear, makes blind people see, makes quadriplegic people cyborgs. That's on top of making previously highly lethal diseases and infections trivial, among countless other things. Who needs miracles when there's amazing people out there that actually makes this shit possible?

nice, can't wait to see this tech in another year or so, just to see how much better it is

Currently have a place for a biomedical degree and i see that its the required degree to get into this field. Oh boy. Yes please. Yes. Fucking. Please. Let me do this. LET ME DO THIS PLEASE :O Id die of happiness.

Well I guess you could say that she...


Assumed direct control

In all seriousness now: It is very heartwarming to see how technology is helping the disabled regain their independence. For someone who lost all limb functionality it must be really nice to be able to move an arm again! Just look at when Jake Sully from Avatar first stepped into the avatar itself (I myself work at a place that provides technology for the disabled and seeing their faces when they can do things that they could not do before is more than worth it!)

The victory movements were the best part. As she took, the bite, she clearly went "NAIL'D IT!"

She never asked for this!

No but seriously, one of my favorite things about Deus Ex was that Adam (according to the game) was born one year before me and he was about 35 in the game.

Initial thought after reading the heading: "And I for one welcome our new robot women overlords..."

Seriously though that's good news for paraplegics and quadriplegics. March forward you shiny helping people with robotic arms scientists you.

wow Deus Ex even nailed the problems they are having in advance with the body trying to force the devices out of the body.

that was well documented before any of those games. ain't our first rodeo, so to speak.


Soon we shall have mini-robot fights.

this is awesome. this could make artificial limb that moves like real be reality, and that would solve a lot of problems for people whoa re not healthy.

reminds me of this old chestnut.. ( similar idea different, easier implementation )


been so close to buying one of these for a long time, an extra keybind or two is never a bad thing
i just cant justify it

Science is amazing. Makes people without legs walk, makes deaf people hear, makes blind people see, makes quadriplegic people cyborgs. That's on top of making previously highly lethal diseases and infections trivial, among countless other things. Who needs miracles when there's amazing people out there that actually makes this shit possible?

Yeah man. If religion wants to come along for the ride, they'll have to re-imagine Jesus as a cyborg.

It's not the neural brain interface that makes this possible...

Its Chocolate!

even mice seem to benefit from it!

Now time for the Theme Song of Planet Earth

Caramel Frappe:
The human mind is incredible. If a mother sees a child under a car, she has the potential to lift the car up due to extreme will power. This lady really wanted to feed herself the candy bar, and so the miracle we see before us has commenced. I look so forward as what comes in the future. Soon in say 2025, we'll have a robotic spinal cord that can help someone move again completely, from paralyzed to functional all around. Watch it will happen, it can be done I am betting 100 dollars on that (even if it's not a spinal cord, it's something like that).

I am so pumped myself. After suffering nervetrauma I have a foot that's only able to do 50% of the movements a foot is supposed to be capable of doing; and a device that could bridge the scar tissue on my nerve, or even full nerve replacement is, have me so excited about the prospect of one day being able to leave the footbrace I'm using behind me for good.

I cant wait for this to be streamlined and perfected.

I am a transhumanist, so I for one welcome our new cyborg bodies!

Caramel Frappe:

Just asking because I am clueless about this type of stuff- but does this affect your whole leg or just the foot? Ether way, I know things are looking good for those who are in need of such equipment and I think personally we should have tax money or donations go into these types of projects rather then ... whatever else we're doing. Unless it deals with schools, education is important.

Just my foot, it is peroneus nerve that was severed rigth below the knee.

Maybe I'm being cynical but it's amazing how a war can boost medical technology. Much of the recent progress in prosthetics is stuff that's been technically possible for a while, but the researchers have never been able to find funding to actually do it. At least not until the veterans started coming home with missing limbs.

One step closer to cyberpunk.

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