Poll: Pick an Unreleased Game for the Apocalypse

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The Last Guardian, dammit.

I want to play that game so bad, and I need to know more about that adorable dog...bird...thing.

I want to know how badly I will cry at the end. I MUST KNOW!

What about project eternity or wasteland 2?

Man thinking about it there are too many games I am looking forward to

Metro Last Light. Then, maybe it will be Bioshock.

Dreamfall Chapters. HL3 would be nice but a) it's not announced and b) there are a lot of shooters but very few AAA adventures.

lol, its already after 1am in australia and the world is still not ending :p

If I read the article right, it's going on GMT+0 which is just under 15 hours time.

I'm surprised that there's not much people wanting to play GTA V


Actually I'm wonder if a Kingdom hearts 3 will ever be released. It'd probably be pretty interesting considering how things have been going for Square and Disney.

Can I vote for Fallout 4?

Who cares if it hasn't even been announced yet. It was supposed to be coming.

No? Oh, alright then. I'll go with The Last of Us.

What, no Half Life 3? Escapist! I am disappoint!

Has to be Bioshock Infinite then, cool looking game. That 5 minute video of the opening of the game has me hooked, and it barely showed anything...

The Last Guardian, all the goddamn way. I better live to see the day that game comes out.
Also, Kingdom Hearts 3, someday...

Simcity's not on the list... ignoring all the faults about Online only, etc. I'm most excited about playing it. So, none of the above, my vote is Simcity.

2nd, SimCity is what I'm most looking forward to. However out of that list, GTA V comes a close number 2

I want Prey 2!!

What about project eternity or wasteland 2?

Man thinking about it there are too many games I am looking forward to

Let me guess, most of them are Kickstarters?

I would have added Metro: Last Light and Grim Dawn.

No Dark Souls 2 of Half Life 3? Either way, I voted The Last Guardian, even though it won't be coming out for PC.

Why would you vote for an MMO? It wouldn't be massively multiplayer once the end of the world comes to fruition.

With that in mind I'll vote for (apparently the majority vote) BioShock: Infinite.

Honestly it seems like the most logical one seeing as the game is apparently pretty much finished at it's core, and there are no online components.

Not only that but I'd much rather play this game above the others anyway. It looks fucking awesome.

Captcha: exercise more


Eugh- I couldn't care less about any of those. Guess I'll go GTA V, simply by virtue of it being a sandbox. Maybe I'd fly around in the biplane for a little bit or something, tossing my mobile phone off the side while I'm up there.

You didn't even put the stick of truth on there at all!...

plus there's like only two of these that are actually worth speculating on right now

Strange feeling just came over me. i looked at the list and feel "meh" about every game on it. have i really gone so grumpy?

Star Citizen or Project Eternity.

IF it has to be on the list then GTA V

Well, I'm seriously missing my Dungeon Keeper 3.

But since DK3 has been canceled:
War for the Overworld. (If the kickstarter succeeds, which I hope it does.)

No Half life 3 or Watch Dogs in the poll? Let the world end right now!

None of the Above.

Dwarf Fortress' official release. =D

What you said, good sir. What you said.

I'd personally attempt to do something about the end of the world if it meant Dwarf Fortress getting released.

Also, where's fucking Thief 4? That game blows away all of those games on the list.

The new fire emblem game, that looks AWESOME!

If the world ended before "The Last Guardian" actually made it out, fate would be cruel indeed.

I feel all dirty (like a hippy) because I'm not looking forward to anything on that list...

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